$500k prize pool up for grabs at Asian Open Championships

IMMAF held its first Asian Open Championship in Singapore: Photo: David Ash.

The China International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has gifted half a million dollars in prize money for medallists and awardees at the 2018 IMMAF Asian Open Championships and Junior World Championships, taking place in Beijing from 10 to 15 September.

The prize money will be divided between Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists of the two tournaments, and awardees for Best Male and Female Athletes, Best Coach and Best Team.

IMMAF has also announced a change of date for this year’s tournament. The event will now take place from 10 to 15 September, due to a China-Africa Cooperation forum taking place in Beijing. The extended deadline for entry is now Wednesday, 15 August 2018.

IMMAF’s nation vs nation tournaments play out over up to five days, with athletes competing up to five times under IMMAF Unified Amateur MMA Rules. Strict amateur eligibility criteria applies.

Both Beijing tournaments are open events, welcoming elite amateurs from all around the world.

The Junior event will be IMMAF’s first Junior World Championships open to 18s- 21s only, provides better opportunity for rising stars to shine against competitors within a similar range of experience. It also creates a safer competition environment for younger adults who have not yet reached their physical peak. The Senior Asian Open is open to over 18s with no age limits.

Athletes must apply through their IMMAF or WMMAA affiliated national federation.

IMMAF president Kerrith Brown, thanked CIMMAF President Wei for the generous financial donation, intended to support the development of our top athletes.

“As a former competitor, I fully understand the sacrifices that athletes have to make in order to hone their craft and the financial hardship that can go with it.

“While MMA is unrecognized by many countries, athletes often work hard to self-fund their way to IMMAF competitions.”

This will be IMMAF’s second Asia Open Championship after the debut show in Singapore last year.


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