BANG TAE-HYUN marks sophomore appearance by KO at UFC 174, recap and play by play



UFC 174 took place on June 14, 2014. Bang Tae-Hyun marks his second appearance with a brutal KO of Kajan Johnson in the third.

Bang knew that going into the fight his opponent Kajan Johnson would have a reach advantage. Two rounds of back and forth headhunting saw Bang with the upper hand in number of near drops, while Johnson nailed perfect takedowns which Bang reversed with incredible power. Bang didn’t seem afraid of the heavy hands of Johnson, and was willing to take strikes to get inside. Ultimately, the strategy worked as he took a kick to get the counter KO.

Play by play:

The two fighters engage and land, with a head kick by Johnson that Bang shrugs off and assaults as Johnson disengages. Johnson nails the takedown and Bang grabs the head and gets a reversal by throwing him over!. They get back to standing and load up on the strikes. Johnson tries another head kick. More exchanges and Bang rocks Johnson with a one two that buckles him, but Johnson recovers with a takedown attempt that Bang defends with another head take. A lively scramble and they separate to standing. Bang takes one on the chin but doesn’t budge, stays in the pocket, and Johnson obliges with punches and a head kick. Johnson goes for the takedown and gets it to land in side control. Bang gets up and out at the end of the round.


Round two. Bang darting in and out, wary of Johnson’s inside work now. Now Bang looks to get inside. Johnson goes to the body. A minute and a half in and Johnson shoots, Bang repays him with an overhand left. Johnson recovers and double legs Bang, but again Bang grabs the head and reverses it, into Johnson’s half guard. Johnson goes for a leg, Bang spins out and Johnson takes his back. Johnson puts him against the cage and again with a big takedown. Both me are bleeding, Bang’s nose and Johnson’s brow. Back to standing. Now both are tired, Bang tries a spinning backlist. Bang throws kicks to close the round.

Round three. Johnson and Bang cautious and throwing sporadic shots. Bang seems not to care about taking punches, only looking for a KO. Johnson throws a head kick that doesn’t land, then a failed takedown. Two minutes in and Bang throws wild, then counters a kick with a an overhand right and gets the KO while Johnson is still standing, dropping to the canvas where Bang mounts and looks to finish before the ref jumps in to stop it.