Mixed Martial A’rr successfully holds first MMA card on a cruise ship


Michell Adelina def Dylan Fussel_9

Mixed Martial A’rr took place off the coast of Phuket, Thailand on June 1, 2015. The first MMA card at sea featured ten bouts with reginally-known fighters.

The cage was situated on the pool deck with a large LED screen affixed to the top deck above it. Onlookers crowded around from eye level around the pools and the overhead deck. The cruise and the fights were presented by Tune Talk, the largest telecom in Malaysia which holds the nation-wide amateur MMA competition MIMMA, and sponsors ONE FC.

Matt Pellino def Nik Harris_3

In the heated main event, Matt Pellino put his money where his mouth is as he spared no time in shooting Nik Harris to the ground. Harris reversed, but Pellino deftly hooked on an ankle and exploded with it. Harris grabbed the cage when he should have rolled, and the move allowed Pellino even greater torque. Harris screamed in pain when the ankle popped – the same one previously injured which put him out of commission before this fight.

The co-main event was a grinder with punishing kicks and knees as Michell Adelina and Dylan Fussel went the distance. Much of the match was spent with Fussel blasting in to get the clinch up against the cage. Fussel landed knees, Adelina returned creative kicks even with his back to the cage. The third round saw Adelina explode into action with flying knees and punches that had Fussel wobbled hard, and that made the decision for the judges much more definitive in his favor.

Chamlong Chanream vs Alan Chong_11

Thai fighter Chamlong Chanream made his debut against TUF China vet Allen Chong and was able to survive two rounds of being mounted and almost finished. It was as if Chong’s punches seemed to have no effect on Chanream, who was finally able to utilize his punshing kicks in the third. A body kick bucked Chong, and while he was still recovering, Chanream hit him with more and landed a soccer kick that plit open his forehead and finished the fight.

Kai Kara France def Dindo Camansa_0

Kai Kara-France’s battle with Dindo Camansa went as expected, with the much more experienced Kara-France mounting the cage in victory. However, the speed of it was impressive. Kara-France assaulted Camansa right out of the box, and had him down and flat out in just 13 seconds.

Pedro Paulino showed off his grappling prowess over Trestle Tan, by working multiple positions from the top while seeking submissions. Tan did a good job of defending, but it was only a matter of time before Paulino found the hole he needed and snapped on an arm triangle.

May Ooi def Zhen Wei Fu_14

May Ooi and Zhen Wei Foo went the distance with a first round of grappling and two of striking, even though Ooi’s first kick knocked Foo’s shoulder out of the socket and she had to reset it herself. Foo’s first trip saw her take a hold of an ankle, but Ooi successfully defended for almost the entire round. Then Ooi began to use her jab effectively, and edged up her kicking volume to edge the decision in her favor.

Caleb Lally made quick work of Reysaldo Biagtan by taking him off his feet and thus negating the striker’s advantage. Lally worked to mount and rained down the punches and elbows. One of them cut open Biagtan, and the doctor declared the stop.

Liam McGowan and Andy Teh started out with a nice display of back and forth striking. McGowan was able to catch a kick and take down Teh. There, McGowan worked from side control to get a tap to a kimura.

Adam Cacay def Mohd Fouzein_13

Adam Cacay and Mohamad Fouzein put on a rousing three-rounder. While neither could find the finish, Cacay’s more powerful kicks and creative overhand right to ankle picks outshined Fouzein’s shoots and ground work to edge out a split decision in his favor.

A women’s bout between Rachel Short and Adek Omar started off the night. Omar’s striking looked good against the taller Short, however Short was able to grab her in a guillotine at the ten second clapper of the second round. Omar appeard to tap and the ref waved off the fight, though Omar protested that she thought the round was over.

Mixed Martial A’rr
June 1, 2015
SuperStar Libra Cruise Ship
Andaman Sea, Thailand

Matt Pellino def Nik Harris by Submission, ankle lock, rd 1, 1:41

Michell Adelina def Dylan Fussel by UD

Chamlong Chanream def Allen Chong by TKO, rd 3, :44

Catchweight 69kg
Kai Kara-France def Dindo Camansa by TKO, rd 1, :13

Cathcweight 73kg
Pedro Paulino def Trestle Tan by Submission, arm triangle, rd 1, 3:11

Women’s Flyweight
May Ooi def Zhen Wei Foo by TKO, rd 3, 3:48

Caleb Lally def Reysaldo Boagtan by TKO, doctor stoppage, rd 1, 2:31

Liam McGowan def Andy Teh by Submission, kimura, rd 1, 2:48

Adam Cacay def Mohd Fouzein by Split Decision

Women’s Strawweight
Rachel Short def Adek Omar by Submission, standing guillotine, rd 2, 4:50


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