Pancrase 288 adds Minowa vs Kondo 2



On 9 August, 1997, during the 8th show of the Pancrase Alive tour, a very young man by the name of Ikuhisa Minowa (1-2 at the time) would tap out to a toehold at the hands of one of the promotion’s biggest homegrown stars, Yuki Kondo (13-4-1 at the time) in a little over five minutes.

Now, almost twenty years later, we know that young man as the legendary Minowaman (60-41-8), champion of the super hluk, and defender of justice.

While Yuki Kondo (59-33-9) is no longer the great young hope of Pancrase, but now its greatest remaining legend.

Perhaps that’s why now, in the twilight of both men’s iconic careers, with both quite badly in need of a win, that now is the perfect time to have a rematch.

That’s exactly what we’re going to get at Pancrase 288 on 2 July at Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan, as the two will square off in a three-minute rounds middleweight fight.

In addition to Kondo-Minowa 2, a welterweight title match will see champion Hiromitsu Miura defend his belt against Daichi Abe. Pancrase has also announced a strawweight bout between Kanako Murata and Claire Fryer.