Bancho is back at Pancrase 300

Bancho Takahashi returns at Pancrase 300
Bancho Takahashi returns at Pancrase 300

Pancrase holds the 300th numbered event on 21 October with a host of foreign match ups and Takahashi “Bancho” finally returns.

In the main event, Takashi Sato gets the limelight and a chance to come back from his recent title challenge loss to Glaico Franca. Sato, the 2014 NeoBlood tournament winner, will face New Zealand’s Matt Vaile, owner of the Australian HEX and XFC belts. Both guys like to finish the fight standing, so this should close the evening out nicely.

Spike 22’s Kyle Aguon accompanied KID’s sister Miyuu Yamamoto to her brilliant ring victory in RIZIN, and now he makes his own walk to the cage to face Hiroshige Tanaka. Aguon won, lost, and challenged for the PXC title back in 2016 and then jumped over to Japan where he’s now 2-1 in Pancrase: a split win over ISAO and a disappointing loss to Koyomi Matsushima are the results of his recent efforts.

“Hanzo” Tanaka also owns a 2-1 record in Pancrase, but he’s had the misfortune of two pull outs to scrap his fights in 2018: Hiroto Uesako and Mike Grundy. Previously he KOed Hatsu Hioki then lost a decision to Yoshiki Nakahara, who’s been on a tear.

And finally, the fan favorite who rose and rose and then couldn’t get past a decision over some of Japan’s biggest draws of 2015, is coming back. Yoshiaki “Bancho” Takahashi is a fighter who could be counted on to walk out to a huge fanfare and throw furious fists in the ring and cage. However, in the ultra-competitive lightweight division during 2013-14, Bancho couldn’t get a break and he retired the following year, after choking out Ryan Dela Cruz.

Bancho has decided to reenter the new world of JMMA and he will be facing submission specialist Lucio de Abreu Fernandes of Brazil. He’s a former Jungle Fight tournament winner who claims a win over Erick Barbosa, but has faced a layoff due to cancelled events over the past couple of years.

For Bancho’s return, his entourage of standard-bearing hooligans will definitely spark off his return, and hopefully see an equal measure of his exciting performance in the cage.

Also on Pancrase 300, look out for TAG versus Takuya Saito, Alan Yamaniya versus Kintaro is back on, and former DEEP champ Hiroto Uesako will face Kenichiro Togashi.

Kyle Aguon vs Hanzo Tanaka added to Pancrase 300
Kyle Aguon vs Hanzo Tanaka added to Pancrase 300

Pancrase 300
21 October 2018
Tokyo, Japan

#9 Welterweight
Takashi Sato vs Matt Vaile

#8 Featherweight
Kyle Aguon vs Hiroshige Tanaka

#7 Lightweight
Yoshiaki Takahashi vs Lucio Abreu

#6 Flyweight
Shohei Masumizu vs Taiki Akiba

#5 REBELS kickboxing 3×3
Kazuki Odano vs Shurin Kuriuchi

#4 Lightweight
Kenichiro Togashi vs Hiroto Uesako

#3 Welterweight 3×3
Takaaki Nara vs Yuta Nakamura

#2 Bantamweight
Alan Yamaniya vs Kintaro

#1 Flyweight 3×3
Kohei Kuraoka vs Noriyoshi Wada


#7 Featherweight 3×3
Katsushi Kojima vs Ang Shin

#6 Featherweight 3×3
Toshihiro Taguchi vs Takuya Saito

#5 Bantamweight 3×3
Junichi Hirata vs Hiroki Otani
* Yuma Kitamura out to injury

#4 Flyweight 3×3
Kento Mizutani vs Yohei Misawa

#3 Flyweight 3×3
Katsuyuki Hironaka vs Tatsuki Okano

#2 Flyweight 3×3
Kazuki Shibuya vs Keisuke Tachibana

#1 Strawweight 3×3
Satoshi Miyokawa vs Yuta Miyazawa


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