At UFC Manila, Frankie Edgar edges out Urijah Faber after a full five rounds



Frankie Edgar defeats Urijah Faber
Frankie Edgar defeats Urijah Faber

UFC Manila took place at the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines on May 16, 2015. In the main event, Frankie Edgar edged out Urijah Faber on every judges’ scorecard after a full five rounds.

Play by play

Urijah Faber vs Frankie Edgar

Rd 1. Faber with the jab. Faber shoots, stuffed, Edgar feeds him an uppercut. Edgar blitzes Faber with punches to the cage, feeds him a spinning back kick! Faber returns with a flury and a knee. Edgar low kick. Faber rushes in then has to back pedal to get out of danger. Edgar shoots for the takedown, gets the back standing, Faber against the fence. Faber leg kick. Edgar returns one, and another. Faber paws and Edgar front kicks to the end of round 1.

Rd 2. Edgar grabs a leg kick, Faber scrambles out. Faber lands, bloodies Edgar’s nose. Edgar returns with a punch kick combo. Faber slows, Edgar attacks the legs. Edgar putting together big combos and Faber scurrying through them. Faber gets one through. Edgar stalking, but Faber paces him. Edgar is throwing stuff, but not landing.

Rd 3. Faber with a teep, and Edgar turns up the heat. Faber nicely counters and then darts in, lands, andscoots right out of Edgar’s range. Back and forth exchanges, and finally we get it to the canvas courtesy of Edgar. Faber scrambles up but Edgar still has his back. Edgar throws him down, Faber back to the cage and to his feet. Edgar dogs for the double, Faber clinches over the top and alms rolls him into a triangle. They stand and strike to the bell.

Rd 4. Faber back on the offense. Edgar with a glancing spinning back kick. They start trading kicks, Edgar lands a nice left hook. Faber lands a right and a knee. A lot of movement but nothing landing until Edgar rushes in and Faber stuffs it with a hard clash. Edgar shoots again, puts Faber down, but not for long. Flurries from Edgar and a couple sneak in.

Rd 5. e=Edgar connects with a combo, follows it up with a kick. Faber spinning kick misses and he gets clipped on the way out. Edgar with a clean uppercut. Faber with alert, Edgar shots through it, gets Faber back to the canvas. Edgar with a kick punch, not much damage. Edgar misses an ankle pick/ Finally Faber connects, slips a jab, counters.

Frankie Edgar defeats Urijah Faber by Unanimous Decision, 50-45

12 Frankie Edgar defeats Urijah Faber


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