RIZIN 22 the latest victim of COVID-19, Manel Kape heads to UFC


Manel Kape

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the sporting world, RIZIN has announced it too will be postponing events to mitigate the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus.

On Thursday, 2 April RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara announced the cancellation of RIZIN 22, scheduled for 19 April at Yokohama Arena. The event in Sendai (North to Tokyo), which was scheduled to be held in May, will also be cancelled.

He revealed that he is planning to hold a midsummer martial arts festival and mega-event of martial arts, which was not originally on his schedule, with the goal of resuming competitions in the summer on the assumption that the damage from the new coronavirus has come to an end. Fans are invited to give this mega event a name.

He also mentioned that Manel Kape, who became the new RIZIN bantamweight champion at the end of last year, had moved to the UFC and revealed that the UFC had offered him a flyweight title and Manel had signed on.

The RIZIN bantamweight belt will be returned and the bantamweight title will be vacant.

The card between Mikuru Asakura and Koutetsu Boku, which had already been announced to have at RIZIN.22, will be adjusted to make the fight a reality by the end of the year, following the cancellation of the tournament, and the card of Hiromasa Ougikubo, who had been scheduled for a bantamweight title match against Manel Kape, will be reviewed for a title match.


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