The Story Behind Javier Trujillo’s 5-second KO at FMD 13


Full Metal Dojo 13 was had a historic night on many fronts.

The event took place at Insanity Nightclub (the birthplace of FMD) for the last time.

Fans also bore witness to one of the fastest knockouts in FMD history when Javier Trujillo scored a five second knockout of his opponent Ryan Feltner.

Full Results: Full Metal Dojo 13

As the opening bell rang, Feltner charged full steam ahead towards Trujillo only to eat a punch to the face and drop to the canvass in a heap.

Trujillo followed up with some brutal hammer fists and took all of five seconds to end their welterweight clash.

We tracked Trujillo down at his training camp Bangkok Fight Lab to find out the story of the knockout and the dramatic events leading up to the bout.