DEEP Cage Impact 2015 results and updates



DEEP CAGE Impact 2015
DEEP CAGE Impact 2015

DEEP CAGE Impact 2015 takes place on July 20, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. Headlining the event are two title fights.

Lightweight Champ Satoru Kitaoka will take on Yuki Okano, and Welterweight Champ Yuta Watanabe will take on K-Taro Namamura.

This will also be Kosuke Umeda’s retirement match against Michihro Omigawa,

July 20, 2015
Ota Ward Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

#14 DEEP Lightweight Title Bout 5 min / 3R
Satoru Kitaoka (Japan / Lotus Setagaya) vs Yuuki Okano (Japan / Mach Dojo)

Kitaoka shoots immediately. Hangs on for the single on a much taller Okano. Finally he gets it. Inside guard he pressures Okano and eventually clibs over to half guard. Then Kitaoka starts punching. Finally Okano stands but Kitaoka keeps back on the shoot.

Rd 2. Kitaoka shoot, Okano defend. Kitaoka jumps for a standing guillotine. Okano drops. And he is out!

Satoru Kitaoka def Yuki Okano by Sub, guillotine, rd 1

#13 DEEP Welterweight Title Bout 5 min / 3R
Yuta (Japan / ALLIANCE) vs K-taro Nakamura (Japan / K-taro Dojo)

Yuta stares down Ktaro. Ktaro lets his beautiful combos go. Upercuts and high kicks! Yuta is already cut. Yuta sneaks in a jab but Ktaro just keeps coming and gets the knock down! Yuta turtles and Ktaro slips around back and yanks the RNC for a very fast tap!

K-Taro Nakamura def Yuta Watanabe by Sub, RNC, rd 1

#12 Middleweight Bout
Tatsuya Mizuno (Japan / Freelance) vs RYO (Japan / Run’s End – ZERO-ONE MAX)

Ryo landing kicks but rushed in and gets clipped. Clinch. Mizuno has an eye cut the doc checks. Not sure how it happened but this is a long time stop. Accidental headbutt was the cause. Under Deep rules, it goes to the judges.


#11 Lightweight Bout
Yasuaki Kishimoto (Japan / MMA Dojo Cobra-kai) vs Naoto Miyazaki (Japan / Tsudanuma Dojo)

Yasuaki deadly with the kicks. Then dives into Naoto’s guard and he tries on a triangle. Stand and trip by Naoto and he’s on top, he stands and eats two up kicks. Yasuaki grabs for a leg lock, it’s a ground scramble. Yasuaki gets the back, they stand then break. Yasuaki assaults and lands a body kick at the bell.

Naoto with the big hip throw, Yasuaki up and returns a right. Yasuaki with the throw down and back control, Naota stands out. Yasuaki tries for a knee, they both go down. Scramble and stand, Yasuaki with a spinning backlist on the break. Yasuaki lands a one-two. Naoto swings for the fences, then in the clinch lands a knee. These two just keep running into each other like rams!

Round 3. More clash and clinch and scramble on the ground. Naoto gets the back standing and throws around a knee to the head. Naoto with a sloppy dogged double leg that Yasuaki walks out of and punches him in the face for. Yasuaki with huge shots against the cage! Naoto drops for the TD, Yasuaki remains on top and gets around to the back, goes for the choke, can’t get it, knee to the face! They stand agin, looking completely wasted, and go for the clinch again. Naoto reverses a back take, Yasuaki tries a soccer kick. Heas kick by Naoto, head punch by Yasuaki!

Yasuaki Kishimoto def Naoto Miyazaki by UD

#10 Kosuke Umeda Retirement Match – DEEP Featherweight Bout
Michiro Omigawa (NEO JUDO ACADEMY) vs Kosuke Umeda (R-BLOOD)

A very long video shown for his last match. A couple of feints thrown by both and Omigawa tags Umeda’s chin, dropping him. Omigawa follows him down and gets the guillotine from the top.

Michiro Omigawa def Kosuke Umeda by Submission, guillotine, rd 1

#9 Bantamweight Bout
Makoto Kamaya (Japan / Honey Trap) vs Koichi Ishizuka (Japan / Brightness)

Makoto opens up with his hard kicks. Koichi clinches, ref breaks. Makoto lands hard punches and a head kick. Koichi returns with a huge hook that just misses. Koichi spins Makoto’s head around with a right hook and it’s all over!

Koichi Ishizuka def Makoto Kamaya by KO, rd 1

#8 Bantamweight Bout
Sota Kojima (Japan / Yoshida Dojo) vs Haruo Ochi (Japan / Paraestra Ehime)

Sota’s landing some kicks, Ochi’s combos look crisp. Ochi starts getting his kicks out. Ochi gets the trip down inside guard. Sota powers out and starts blasting back. Ochi with some hard legs kicks. Sota gets in a kick and punch but it’s mostly Ochi on the offense.

Hard back and forth striking through the first half of the second round until Ochi takes a low blow. Sota starts opening up a lead with his fists and nails the takedown. Soon Ochi powers out and up but Sota keeps up the assault. Ochi tries to shoot buy Sota underhooks him. Sota’s reach is really shining in his striking. Ochi tries to go for the trip but it’s Sota with the hip throw.

That was a big round for Sota. Round three sees him continue the aggression, but Ochi comes back with some hard combos! Sato shoots. ichi returns some hatred shots down the pipe! Sota returns fire and ends it with a big double leg, then passes to side control! But Ochi powers around and stands. Sota strikes his head and literally drops to the ground to grab Ochi’s ankles for the takedown, what a level change! Sota grabs the back, Ochi ted up his hands. Sota gets his hooks in and Ochi tries to turn in at the bell.

Sota Kojima def Haruo Ochi by Split Decision

#7 Flyweight Bout
Sage Akao vs Haruki Nakayama (Japan / GRABAKA)

Both take the center and bounce. Nakayama ames a kick and trips down Sage, immediately takes the back. Sage scrambles out back to standing. Back to the center and they trade, this time Sgae rushes in with punches and gets the takedown. Nakayama pops up. Sage shoots during a flying knee, gets Nakayama’s back to the bell.

Round 2. They let hands fly, Sage shoots and gets it down, slowly working his position to the top. Nakayama turns out and Sage gets his back. Nakayama bursts out to top control but Sage stands! Sage shoots immediately and puts Nakayama against the cage. What a fast and grinding war between these two flyweights. Sage gets the back again! Gets the body lock. Nakayama defends the choke to the bell.

Sage Akao def Haruki Nakayama by UD

#6 Bantamweight Bout
Tomohiko Hori (Japan / Freelance) vs ROY (Japan / AK)

Hori lands a kick then shoots. Roy triangles an arm from the bottom. Hori tries to climb over but Roy has it tight. Scramble and Roy recovers guard, pushes Hori off and stands. Hori lands hard punches and shoots again and again with the same. Roy eventually gets an opening for shots and a takedown at the bell.

Roy gets out his fancy bag of kicks and trips! Hori returns with damaging low kicks. Hori catches a kick, gets it against the cage. Nice combo by Roy lands. Hori gets the drag down and flips Roy to take his back. Hori gets the RNC and Roy holds on to the bell!

ROY def Tomohiko Hori by Split Decision

#5 Lightweight Bout
Yuki Ito (Japan / ALLIANCE – TEAM Yude Tamago) vs Yusaku Fujisawa (Japan / Zendo-kai)

Ito Doggedly goes for the takedown, finally Yusaku reverses him. Ito works for a heel hook, Yusaku climbs over. Yusaku gets mount and starts punching! He looks for the choke but ends up punching to the bell.

Yusaku opens with kicks to keep the distance, but then shoots. Ito tries to reverse it against the cage. Yusaku gets a second chance and nails the drag down to end in mount. He ounds on Ito and Ito turtles. Finally the ref waives it off.

Yusaku Fujisawa def Yuki Ito by TKO, rd 2

#4 Bantamweight
Hiroyuki Kobayashi vs. Toshinori Tsunemura

Back and forth striking until Toshi lands a nice body kick that stumbles Hiro down. Hiro manages to defend the full shoot and manages to get to his feet at the bell.

Round 2 and Hiro somehow gets the back at the bell and secures a RNC for the tap.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi def Toshinori Tsunemura by Submission, RNC, Rd 2

#3 Masato Kobayashi vs. Naoto Ayuta

Kobayashi comes out wanting to clinch but changes his mind when he eats multiple knees by Ayuta. Kobayashi works his way inside with punches several times but can’t seal the takedown deal against the cage. Nice clash at the bell with Kobayashi’s fists and Ayuta’s knees.

Second round and both men use the same tactics. Kobayashi able to punch through the distance, Ayuta able to defend the takedowns. Ayuta with a spinning back kick. Finally Kobayashi lands the shoot but Auta is quickly up.

Majority DRAW

#2 Bantamweight Bout
Hiroto Sakuma (Japan /Paraestra Hachiouji) vs Michihito Abe (Japan / Kan Juku)

The fight quickly goes down with Hirotio in guard, Abe locks on a triangle. Hiroto tries to punch his way out, but ends up having to tap.

Michihito Abe def Hiroto Sakuma by Submission, triangle, rd 1

#1 Flyweight
Iyori Akiba vs. Dong Soo Seo

Cautious start, each lands on each other, Seo with a counter right, and Akiba with a looping left. Akiba gets the takedown, Seo ties him up for a while with his long limbs. Finally Akiba gets free and assaults Seo with punishing elbows. Akiba beats on Seo to the bell.

Akiba goes for the clinch and lands knees, then throws Seo back down. Seo grabs for protection, Akira breaks out in moments and pounds on him, short punches and elbows landing. Akiba stands and punches, the ref waives it off.

Iyori Akiba def Dong Soo Seo by TKO, rd 2

Opening Fights

#2 Bantamweight
Ryo Takagi vs. Keisuke Nakayama

Ryo is a beast and earns several knockdowns through the first round. Kei continues to recover, but it’s a narrow escape to the bell. In the second, they start throwing everything at each other. In the latter half, Kei slowed, dropped his hands and just bobbed the shots. He went in for a sloppy shoot in the final seconds.

Ryo Takagi def Keisuke Nakayama by Split Decision

#1 Featherweight
Yuki Takahashi vs. Kazuki Iwamoto

Kazuki’s game is to wrestle. Yuki finally gets a standing guillotine, jumps guard. Down goes Kazuki. He pops free but Yuki slaps on a quick triange and gets the tap.

Yuki Takahashi def Kazuki Iwamoto by Submission, triangle, rd 1