DEEP in Funabashi results: Featherweight Champ Kazunori Yokota beats Juri Ohara



DEEP Funabashi Kazunori Yokota def Juri Ohara
DEEP Funabashi Kazunori Yokota def Juri Ohara, courtesy Tatsuya Kay on Twitter

Regional Funabashi Bom Ba Ye 2015 festival took place on May 9, 2015. DEEP Featherweight Champ Kazunori Yokota faced super striker Juri Ohara and earned a decision victory.

The bout took place at lightweight. Ohara’s striking was in terrific form, but Yokota weathered it until he found the holes. Then he shot for takedowns and ground away on the canvas. Ohara was able to escape Yokota’s submission attempts, but the relentless takedown dominance saw the DEEP Champ firmly on the judges’ scorecards.

Recent Bantamweight challenger Toshinori Tsunemura faced Michito Abe. Both men decided the group was to be the battlefield, and Abe proved with takedowns and sub attempts that he was the better man, earning the decision.

Emi Tomimatsu and V.V Mei went toe to toe in a special exhibition match.

The event will open up with regional music acts, a martial arts demonstration by Kyokushin Kaikan, and two or three pro wrestling matches. Then DEEP will present five MMA fights. Funabashi native Haruki Nakayama will also be featured on the card.

Funabashi Bom Ba Ye 2015
May 9, 2015
Funabashi Racetrack
Funabashi, Japan

DEEP Lightweight
Kazunori Yokota 横田一則(フリー)
Juri Ohara 大原樹理(KIBAマーシャルアーツクラブ)

Kazunori Yokota def Juri Ohara by UD

DEEP Bantamweight
Toshinori Tsunemura 恒村俊範(リバーサルジム新宿Me,We)
Michito Abe 安部路人(漢塾)

Michito Abe def Toshinori Tsunemura by UD

DEEP JEWELS Women’s Exhibition
Emi Tomimatsu 富松恵美(パラエストラ松戸)
V.V Mei Yamaguchi

Emi Tomimatsu def V.V Mei

DEEP Flyweight
Haruki Nakayama 中山ハルキ(GRABAKA)
Shunya Nakatani 永谷駿也

Haruki Nakayama def Shunya Nakatani by Submission, armbar, rd 1, 2:02