Evole MMA launches online university


Much as the cosmos sprung from a singular event countless millennia ago and expanded exponentially to occupy – or rather create – space, so has the MMA phenomenon in Asia just exploded from the small corner of Singapore into the vast reaches of every computer on the globe.

Evolve MMA has announced that it is branching its concept of providing the best instruction humanly possible to its on-site students into an internet platform. This will allow anyone anywhere the ability to access and learn from a plethora of world champions across numerous disciplines whom Evolve MMA has been acquiring since its inception a mere six years ago.

Love the concept or hate it, distance learning via the internet is a proven concept and here to stay. In every Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class across the world it is a daily occurrence for students to try out techniques they have gleaned from watching tutorials and matches online. Afficionados play and replay combinations, discuss them, try them, discuss them some more, and eventually the circle of learning becomes larger and more-all encompassing. Evolve is now capitalizing upon the concept brilliantly.

It has already logged in thousands of instructionals of three to five minutes each, promising countless deviations away from that 8-hour thing we call ‘work’.

Evolve MMA’s two state-of-the-art facilities in Singapore – brainstormed and launched by Owner and Founder Chatri Sityodtong – have been claiming international accolades from international press and international fighters for the past several years.

Playing host to some of the best fighters from every discipline, Evolve has garnered a snowball effect that by its very nature attracts the best. The Muay Thai contingency was Chatri’s own first instigation stemming from his tutelage under the great Yodtong Senanan, and includes stellar names like Attachai Fairtex, Orono Wor Petchpun/Evolve, and Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn.

Added to the stand up regime is Thailand’s WBA boxing champion Yodsanan “3-K Battery” Sityodtong. The ground skills go deeper still, wading into the waters of such Brazilian Jiu Jitsu greats as “Gordinho” de Lima, Rafael Do Anjos, “Zoro” Moreira, and Leandro Issa, and slam their way through the wrestling accolades of none other than Heath Sims. ¬†Expect to see all of the staff giving tips and tutelage, including Chatri himself.

The Evolve University will launch in phases, with the first to include thousands of prerecorded tutorials that they have been developing in a secret proprietary studio for the past two years.

Phases two and three will launch with interactive content and live streaming classes – granting unprecedented access to some instructors who couldn’t make the global rounds, and probably wouldn’t want to given their pretty incredible Singapore gym accommodations. These phases will also include more managerial and business content aimed to accelerate the proficiency and professionalism of the martial arts education industry.

Evolve MMA has set the bar on what a martial arts gym can offer in Asia, and across the globe. Because of the facilities and teaching talent, many celebrated full time fighters have joined Evolve MMA for camps and training like Shinya Aoki, Rich Franklin, Tarec Saffiedine, Riki Fukuda, Satoru Kitaoka, Ben Askren, Dan Henderson, and every Gracie imaginable. A recent press release stated that the new “location” would be opening soon which led to a great deal of murmurings on where that might actually be. Now we know that the “location” will be anywhere and everywhere.

Evolve MMA obviously trusts its own concept to branch out not physically, but – dare we say – cosmically. It will be interesting to see how this new venture reverts back into the physical realm for future Evolve MMA expansion.

Meanwhile, we can hear the new catch phrase taking shape already.

“Check out what I learned on Evolve last night.”