Three title fights top an explosive night at DEEP


DEEP CAGE IMPACT 2017 took place on 15th July 2017 at FULL HOUSE of Korakuen Hall.


DEEP Welter-Weight tournament started with 8 fighters on 27th August 2016 and Ken Hasegawa who fought at RIZIN 2015 NYE defeated Yoichiro Sato and Yoshiyuki Katahira for this fight. The opponent Ryuichiro Sumimura from Awaji-island… the small island at west part of Japan defeated former this weight class champion Yuta Watanabe and Taisuke Okuno for this fight. So this was a final fight of this tournament and winner will get the belt.

Sumimura looked to be prepared well with good condition. But in contrast to Hasegawa wore many tapings in upper half of his body so he looked not to be a good condition. (Left shoulder injured?!)

The fight went with standing fight and at half of 1st round suddenly Hasegawa was fallen backward by some kind of hitting and Sumimura pounded him out. Once Sumimura, his team mates and his supporters from his island screamed loudly with joy but the judge team explained that there was a possibility of Sumimura’s  head-butting (it’s  illegal) so we the judge team will have to check the video late to make a correct decision. Once the result…Sumimura won and got the belt but according to the check result the decision may change.

After the fight Sumimura appealed “ I don’t wanna fight overseas and I wanna have a fight at RIZIN and, one more thing, I’ve wanted to prove that the fighter from small island can compete well like a fighters from major city for a long time and tonight I could prove it. I felt good.”


By returning the belt from Masakazu Imanari (due to injury?) the fight between Hiroto Uesako and Kouichi Ishitsuka was set as a title fight. Before this fight Uesako was frustrated and he said that why Ishitsuka could have a chance to have a title fight in a row? (Please remember the last DEEP Champ Otsuka VS Ishitsuka was set and Ishitsuka lost by 2-3/decision 2 month ago.)

The fight went only striking. Ishitsuka used right low kick many times to get closer and give a pressure and good puncher Uesako used many punches and his punches hit Ishitsuka’s face accurately and effectively. At 3rd round Uesako threw soccer kick and Ishitsuka’s head was threw away to the canvas strongly. And Uesako won. Very very good fight.


Singh “HEART” Jaideep is famous for the fight at RIZIN 2015 NYE… VS Fedor Emelianenko and good result at K-1,RISE kick boxing and current DEEP Megaton-class champion. He had a fight VS Roque Martinez from SPIKE22/GUAM as a title defending fight.

Though Roque had a fatty body he attacked with many upper-cuts and tackles aggressively. But Singh ran out of his steam in 2-3 minutes and he did NOTHING thru all rounds. To tell the truth Singh’s fight wasn’t a professional one. DEEP Megaton-class champion belt went to GUAM.



Main Event (Welter Weight DEEP Championship:5min x 3R)
Ken Hasegawa (Free) VS Ryuichiro Sumimura (Free)
Not fixed. (Due to the possibility of head-butting by Sumimura. Head-butting is NOT allowed.)
*Once DEEP Judgement–Team made their decicion – Sumimura got TKO. But The team will check
the attack by video later. According to the result this decision may change.

Was this attack a head-butting or NOT?

Referee Fukuda-san explained how the judge team is making a decision.

Once Sumimura got a belt.


Semi Final (Feather Weight:5min x 3R)
Hirohito Uesako (Wajyutsu Keishu-kai HEARTS/Team Cloud) VS Koichi Ishitsuka (Free)
Uesako won by TKO at 3R 2’29”.


7th Fight (Megaton Weight:5min x 3R)
Singh “HEART” Jaideep (Free) VS Roque Martinez (SPIKE22)
Martinez won by 3-0/Decision.


6th Fight (Light Weight:5min x 2R)
Kimihiro Eto (Wajyutsu Keishu-kai HEARTS) VS Seok Chan Jung (TEAM HON)
Kamaya won by Arm Choke at 1R 2’59”.


5th Fight (Feather Weight:5min x 2R)
Satoko Shinashi (Free) VS Chiaki Ohta (FourRhombus)
Shinasi won by TKO at 1R 1’36”.

Kitaoka-san showed his stand and ground sparring for next RIZIN fight.


DEEP CEO Saeki-san and PANCRASE CEO Sakai-san appealed for coming [DEEP VS PANCRASE] war on 20th August at PANCRASE event.


RIZIN CEO Sakikibara-san and Shinju Auclair apprealed for next RIZIN.
Shinju Auclair (Shinju means a pearl in Japanese) will make her debut at next RIZIN and she is famous for her beauty and her mother as a former Japanese comedian (Naoko Nozawa).

4th Fight (Bantam Weight:5min x 2R)
Yuki Takano (Wajyutsu Keishu-kai HEARTS) VS Taito Kubota (KIBA Martial Arts Club)
Kubota won by 3-0/Decision.


3rd Fight (Fly Weight:5min x 2R)
Kota Ishibashi (Sogo Kakuto-gi DOBUITA) VS Tiger DATE (Team DATE)
Ishibashi won by 3-0/Decision.


2nd Fight (Straw Weight:5min x 2R)
Yutaro Muramatsu (ALIVE) VS Namiki Kawahara (Sogo Kakuto-gi Studio SYTLE)
Kawahara won by TKO at 2R 1’42”.


1st Fight (Bantam Weight:5min x 2R)
Akihiro Ogawa (CAVE) VS Rikuto “dark” Shirakawa (Kokorozashi Dojo)
Shirakawa won by 2-0/Decision.