Three new champs crowned at DEEP 86

DEEP lightweight champ Koji Takeda
DEEP lightweight champ Koji Takeda.

DEEP 86 Impact featured three championship battles.

Koji Takeda brutally claimed the lightweight belt, Yuki Motoya showcased beautiful striking in his bantamweight title win, and Satoshi Yamasu delivered the performance of a lifetime to become the new featherweight champ.

In the main event, lightweight champ Satoru Kitaoka took on Kazuyuki Miyata’s undefeated prospect Koji Takeda. While both men are grapplers, the match turned out to be a bloody stand up war.

They stood toe to toe and engaged each other with wild, sloppy kicks and punches. Kitaoka tried to bring the fight to the ground but got kicked in the face for it. So, he became Takeda’s punching bag, his face a mess by the final bell.

It wasn’t pretty, but by keeping the fight where he knew Kitaoka had very little skill and Takeda was able to steal the lightweight title away.

DEEP 86 Kitada vs Takeda
DEEP 86 Satoru Kitada faces Koji Takeda.

Yuki Motoya is an incredible striker, complete in all aspects from combinations, counters, utilizing the jab, closing with kicks, and ultimate guard and head movement. Makoto Kamaya stayed in the game and stood with the flyweight champ, and to his credit he was able to score with combinations. As the rounds wore on, so did Kamaya and Motoya performed beautifully to earn the DEEP bantamweight title.

Satoshi Yamasu gave the performance of his lifetime against featherweight champion Takahiro Ashida. Yamasu intelligently blitzed Ashida at the start of the fight, and landed knees to the head and a soccer kick from which Ashida never fully recovered. In the second round, Yamasu showboated by running backwards in a full circle around Ashida.

It served the purpose and made the champ angry, and he swung wildly. Burning aggression, Ashida tossed Yamasu aside, but once it hit the ground, Yamasu capitalized with superior ground control against the BRAVE Gym wrestler. Ashida rallied in the third, but Yamasu simply out worked him with everything he had, and it earned him the DEEP featherweight strap.

DEEP featherweight champ Satoshi Yamasu
DEEP featherweight champ Satoshi Yamasu.

Seigo Mizuguchi came back after four years of retirement to face Ryo Sakai in a Megaton challenger match. It was very clear that Mr Megaton no longer has anything left to give, and Sakai slowly kicked his was to the decision win.

Yuta Watanabe owned Koji Shikuwa, but he couldn’t finish him. Shikuwa was slow off his punches, had nothing for the takedowns, and Watanabe took every advantage, getting the win by decision.

Makoto Takahashi simply outgrappled Haruki Nakayama en route to a decision win. Nakayama was no pushover, but he was caught in some near back chokes, and even knocked down at one point. Takahashi delivered a nice performance worthy of a Paraestra prospect; he’s only 18.

Taito Kubota was taking control of the cage, landing takedowns, and keeping Yuki Ohara down. But it only takes one punch, and Ohara landed the perfect one – it dropped Kubota out cold in a sitting position – so he punched him once more to put him down.

DEEP bantamweight champ Yuki Motoya
DEEP bantamweight champ Yuki Motoya.

Rambo Kosuke looked as if he was letting Yasutaka Ishigami get the best of him. But in the second round, Rambo found a split second opportunity and took it to get the tap to a guillotine.

Juri Ohara and Yukinori Okamura basically negated each other’s strengths. Ohara’s grappling defense was strong, and Okamura kept Ohara from letting off his striking. And therefore two of the judges gave their performance a draw.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Kazuhide Shirota thoroughly beat each other up for two full rounds. They went at it using very different striking styles from dual southpaw position, and earned swollen eyes for the effort – and a majority draw.

Ryuji Takashio knocked down Koya Kanda with his very fist punch. Kanda tried to shoot, but Takashio followed up with more punches and got a lightning quick TKO.

Shinobu Wakui edged by Makoto Kawawa to a Unanimous Decision with repeated kicks in a rather uneventful two rounds.

DEEP 86 Impact
27 October 2016
Tokyo, Japan

Lightweight Championship
Koji Takeda def Satoru Kitaoka by Unanimous Decision

Bantamweight Championship
Yuki Motoya def Makoto Kamaya by Submission, RNC, R3

Featherweight Championship
Satoshi Yamasu def Takahiro Ashida by Decision

Megaton Challenger bout
Ryo Sakai def Seigo Mizuguchi by Unanimous Decision

Yuta Watanabe def Koji Shikuwa by Unanimous Decision

Koichi Ishizuka def Fuhito Hasegawa by Unanimous Decision

Makoto Takahashi def Haruki Nakayama by Unanimous Decision Decision

Yuki Ohara def Taito Kubota by KO, R2

Kosuke Suzuki def Yasutaka Ishigami by Submission, guillotine R2

Juri Ohara vs Yukinori Okamura Majority Draw

Hiroyuki Kobayashi vs Kazuhide Shirota Majority Draw

Ryuji Takashio def Koya Kanda by TKO, R1

Shinobu Wakui def Makoto Kawawa by Unanimous Decision

Shintaro Agatsuma def Kuma Goroshi Narita by Unanimous Decision

Ibuki Shimada def Kazuya Tanaka by TKO, R1 2:50

Takafumi Machida def Takahiro Kato by Submission, RNC, R1 4:36


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