Shoyidor Jurabekov versus Bruce Loh, Flyweight Opening round
Shoyidor took the fight on short notice after his teammate “Pretty Boy” hurt his hand in training.  Julio Ez is the referee.  After a very short back and forth that sees Bruce taking his time to finding his shots and Diyor counter punching and with some nice knees, Bruce goes for a single leg and the fight ends up the ground, with Diyor grabbing a guillotine.  Soon it’s a scramble back to standing and as Bruce goes for a sidekick, his supporting leg buckles and he drops in agony, giving Diyor a win, though not quite a satisfying one.  Not long enough to assess either fighter, but Diyor seems to be a pretty decent counter puncher.

Shoyidor Jurabekov def Bruce Loh, rd 1 leg injury

Saengchit “Nuay” Parkaiphet versus Will Chope, Featherweight Quarterfinals
After Muayfit’s Will Chope gave up half his fight purse for coming in substantially over (4kgs), and was limited to the weight he regained on fight day. He walks out to some nice Irish rock appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day.  Nuay of Legacy Gym comes out looking comfortable then needs to have his gloves taped.  The ref is Oliver Coste.  Nuay leads with a kick.  Will’s plan is to take the much shorter guy against the cage and go for a high crotch takedown, which he eventually gets.  Will mounts with some GNP, and Nuay surprises the crowd with a sweep back into guard.  He goes for a leg lock, but wily Will twists out to take Nuay’s back and eventually gets a tap by choke.  Good game by Nuay, Will is just too long for most featherweights.

Will Chope def Saengchit “Nuay” Parkaiphet, rd 1 RNC

Shannon “One Shin” Wiratchai versus Tondamrong “TDR” Punjabutra, Lightweight Quarterfinals
Surprisingly, the two Thai fighters end on the ground and the match doesn’t see much action for far too long as TDR is tied up in guard and One Shin doesn’t work for a sweep or sub.  Ref stands them up late ing the round.  Into the second round, One Shin comes out and repeatedly rocks TDR from his southpaw stance with some nice hooks and uppercuts.  As TDR stumbles, One Shin follows him down, and is eventually able to sink a choke from behind, although it could have taken a lot shorter time if he’d controlled his position better.  Still, One Shin gets the tap via RNC in the middle of round 2.  If they both sharpen their grappling, they will make good entrants into some larger events.

Shannon “One Shin” Wiratchai def Tondamrong “TDR” Punjabutra, rd 2 RNC

Alexsandro “Leke”Machado versus Kristoffer Persson, Welterweight Opening round
Kris from Legacy is about 10kgs heavier than BJJ black belt Leke of Impact SG on the day of the fight.  Leke comes out throwing some elbows and knees to set up TD attempts, one after another.  He’s able to get Kris down and against the fence, but can’t close the deal.  A knee to the head of Leke as he tries to recover from an attempt gets a point deducted from Kris.  At the end of round one, Kris has Leke figured out.  Into round 2, It’s more of the same, but Leke is obviously tired from all the shoots and Kris won’t have any of the ground game.  After multiple stuffed TDs and following up with some hard shots to the head, the ref steps in to stop the bout and Kris takes home a big win.  Kris’ game plan was thorough and sharp against Leke.

Kristoffer Persson def Alexsandro “Leke”Machado, rd 2 TKO punches

Mark Striegl versus Marko “Mad Dog” Huusansaari, Lightweight Opening round

Striegl gets a big TD and lands an obvious elbow to the back of the head – gets a warning.  Then he dominates the first round with multiple takedowns and control on the ground.  Mad Dog defends his sub attempts quite well and looks to be trying for a triangle.  It goes into the second.  Mark with another nice takedown after a standing guillotine doesn’t suffice, ends in side control, and gets a tap via arm bar… with his legs?  Bad camera angles throughout this fight, and the commentators couldn’t confirm the sub either.  Mark shows incredible all-around skills, and Mad Dog wasn’t a pushover.

Mark Striegl def Marko “Mad Dog” Huusansaari, rd 2 submission

Andre Marcolla versus Daniel Kerr, Middleweight Opening round

Marcolla is with Chutebox and Dan is a Muay Thai vet with over 50 wins, and was a world Taekwondo champion.  Andre knows this and comes out with a flying knee and a straight right that rocks Dan back into the cage.  Andre takes him down and works for the rest of the round on a kimura that Dan is too strong to allow.  Into the second round, Andre has the same game plan, adding a little GNP to get one of Dan’s arms free, which he takes for an arm bar.  Dan rolls well, but it’s too deep and Marcolla gets the tap.  Very fierce battle from both fighters.

Andre Marcolla def Daniel Kerr, rd 2 armbar

Arnaud LePont versus Cris Haja, Welterweight Quarterfinals
Haja comes out with a huge Muay Thai game blasting Game with knees.  Game grabs a guillotine and Haja scrambles out to continue his onslaught.  Game gets another guillotine, this time jumps guard, and finishes in a phenomenal turn around.  Great fight from both.

Arnaud LePont def Cris Haja, round 1 guillotine



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