Today marks a very pivotal moment in the history of combat sports. The first news was that Tokyo won the bid to host the 2020 Olympics. Tonight, the International Olympic Committee makes its final vote on the inclusion of wrestling. The IOC is streaming the event live from Buenos Ares, Argentina with the vote for wrestling scheduled at 12pm local time. MMA-in-ASIA will be watching intently, and you can too. Here’s the schedule and directions for streaming:

The Tentative IOC Schedule for Sunday, September 8, 2013:

9:00AM (10PM Tokyo/9PM Hong Kong) OPEN
9:00AM – President’s opening remarks
9:30 – Report by the IOC Olympic Program Commission
10:15 – Vote on the proposal for 25 Core Olympic Sports
10:30 – Baseball-Softball presentation
11:00 – Squash presentation
11:30 – Wrestling presentation
12:00 – Vote on possible additional sport for IOC program
12:45 – Followed by announcement from IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge


1. Go to the IOC website (
2. On the right of the page, under the news heading, click the link which says “Programme of the live transmission of the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina
3. Under the graphic and headline, there is a link to the webcast, which is entitled “The live stream and on demand videos can be found here.
4. There will be a video box with live video at the top of this page.

For a comprehensive background of the events surrounding the IOC’s original decision to drop wrestling from the Games, and what has been done to actively have it returned to the roster of events, read’s full report here.