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W -‎ UNIVERSAL REALITY COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP (URCC) has organized a drive to help the victims of Typhoon Sendong. please help and pass along.

W – ‎Nightmare Of Battle delivers news of championships at DEEP 57: Doo Ho Choi versus Kazunori Yokota for the Featherweight title, and Bantamweight champ 大塚隆史 Takafumi Otsuka defends against Yoshiro Maeda (前田吉朗). Also on the card Mizuto Hirota (廣田瑞人) versus Seichi Ikemoto 池本誠知. February 18th, 2012! Two Title Fights At The 57th Impac

W – ‎Brittany Ann Decker‘s crisp account of DEEP 56 at Iron Forges Iron, with pictures and video link.

DEEP 56 Impact Results « Brittany Decker « Contributors « Iron Forges Iron™ DEEP “56th Impact” took place on December 16th at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Among the fights, Yuya Shirai and Tasuke Okuno battled it out for the WW title…

W – here’s PRO Fighting MMA‘s Heavyweight bracket including Vaughn Anderson andNaechul Kim, plus bouts between Will TheKill Chope vs Isamu Himura, and Mark Striegl vs Daniel Mashamaite.

Get Ready For Chaos In A Cage!!!! PRO Fighting 6: MMA Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament!!!! 10 Fights!!! By: Royal Chiou

W – here’s Vaughn Anderson practicing technique one month before his MMA return atPRO Fighting MMA: Ubon Muay Thai Fight: The end of Vaughn Anderson’s Muay Thai fight Nov 12, 2011- Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

W – here’s Mark Striegl‘s win via RNC at PRO Fighting MMA. props to his stand in opponent 潘文士 for taking the fight last-minute. 2011/12/18 PRO Fighting 帕西法剋綜合格鬥賽 Mark Striegl VS 潘文士

W – wow, here’s a nice ‘escape’: Vaughn Anderson powers to his feet while IN a guillotine.
PRO Fighting – Grand Prix, Final Fight: Vaughn “Blud” Anderson vs. Wu Dong HsingDecember 18, 2011. Taipei, Taiwan.

W – confirmation from Andy Wang at PRO Fighting MMA: Vaughn Anderson smoked through the Heavyweight tournament!

W – Vaughn Anderson takes the PRO Fighting MMA Heavyweight tournament with 2 KOs and 1 TKO.

Expedient Exposures


 ‎Gareth Griffiths did a fantastic job of commenting on every match, and his photos are amazing! this feature belongs enshrined on the PRO Fighting MMA website.

W – RUFF锐武终极格斗 2 weigh in update: several fighters – including Rodrigo Caporal, Shinji Ichinose and Irshaad Sayed – didn’t make weight on the first try, but did on the second, except Wang JinGang who forfeited part of his purse.

RUFF 2 Weigh In
锐武终极格斗是首个中国综合格斗官方网站, 锐武作为中国综合格斗, 也是中国综合格斗官网, 其形式包括终极格斗, 自由格斗, 自由搏击, 武术等让中国体育和公众了解到什么是中国综合格斗, 什么是中国mma.

W – live in Chongqing – it’s RUFF锐武终极格斗 2!

Fight day! At the big show in China. Going over walk through and show production with director, camera team, referees, and crew. By: Joel Gerson

‎W – Shinji Ichinose took the fight at RUFF锐武终极格斗 on less than a weeks notice. Shinji lost via RNC. Still proud of him for stepping up at the last minute to take an MMA fight!

W – Brendan Rake shares: Rodrigo Caporal setting up for the win at RUFF锐武终极格斗 2.

W – RUFF锐武终极格斗 2: Rodrigo Caporal vs Hasitieer Teerjiang


‎W – Rodrigo Caporal wins by armbar in under 2mins at RUFF锐武终极格斗! Caporal sub of the night , Irshaad Sayed fight of the night.

‎W – The Fight Nation has posted RUFF锐武终极格斗‘s recap:

Chongqing, CHINA – On a night when Jiu Jitsu ruled, it was a battle of bantamweight sluggers that captivated the crowd at RUFF 2.

W – live from Differ Ariake Arena – today’s HEAT 20 tournament!

ディファ有明にてチームのカズキが高萩ツトムと激突です!初の金網でセコンドも気合い入ります! By: 高橋祐一

‎W – Ryo Sakai 2nd round KO by epic head kick at HEAT.


W – Shooto amateur fights were recorded live on 12/23 and posted here: 所沢市民武道館 #3269340 – TwitCasting

W – Charles Yao shares a Video recap for URCC XX:

‎W – (URCC) – growing MMA through amateur league. congratulations, future pros!
Tribal Brawl National finals was awesome. Congratulations to the Champions : Ranel Tangguyiac – Baguio Top Team (PInweight), Fred Lim Jr. – DEFTAC Dumaguete (Flyweight), Kevin Yongaan – Baguio Top Team (Bantamweight), Jefferson Ng – DEFTAC Dumaguete (Featherweight), and Rolly Rodavites – Dumaguete (Lightweight) These fighters have already signed a 3 fight contract with the URCC and will be seen in action on 2012 as they debut as pro fighters.

W – Hiroko Yamanaka interviewed before war with Cyborg on Strikeforce:

Hiroko Yamanaka Excited to For Strikeforce, First Fight in
No. 1 women’s featherweight contender Hiroko Yamanaka is glad to finally fight in the U.S. Erik Fontanez from

W – Jungmoon Jang shares: a recap and photos of Road Fc 5/Young Guns.

엠파이트 – 믿을 수 있는 격투기 뉴스 신세기 격투스포츠 길라잡이

W – an interview with Team Posse Gangnam‘s Bae Yong Kwon after his recent victory at Road Fc 5. Interview With Outstanding Korean Featherweight Bae Young Kwon

W – congratulations to Oswaldo Ornellas Neto on becoming the new resident BJJ coach at Impakt Singapore .

Impakt Singapore  Academy of Impakt: Singapore is proud to introduce our new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu professor Oswaldo Ornellas Neto fresh from his stint at Versus Performance in Hong Kong. Oswaldo is a Brazilian black belt from Gracie Humaitá also known as Academia Gracie de Jiu-Jitsu started by co founder of BJJ – Helio Gracie.

W – Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand shares: Congratulations to new Tiger Muay Thai affiliate Sparta in KL. TMT Affiliate Camp in Malaysia

W – Eddie Goldman‘s No Holds Barred: Antonio Graceffo, the Brooklyn Monk, on Martial Arts and MMA in Asia   On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with the “Brooklyn Monk “, Antonio Graceffo. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Tennessee, and living for many years in Asia, Antonio Graceffo has written books, hosted the “Martial Arts Odyssey” web TV show…

‎W – Matt Hume interviewed on Fighting Famous TV talks about working with Hayato Sakurai and Bibiano Fernandes for DREAM Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 and how ONE Fighting Championship is set to catapult MMA in Asia: Matt Hume: When [Demetrious Johnson] Gets to 125, It’s Going to Be Amazing

Matt “The Wizard” Hume shares his thoughts on the UFC’s 125-pound weight class, ONE FC’s partnership with DREAM and the UFC’s return to Japan.

‎W – Wesley De Souza‘s most recent interview with Evolve Mixed Martial Arts founderYodchatri Sityodtong provides very good insight to his nature, and how that has quickly enabled his gym and team to rise to the top of MMA in Asia.

Exclusive Interview with Evolve Founder, Chatri Sityodtong
Evolve Mixed Martial Arts ranks among the best academies in the world for Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts. Evolve MMA has 51 instructors with World Champions in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and No Gi Grappling.

W – love the oh-so-local-paper Cheetah graphics, Vuyisile Colossa!

City Fight Club and I-1 Grand extreme World Muaythai 2011

W – Chan Sung Jung – from KO to cover model!

W – Allstar Mmatours shares: Fight fans we have just made our plans for UFC Japan & Australia public via our website. Go for details.

W – Narantungalag Jadamba now has a Facebook page!

W – while the Marius Zaromskis cartwheel kick is still fresh in your memory, here’s a flashback to the preview (at 00:10) of Legend Fighting Championship‘s Lightweight champ Jadamba Naruntungalag before he fought Kid Norifumi Yamamoto.

Mongolian Top Fighter Jadamba Narantunglag

W – Genki Desu Ka!! Josh Barnett Vs. Hideki Suzuki
Josh Barnett will take on IGF’s Hideki Suzuki on the NYE Genki Desu Ka!! Omisoka!! 2011 event.

W – this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK… because your reactions to these epic highlights from the DREAM Bantamweight Tournament will startle your coworkers. DREAM | バンタム級世界トーナメント1回戦をプレイバック!大晦日『元気ですか!! 大晦日!! 2011』PV第七弾を公開!!

‎12・31FieLDS presents FIGHT FOR JAPAN『元気ですか!! 大晦日!! 2011』(さいたまスーパーアリーナ)PV第七弾、9月のバンタム級世界トーナメント1回戦を振り返る!!

W – DREAM Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 update: there was a public ceremony in Shibuya with some of the fighters to kick it off, including a shouting contest and prizes.

GBR – ニュース – 【元気ですか!!】12・22夕方、渋谷で青木vs北岡ら公開調印式!

D – the battle has begun! Shinya Aoki posts a video blog Evolve Video Blog 12/21/2011

…and Satoru Kitaoka responds with… dinner:

W – Dare Championship Welterweight fight #2: ROCK vs CAPO at DARE 1/12 – January 7th 2012 at Club Insomnia Bangkok

W – Dare Championship: ‎Arnaud TheGame Lepont discusses his upcoming bout with Cris Haja at Dare Championship and what are his aspirations in MMA: 7-1 Frenchman Arnaud Lepont discusses fighting in Thailand, future of SE Asian MMA «

W – (URCC) announces the next fight: January 13 in Cebu, Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang first fighter on the card.

W – shares Road FC 006! FINAL4 will take place on February 5th, 2012 at 2 PM at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea.


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