At UFC Manila, Levan Makashvili outpoints Mark Eddiva with takedowns for the win



Levan Makashvili defeats Mark Eddiva
Levan Makashvili defeats Mark Eddiva

UFC Manila took place at the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines on May 16, 2015. Opening the main card, Levan Makashvili takes Mark Eddiva a full three rounds for the split decision victory.

Play by play

Mark Eddiva vs Levan Makashvili

The crowd welcomes Levan with boos! Mark gets a huge cheer, of course.

Rd 1. Mark opens with kicks, but jumps into a jab. Levan sees Mark start to change levels, and hits him with a one two. Mark recovers from the stuffed takedown, but Levan throws him. Mark scrambles for the reversal, they end in a clinch. Finally ref breaks it. Fast exchange and Mark lands several on the button. Nice kick and knee from Mark. Levan clinches and Mark tosses him back to the cage, then Levan reverses. Levan gets the trip down and lands on top. But with seconds left Mark gets up and they clinch and throw knees.

Rd2. Beautiful low kick by Mark. Levan corners Mark to the cage lands a punch kick combo. Mark knows Levan is gunning for the takedown and he stuffs it in anticipation, lands a knee, and undertook tosses Levan to the cage, nice work! Levan strong low kick. Levan is still determined to get it down and he finally captures both of Marks legs for the double. But then he just lays there, and finally the ref stands them. Levan rushes through Mark’s kicks to try for a shoot, but seems that Mark is now in tune with them.

Rd 3. Crowd starts chanting “Go Mark!” Levan clinches and tries a trip but Mark negates it and Levan is left with getting him up against the cage for the double. Mark pops back up. Level keeps ahold of him, tries to toss Mark, and ends up getting the back standing. Levan gets the dragon down and ends in side control. Mark turles and is able to stand again. It’s halfway through the round and Mark really needs some big strikes to pull ahead on this one. Mark throws some kicks but eventually Levan just pushes in to the clinch and gets a big throw into side control. Mark tries to turtle again, and with 30 seconds left, Mark is up.

Levan Makashvili defeats Mark Eddiva by Split Decision, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27