At UFC Manila, Mark Munoz goes out in style by brutalizing Luke Barnatt



Mark Munoz defeats Luke Barnatt
Mark Munoz defeats Luke Barnatt

UFC Manila took place at the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines on May 16, 2015. Mark Munoz had his retirement fight and he went out in style by brutalizing Luke Barnatt with terrific striking and killer takedowns.

Play by play

Mark Munoz vs Luke Barnatt

Rd 1. Mark goes in but gets tagged, Luke has such reach, Mark eats a jab again then shoots and puts Luke on his back! Luke tries for a guillotine, Mark gets out, then Mark tries for a standing guillotine, Luke pops out and Mark shoots strong! Mark blasts his way back in, and gets the double! Luke jumps up, but Mark holds him against the cage. Luke pulls loose but Mark with another big takedown! and another! Mark starts punching away and visibly damaging Luke’s face! Now Luke gets a nice undertook throw but Mark pops up! Luke now know he has to stay at distance and he tries with kicks. MArk still gets inside, and clinches to the bell.

Rd 2. Luke threatens with jabs but eventually Mark comes in with the shoot. Mark drops for the double and Luke lands some elbows t his ear but it doesn’t deter him. Mark eats another jab and gets a huge flying single leg! Luke reverses with an ankle grab and gets up, Mark right back on that clinch. Finally they separate. Luke dodges the single leg attempt and they trade spinning kicks that don’t’ land. Mark with a huge right!

Rd 3. Luke threatens with some flying knees, Mark reruns fire with punches and shoots. Luke defends and they start to trade. Mark lands a huge right hook that stuns Luke! He knows it and follows up with more, finally ending with a takedown. Luke makes it back to his feet but Mark stays on that single, eventually sitting him down and landing punches. Mark with a one two on the chin! Luke with a big knee but Mark just shoots and gets the double, hooks Luke’s legs and sits him against the cage. Mark ducks under and reverse rolls Luke for a very creative takedown! Mark superman punches to Luke as he’s down! Mark takes side control , Luke turtles, and the ell rings! The crowd is on their feet!

Mark Munoz defeats Luke Barnatt by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27

10 Mark Munoz defeats Luke Barnatt