DEEP Cage Impact 2013 recap and results


DEEP Cage Impact took place at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on June 15th.  Choi DooHoo extends to 9 straight wins, Kikuno, Sakurai also victorious.

A superfight between Choi DooHo and Shoji Maruyama brought the house down – and almost each other with it – as the two traded punches for the better part of two rounds.  Choi was rocked early in both rounds but came back to brawl in fashion.  A scramble on the ground saw Choi reversed and Shoji looking to capitalize standing over him, but an upkick changed the situation.  Choi got up and made quick work of his opponent.  Choi told MFight after the match that he was still recovering from a left shoulder injury and felt it compromised his game plan.

Ryuta Sakurai got the better of Sakuragi Yuji who wanted to stand and trade with him.  Sakurai’s pace was too much and the assault by fists and a flying knee crumpled Yuji in his corner in about one minute.

Kikuno Kazunori also made it a quick night by starting the trend of right hook finishes when he trounced Jutaro Nakao with one, and kept it to a short and cool minute.   DEEP Featherweight Champion Kazunori Yokota easily handled newcomer Kim OonKyeom, submitting him in the first round.  Kim JongWang avenged his loss to Seigo Mizuguchi with an astounding 37 second TKO.

While the rest of the night was full of quick KOs, neither Hirada Yoshiki nor Koichi Ishizuka  claimed the 300,000Yen 30 second KO prize in their match.  Ishizuka took satisfaction in the form of a win over Yoshiki by RNC in the first.

DEEP Cage Impact Tokyo
June 15, 2013
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

チェ・ドゥホ(CMA KOREA) Choi DooHo vs Shoji Maruyama (12-8-1) 昇侍(KIBAマーシャルアーツクラブ)
Choi DooHo defeated Shoji Maruyama by TKO, rd 2, 2:23

桜井隆多(R-BLOOD) Ryuta Sakurai (23-17-6) vs Sakuragi Yuji (14-20-2) 桜木裕司(掣圏会館)
Ryuta Sakurai defeated Sakuragi Yuji by KO, rd 1, 1:04

菊野克紀(ALLIANCE) Kikuno Kazunori (19-5-2) vs Jutaro Nakao (24-17-4) 中尾受太郎(フリー)
Kikuno Kazunori defeated Jutaro Nakao by KO, rd 1, 1:07

横田一則(フリー) Kazunori Yokota (17-5-3) vs Kim OonKyeom キム・ウンギョム(CMA KOREA)
Kazunori Yokota (17-5-3) vs Kim OonKyeom by Submission, rd 1, 1:04

誠悟(TEAM東京CLUTCH) Seigo Mizuguchi (11-14) vs Kim JongWang (12-22) キム・ジョンワン(CMA KOREA)
Kim JongWang defeated Seigo Mizuguchi by TKO, rd 1, :37

井上俊介(シュクラン) Shunsuke Inoue (12-7-2)  vs Atsushi Yamada (1-2) 篤志 (BLUE DOG GYM)
Shunsuke Inoue defeated Atsushi Yamada by TKO, rd 2, :16

渡辺良知(AACC) Yoshimito Watanabe (12-14-3) vs Yuki Okano (5-5) 岡野裕城(マッハ道場)
Yuki Okano defeated Yoshimito Watanabe by TKO, rd 2, :26

(株)グランドエステート懸賞金(30万円)マッチ DEEP’s sponsor “グランドエステート” will pay 300,000Yen Prize money for a 30 second KO
原田ヨシキ(マッハ道場) Hirada Yoshiki (6-3-1) vs Koichi Ishizuka (7-1) 石司晃一 (Brigthness門馬道場)
Koichi Ishizuka defeated Hirada Yoshiki by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 3:54

川中孝浩(BRAVE) Takahiro Kawanaka (5-2) vs Nakakura Sanshiro (1-0) 中倉三四郎(Fighting Ties)
Nakakura Sanshiro defeated Takahiro Kawanaka by Sumbission, RNC, rd 1, 3:32

ROY ROY (GDO) (0-0) vs Shinekawa Hirushige (7-4)  篠川キャベツ(クラブバーバリアン)
Shinekawa Hirushige defeated Roy Roy by decision

ビッグボディ(ボンサイキン肉星) Hideki Sekine “Big Body” (1-0) vs Ryo Sakai (0-1) 酒井リョウ(パラエストラ松戸)
Hideki Sekine defeated Ryo Sakai by decision

石橋幸太(DOBUITA) Kota Ishibashi (2-6) vs Suzuki Hayato (2-0-1) 鈴木隼人(BRAVE)
Suzuki Hayato defeated Kota Ishibashi by Submission, rd 2, :44

藤澤優作(禅道会) Yusaku Fujisawa (6-4-1) vs Tatsuya Tomozane (2-3) 友貫たつや(IMPACT GYM)
Yusaku Fujisawa defeated Tatsuya Tomozane by split decision