DEEP 69 Impact: Otsuka remains champ & calls out Ishiwatari for NYE, Nakanishi earns King Kaz title shot

DEEP 69 Bantamweight Champ Takafumi Otsuka
DEEP 69 Bantamweight Champ Takafumi Otsuka

DEEP is 69 Impact took place on October 26, 2014 with a stacked card topped by Takafumi Otsuka’s successful first Bantamweight title defense, and Yoshiyuki Nakanishi’s earned shot at Kaz Nakamura’s belt.


Ultimately, Otsuka’s wrestling proved too strong for his young challenger, Toshinori Tsunemura. It took until deep into the third, but Otsuka finally mounted Tsunemura and ended withe the front choke submission. Otsuka then called out Pancrase Champ Shintaro Ishiwatari for the DEEP Dream Impact New Years Eve card.

Yoshiyuki Nakanishi didn’t let Ryuta Sakurai stand and bang it out, instead he opted for takedown after takedown to pound him into the canvas. Sakurai, as tough as they come, didn’t let his plan finish the fight, but the judges did call Nakanishi the clear-cut winner. He will face King Kazuhiro Nakamura for the Middleweight Championship in what will be King Kaz’s retirement fight on December 21st.


DEEP 69 Middleweight challenger Yoshiyuki Nakanishi
DEEP 69 Middleweight challenger Yoshiyuki Nakanishi


Mizuto Hirota paid back Masakazu Imanari’s early attempt at recreating his pal Aoki’s finish with a left body-right hook combo that floored the leg lock king. Hirota followed up on the pain with vicious head punches on the canvas and the ref stepped in. Hirota took home the MVP award for the finish.

In the three battles of the bigwigs returning to the deep, “Dice K” battled Shinji Sasaki to a Draw K-Taro KOed Yuki Okano, and DJ.taiki eked out a Split Decision over Sage in what was awarded the Fight of the Night (just as we called it – “fight of the century” in our preview).

Satoko Shinashi used Ye-Jin Jung’s face as a stepping stone to call out ROAD FC’s new starlet Song Ga-Yeon for the New Years Eve card. It made Team Korean Zombie’s total for the day 1-2, with Son Jin-Soo getting the surprise KO over Hiroaki Okada.

In the upper echelons of their divisions, Yo Saito increased his value with a Unanimous Decision over Daisuke Endo, while AB dropped more notches with a controversial slim Split loss to Naoto Miyazaki, the former Lightweight title challenger.


DEEP 69 DJ taiki vs Sage Akao
DEEP 69 DJ taiki vs Sage Akao


DEEP 69 Impact
October 26, 2014
TDC Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#16 – Next Middleweight title contender
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi def Ryuta Sakurai by UD

#15 – Featherweight
Mizuto Hirota def Masakazu Imanari by KO, rd 2, 1:38

#14 – Lightweight
Daisuke Nakamura “Dice K” vs Shinji Sasaki DRAW

#13 – Bantamweight Championship
Takafumi Otsuka def Toshinori Tsunemura by Submission, front choke, rd 3, 4:46

#12 – Bantamweight
DJ.taiki Hata def Sage Akao by Split Decision

#11 – Women’s Flyweight
Satoko Shinashi def Jung Ye-Jin by KO rd 1 1:15

#10 – Welterweight
Keita “K-Taro” Nakamura def Yuki Okano by KO rd 2 :26

#9 – DEEP VS PANCRASE Lightweight
Naoto Miyazaki def Hiroyuki “AB” Aoki by Split Decision

#8 – DEEP VS PANCRASE Bantamweight
Yo Saito def Daisuke Endo by UD

#7 – Lightweight
Luiz Andrade vs Kimihiro Eto DRAW

#6 – Bantamweight
Jiro Takahashi def Kamisako Hirohito by UD

#5 – DEEP VS KOREAN ZOMBIE MMA/本宮塾 Bantamweight
Yuki Takano def Kim Sung-Geu by UD

#4 – DEEP VS KOREAN ZOMBIE MMA/本宮塾 Featherweight
Son Jin-Soo def Hiroaki Okada by KO, rd, 1 :51

#3 – Bantamweight
Harunari Shinogawa Cabbage vs Hiroto Sakuma DRAW

#2 – Lightweight
Fujisawa Yusaku def Niisato Yoshihiko by KO, rd 1, 3:46

#1 – Flyweight
Odagiri Isamu def “Hachioji of the Dead by KO, rd 1, 2:18


Photos by Akihito Tatematsu


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