Friday Fight Facts: ROAD FC is in “DAZN”, FMD returns, One Pride FN 24 opens


Friday Fight Facts 2 November

On this week’s Friday Fight Facts, all the action starts on Saturday with ROAD FC in Korea, and Full Metal Dojo and One Pride in Southeast Asia.


ROAD FC 50 will kick off in the afternoon of 3rd November with a twelve-fight card, capped off with a main event title fight. Featherweight champion Choi Mu-Gyeom will make his fourth and final title defense as he’s decided to call it a day. Choi started as a dark horse in the first ROAD FC featherweight tournament and went on to win it. Facing him will be Lee Jeong-Yeong, a new generation prospect who’s only loss was revenged with a KO, giving him the right to challenge.

In the co-main, two PRIDE vets will finally face each other at 48 years of age. Champion wrestler Choi Mu-Bae and pro wrestling slugger Fujita Kazuyuki are going to get in the cage and continue their careers, and it’s being touted as “I may be old, I may lose, but I still fight.” With two skulls that can’t be cracked this should be a fun one.

It’s the first time ROAD has been held in the city of Daejeon, the home town of ROAD CEO Kyler Kim, so a lot of local fighters take prominence on the card. It will be aired live internationally at 16:00 Korea time on YouTube, then the main card will be shown on exponentially expanding streaming platform DAZN in the US at 19:00.

Full Metal Dojo 16: Big Trouble in Little Bangkok

FMD 16 will take place in Bangkok, Thailand with two title fights. At the top of the card, Glenn Sparv will face Mehdi Bagheri for the middleweight championship. Sparv was on the very first FMD card and Bagheri is undefeated at 4-0. For the first women’s atomweight title, Thai standout Loma Lookboonmee will face Suwanan Boonsorn. Lookboonmee and the first Thai fighter to fight at Invicta FC and Boonsorn was the first ever Thai woman in an MMA fight at FMD 2. This will definitely be a style versus style match between a striker and a grappler.

There will be quite a few new faces making from all over Southeast Asia making their debut or taking their first broadcast fight, so it’s a great opportunity to see what kind of fighters are being developed there now. FMD 16 will be broadcast live at 20:00 Thai time on Fox Sports Asia at

One Pride Fight Night 24: Unbroken Bravery

One Pride FN 24 starts this Saturday four ranking fights and an international bout. In the main event international bout, flyweight champ Suwardi Wardi is taking on the visiting Ariane Fantilanan from Catalan Systems in the Philippines. The four ranking fights are starting to bring up those in the top ten of the rankins to field the next round of title challengers. One Pride FN 24 will stream live on the TV One all starting at 22:00 Jakarta time.


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