DEEP 59th Impact
August 18, 2012
Tokyo, Japan

Special thanks to Brittany Ann Decker @BrittanyAnnJMMA of The Fight Nation, and Tony Loiseleur @JustTonyL and Dean Marchand @clean_dean of Sherdog, for on-the-ground live updates via twitter.

DEEP 60 announced for 10/19:
Inaugural Deep Flyweight Champion Yuki Motoya will make his first title defense against a TBA opponent.
Light Heavyweight title defense 中西良行(王者) Yoshiyuki Nakanishi versus Yuki Niimura 悠羽輝(挑戦者)
中村和裕 Kazuhiro Nakamura versus Ryuta Sakurai 桜井隆多
菊野克紀 Kazunori Kikuno comeback fight

Courtesy Brittany Ann Decker

#12 ◆DEEPバンタム級タイトルマッチ Bantamweight Title Match
前田吉朗(パンクラス稲垣組 ) Yoshiro Maeda versus Tatsumitsu Wada 和田竜光(吉田道場)
Dean Marchand says: “Wada comes out to a reggae-esque hip hop track about how he’s going to KO Maeda and become Deep champ. Most Specific Walk Out Track Award. Oddly methodical first round from Maeda. Takedown, pass, mount, back, choke attempt. Wada slips out and Maeda tries a leglock at the bell. Round 2 is looking much different. Wada is stalking and dropping bombs on Maeda. Maeda gets poked in the eye and we get a time stop. Back to action. Huge flying knee from Maeda almost lands him in the first row. Wada gets to back clinch and drops Maeda briefly, but he turns around and double legs them both through the ropes and onto Deep boss Saeki. I love Yoshiro Maeda fights… Maeda got to Wada’s back and worked for the choke, but was cut off by the bell again. Maeda gets to the back again in the corner and makes Wada tap to a RNC at 3:21 of Round 3.”

Courtesy Kenji Takeshige

Tony Loiseleur says: “Interesting R1 in our main event pitting Deep BW champ Yoshiro Maeda against Tatsumitsu Wada. Maeda gets the TD, passes to mount……Wada gives up his back and Maeda threatens w/the choke. Maeda goes for an arm in the final 10, but Wada beats his way free. Maeda got to Wada’s back and worked for the choke, but was cut off by the bell again. Other than that, Wada looking better this rd, landing his right often. As Maeda is a southpaw however, they have a tendency to clash heads. This does not stop Maeda from getting him to the canvas in the final minute, where he again takes mount and drops short punches. Maeda gets to the back again in the corner and makes Wada tap to a RNC at 3:21 of Round 3. This time, Maeda sinks the rear-naked choke, tapping Wada out at around the 3:21 mark. Maeda thus defends his Deep BW championship.”

aaand Brittany: “HOLY FUCK THIS IS INTENSE !!!! they’ve flipped out of the ring twice !!!! Wada has flipped his switch in round 2 ”

Yoshiro Maeda defeats Tatsumitsu Wada by Submission – RNC, rd 3, 3:21

Courtesy 石本康隆

#11 – ◆本戦ワンマッチ
今成正和(Team-ROKEN) Masakazu Imanari versus Masahiro Oishi 大石真丈(木口道場MMA)
Dean Marchand says: “Oishi is well past his prime and I don’t think this will be much of a task for Imanari. Imanari hits the canvas early and switches from a loose omoplata to a straight arm bar. Oishi avoids the armbar, but gets wrapped up in a toe hold and taps at 1:10 of R1. Imanari wins via toe hold. Surprise!”
Masakazu Imanari defeats Masahiro Oishi by Submission – toe hold, rd 1, 1:10

Courtesy 戸井田カツヤ
Courtesy Katsuya Toida
Courtesy Ken Yasuda

#8 RESUME – チェ・ドゥホ(CMA KOREA) Doo Ho Choi versus Kosuke Umeda 梅田恒介(R-BLOOD)
Doo Ho Choi defeats Kosuke Umeda by KO, rd 1, 2:49

#10 – DJ.taiki(フリー) Daiki Hata versus Seiji Akao 赤尾セイジ(NEX)
Brittany Ann Decker exclaims: “NIGHT NIGHT MAKE YA BOOTY HOLE TIGHT !!!! DJ Taiki with the KO in round 1 !!!!!”
Dean Marchand says: “Whoa. Wild combo from DJ leads to a HUGE KO at 3:10 of round one. Akao is still on the floor.”
Tony Loiseleur says: “And Daiki Hata just splattered Seiji Akao’s brains all over the canvas at 3:10 of R1. Swarmed forward w/punches and Akao went straight back.”
Daiki Hata defeats Seiji Akao by KO, rd 1, 3:10

#9 – 中村優作(総合格闘技スタジオSTYLE) Yusaku Nakamura versus Hirotaka Miyakawa 宮川博孝(ALLIANCE)
Dean Marchand says: “Battle of heavy hitters next and it’s all bantamweights from here on. Tricky KO puncher Yusaku Nakamura vs. stone-fisted Hirotaka Miyakawa. Someone will get KO’ed here and I’m betting it’ll be Miyakawa. Nakamura’s movement and timing might be too much for him. 1st round down and it’s going how I expected. Nakamura is just too fast and his timing is too hard to predict. Miyakawa can’t figure it out. Miyakawa started to find his rhythm towards the end of round 2. Shelled up and paced forward and landed combos against the ropes. And Nakamura wins by split decision. 2 judges in favor and one judge seeing it a draw. I hate 2 round fights. Things were just picking up.”

Tony Loiseleur says: “R1 of Yusaku Nakamura & Hirotaka Miyakawa in the books. Nakamura is chopping Miyakawa down w/kicks and Miyakawa is doing… kinda’ nothing. Miyakawa a little less cowed in R2, actually starts throwing some offense back at Nakamura. He connects more, but I’m not sure he stole it. And the judges seem to agree w/me on Nakamura. Or at least, judges Yoshinori Umeki and Moritaka Oshiro. Samio Kimura sees it a draw.”

Brittany Ann Decker says: “Hirotaka VS Yusaku Nakamura = Best fight of the night this far. Holy fucking brawl !! Excited to see how this will be scored. Yusaku Nakamura winner via decision. Hirotaka put up a good fight but Nakamura did enough to out point him.”

Yusaku Nakamura defeats Hirotaka Miyakawa by Split Decision

#8 – チェ・ドゥホ(CMA KOREA) Doo Ho Choi versus Kosuke Umeda 梅田恒介(R-BLOOD)
Dean Marchand says: “HUGE lowkick from Choi lands straight on Umeda’s groin. This doesn’t look good.”
Brittany Ann Decker’s take: “Choi Doo Ho rails Umeda in the rusty peaches shortly into round 1.”
Dean Marchand reports: “So Umeda can’t continue, but they’re saying they’ll move on to the next fight and continue Umeda-Choi later tonight. Odd.”

Courtesy Daiijiro Matsui

#7 – Megaton Match
誠悟(TEAM東京CLUTCH) Seigo Mizuguchi versus Atsushi Yamada 篤志(BLUE DOG GYM)
Dean Marchand says: “Awkward Megaton is awkward. Seigo gets a takedown to scarfold and just hangs out for a few minutes, then takes the back and hangs out more. More awkwardness. Seigo gets cornered and they trade wild punches (that miss) for a good minute. Seigo’s fight style is hilarious. Shells up and eats punches, then (without looking) throws huge hooks at random. Oddly effective, actually. This is slowest brawl I’ve ever seen. Awkwardweight is ridiculous. And all three judges score the fight for Seigo, whose mouth is a bit bloody, but I think that’s the least I’ve ever seen him bleed.”
Brittany Ann Decker says: “Seigo VS Atushi. I feel like i’m watching this fight in slow motion. Their punches couldnt get any slower, haha. Megatons.”
Seigo Mizuguchi defeats Atsushi Yamada by Unanimous Decision

#6 – 渡辺良知(AACC) Yoshitomo Watanabe versus Yuta Watanabe 悠太(ALLIANCE)
Dean Marchand says: “1st round down and I’ve got it 10-9 Yuta. Both guys gave and took some good shots, but Yuta controlled the ring and the pressure. Yuta reaffirmed his control in the 2nd. Ate some shots again, but was absolutely battering Yoshitomo at certain points.”
Brittany Ann Decker says: “Yuta is fuckin Yoshitomo up with his jab. Yoshitomo’s face is a massacre.”
Yuta Watanabe defeats Yoshitomo Watanabe by Unanimous Decision

Tony Loiseleur says: “We’ve had 5 fights this evening, and in 3 of them, dudes have shot for a TD and fallen out of the ring. I guess some things never change.”

#5 – 鍵山雄介(総合格闘技道場コブラ会) Yusuke Kagiyama versus Masahito Hisataka 久高正仁(和術慧舟會東京道場)
Dean Marchand says: “”Hisataka has a nice left hook and some good body punches, but doesn’t do much to set them up effectively. Hisataka is getting a little too stylish with his head movement and doesn’t keep his hands up. Kagiyama is getting some hard shots in. Round 2 ends and we go to the judges. Kagiyama started to pick up the pace, but I don’t think it was enough. Actually seems to be someone to keep an eye on. Nice footwork and boxing. Should work on setting up his offense and using better blocking.”
Masahito Hisataka defeats Yusuke Kagiyama by Unanimous Decision

#4 – Megaton Match
長谷川賢(キングダム・エルガイツ) Ken Hasegawa versus Hiromichi Kobayashi. 大和(SPIDER)
Brittany Ann Decker says: “Woo! & he delivers ! Hurt Yamato with a knee, dropped him then it looked like Yamato just gave up. Ken Hasegawa via TKO Rnd 1”
Shiro Obi says: “First time confirm Megaton fighter have throw jab effectively.I dunno what that mean though.”
Ken Hasegawa defeats Hiromichi Kobayashi by TKO rd 1, 1:21

#3 – 福本よう一(和術慧舟會/頂柔術) Yoichi Fukumoto versus Luiz Andrade I LUIZ(禅道会)
Dean Marchand: “Luiz takes a split decision win over Yoichi Fukumoto in a fight where not much really happened. Judge Umeki actually scored it a draw.”
Luiz Andrade I defeats Yoichi Fukumoto by Split Decision

Courtesy Yuji Shimada

#2 – 九十九優作(和術慧舟會横浜道場) Yusaku Tsukumo versus Yuki Okano 岡野裕城(マッハ道場)
Yuki Okano defeats Yusaku Tsukumo by Unanimous Decision

Courtesy Hayato Sakurai

#1 – ◆フューチャーファイト
五月女健(R-BLOOD) Ken Saotome versus Joo Suk Kang カン・ジュソク(IMPACT GYM)
Ken Saotome defeats Joo Suk Kang by Unanimous Decision.


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