Otsuka faces Victor Henry at DEEP 85 Impact

Takafumi Otsuka DEEP
Otsuka vs Victor Henry set for DEEP 85.

DEEP 85 Impact will take place on 26 August at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. DEEP Boss Shigeru Saeki has released several matches to get the call rolling.

Former DEEP bantamweight champion Takafumi Otsuka (24-14-1) will return to DEEP for the first time in two years, almost to the date.

On Twitter, Otsuka carried on a conversation with Boss Saeki and implored him for his next opponent to be Victor Henry, and it seems like he’s gotten his wish. Henry (13-4) has become a staple in Japan, being Josh Barnett’s prodigy, and an exciting proponent of catch wrestling. For grappling aficionados, Otsuka versus Henry is going to be a wild ride.

Also announced was DJ.taiki (17-12-7), who still can’t pull himself away from MMA,versus Krazy Bee’s Yokoyama Kyosuke (9-5-0-1). It’s pressure on these guys for one of them to move the needle.

Two strawweight matches will liven things up: Kawahara Namiki (5-1-1) versus Muramoto Yutaro (6-4-1), and Taichi Isogai (4-1-1) versus Sugiura Hiroyuki (0-1).

The final matches announced were CORO (14-15-4) versus Dark Rikuto (5-5), and Takashio Ryuji (1-4) versus Yusuke Matsubayashi (2-1).

Former women’s atomweight title challenger Sarami is going to appear on the card, but her opponent hasn’t been announced yet.

DEEP 85 Impact
August 26, 2018
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

大塚隆史(T GRIP TOKYO)VS ビクター・ヘンリー(UWF USA/HF)
Takafumi Otsuka vs Victor Henry

Women’s Atomweight
Satomi Takano

DJ.taiki(パンクラスイズム横浜) VS 横山恭典 (KRAZY BEE)
Daiki Hatta vs Yokoyama Kyosuke

川原波輝 (総合格闘技スタジオSTYLE) VS 村元友太郎(ALIVE)
Kawahara Namiki vs Muramoto Yutaro

CORO(K-Clann)VS 白川”Dark”陸斗(志道場)
Terashima Kosuke vs Shirakawa Rikuto

高塩竜司(KIBAマーシャルアーツクラブ) VS 松林佑介(INFIGHT JAPAN)
Takashio Ryuji vs Yusuke Matsubayashi

磯貝太一(空手道白心会)VS 杉浦弘幸(NEVER QUIT)
Taichi Isogai vs Sugiura Hiroyuki