DEEP Cage Impact updates and live results



DEEP Cage Impact 2013 in TDC Hall
November 24, 2013
Tokyo, Japan

3:00pm JST Live on Ustream, 1,500yen

#13 – Featherweight Next Challenger match
Tatsunao Nagakura (8-4) 長倉立尚(吉田道場)
Tsuda Katsunori (7-2) 津田勝憲(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

Tsuda bounces up with a fast clash and KO.

Tsuda Katsunori wins dy KO rd 1

#12 – Middleweight
Kazuhiro Nakamura (19-11) 中村和裕(チームカズ)
Yuji Sakuragi (14-21-2) 桜木裕司(掣圏会館)

Kaz forearms yuji against the cage. He ducks and throws huge overhands and they land. Kaz picks his shots and Yuji tries to counter. Kaz definitely with the ones that count.

Round 2. Kaz with a single leg throw. You read that right. Kaz poceeds to drop elbows from half guard. Yuji gets up only to have Kaz slam him again. And go back to dropping elbows in half again.

Round three and they are going for broke. Kaz with another single leg. He slips back and Yuji pops out only to try a spinning back kick and drop again. Kaz assaults him and gets an arm triangle for the tap.

Kazuhiro Nakamura wins by submission arm triangle choke in rd 3

Takafumi Otsuka (15-12-1) 大塚隆史(AACC)
Toshiaki Kitada (15-6-4) 北田俊亮(パラエストラ千葉)

Back and forth stand up and then Kitada shoots over and over. Otsuka defends well and the round is against the cage.

Round two. They trade punches in order to get inside and wrestle. It is will against will. Otsuka lands a td but they pop back up. Otsuka starting with kicks. He tries a knee in clinch but gets taken down for it. Kitada ends the round in half guard.

Round three. Otsuka strikes Kitada shoots. Otsuka scores with another trip. Then Kitada pops up and takes his back! Again Otsuka reverses it standing against the cage. Kitada shoots and Otsuka defends. Now its alternating takedowns! Ending qith a 20 second slugfest.

Otsuka Takafumi wins by UD

#10- Featherweight
Kazunori Yokota (18-5-3) 横田一則(フリー横田一則(フリー)
Song DooRi

Song takes the dight on 48 houes notice. Yokota is hesitant in the firat minute. He dives in with a combo and eats a hook on the way out. He thows Song down. Song scrambles to recover guard. Yokota stands and Song upkicks! He dives back in and Song looks for an inverted t
iangle! Yokota gets up and kicks him in the face but Song stands up and attacks him!

Round 2. Yokota fakes and shoots for a hip theow but misses and Song gets his back! Yokota turns into guard. Yokota gets up and jumps over to land in side then starts delivering knees to Songs head. Song recovers half guard but can only hold as Yokota pounds on him. Yokota transitions to mount and pounds on Song until the ref finally stops it.

Kazunori Yokota by TKO rd 2

Yoshiyuki Yoshida (15-6) 吉田善行(Team Curran)
Park WonSik (10-4-1) パーキー(CMA KOREA/TEAM MAD)

Parky starts the fight with a head kick. Yoshida goes for his bread and butter and slams Parky down. Parky is forced to fight off repeated back chokes. Parky finally sits out and Yoshida is in his half guard. Parky reverses to the top and pops his head out! They stand! Yoshida lands one square on Parkys jaw near the bell.

Round 2. Yoshida on the attack and he gets an outside trip. He locks on a body triangle and goes for rnc. Parky defends. Yoshida transitions to mount. He gets an arm triangle. Parky defends. Yoshida resorts to gnp. Parky hangs on and flips over. Feom thw back Yoshida pounds on him more thwn slaps on the rnc for a final tap.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida by TKO round 2

Nakamura Hiroshi (15-6-4) 中村”アイアン”浩士(カルペディエムブラジリアン柔術
Yusaku Nakamura (6-4-1) 中村優作(総合格闘技スタジオSTYLE)

Very tentative start. No punchws thrown for about a minute as iron dances around watching Yusakus feet. From the very few strikes being thrpwn Iron is doing the visible damage. Yusakus hands are dropped. Slow round but almost all of irons shots landed.

Round two and another slow start lands oth of them yellow cards. Finally Iron catches for a single leg. In guard he lands shots and pressures.

Round three. Yusaku shoots Iron reverses. Standing. And Yusaku KOs Iron with a knee!!!

Yusaku Nakamura wins by KO rd 3.

Gono Akihiro (32-19-7) 郷野 聡寛(フリー)
Yuki Okano (7-5) 岡野裕城(マッハ道場)

Pawing jabs from Yuki. Gono edges around and feignts. Gono pops inside with a few combos. Yuki gets in with a clinch and some knees inside.

Yuki takes the center again and presses morw. Gono smacks him for it. Yuki with a nice combo that sends Gono back into the cage. yuki catches a kick and tries for a single. On the break he lands on Gono. Yuki stalking and Gono still feignting and using some kicks. But not enough. Yuki has clearly donw damage on Gonos face.

Round 3. Gono getting out his kicks. Yuki still seems fresh and stalking and looking to land precisely. Gonos right eyes is swelling. Just at the wnd of the round a right almost floors Gono!

Minority Draw.

Shunsuke Inoue (13-7-2) 井上俊介(シュクラン)LHW
Kim NaeCheol (2-2) キム・ネイチョル(TEAM POSSE/ROAD FC)

More big men trading leather and quite fast. Inoue is using spinning back fists and Kim with kicks. Inoue qith a beautiful head throw. Seriously. Another throw and he gets to mount briefly but Kim works out back to standing. Kim lands lots of nice shots in the final 30 seconds.

Kim comes out banging but inoue has a head of stone. Kim doesnt take advantage of the holds hes offered in the clinch. Inoue outside leg trip and Kim goes down flat, inoue right into side control. Kim finally gets free and stands and goes on the offence. It seems like hes landed more clear steikes but inoue is unphaxed.

Shunsuke Inoue wins by Majority Decision.

Hideki Kadowaki (14-14-3) 門脇英基(和術慧舟會東京道場)
Kleber Koike Erbst (12-3-1) クレベル・コイケ・エルベスト(ボンサイ柔術)

Hideki shoots and Kleber jumps guard. Kleber tries for rubber guard. Kadowaki throws him over and a scramble sees him back in guard. This starts a back and forth grapplefest with trips. Aand Kleber gets a back take and a TIGHT rnc.

Kleber Koike wins by submission rnc rd 1

Yukinari Tamura (14-9-6) 田村ヒビキ(パラエストラ大阪)
Juri Ohara (12-6-1) 大原樹里(KIBAマーシャルアーツクラブ)

Two rangy guys here. Juri statts out with active striking. Tamura shoots then trips. He has half guard but gwts reversed and standing again. Clinching against the cage with Tamura looking to drag it down. Tamura spinning back fist. Juri head kick and looks for a throw to the bell.

Juri tries for a standing guillotine. Separate and Juri finds his pace. Flying knee and he starts nailing Tamura with nasty elbows. Juri defends a shoot. Twice. Tamura is insitently hanging on for something. Finally he gets his throw and slaps on an armbad. Juri stacks it then slams him to spin out.

Juri Ohara and Yukinari Tamura go to Majority Draw

Seigo Mizuguchi (11-15) 誠悟(TEAM東京CLUTCH)
Kim JongWang (13-22) キム・ジョンワン(CMA KOREA)

Leather is flying from Kim. Seigo lands a forearm and kim goes down where Seigo jumps on him. Numerous and I mean NUMEROUS shots to the back of the head with others to the side. Some land on Kims neck. He has a single leg he cpuld go for but cant and the ref finally stops it. Kims stands and completely disagrees.

Seigo Mizuguchi by TKO rd 1

Shizuka Sugiyama (10-3) 杉山しずか(禅道会
KIM JiYun (0-0) キム・ジヨン(TEAM POSSE/ROAD FC

A nice over throw by Sugiyama gets it down. Kim weathers a back take, elbows and knees to bet back to standing. Clinching and infighting against the cage. Time stop for Sugiyama to fix her hair. Again they clinch and Kim throws knees inside. Bell.

Sugi shoots Kim stuffs it. More clinch and knees. Sugi fakes for a single and comes back on top striking. Sugi trips but Kim ends on top. Standing and she has a guillotine but lets go for for a reverse underarm and throws knees to undefending Sugi. And the ref breaks it just as she is trying for a throw? More clinch. Kim with underhooks and more knees to end the round.

Shizuki Sugiyyama and Kim Jiyun to Majority DrW.

Masato Kobayashi (6-4-1) 小林聖人(総合格闘技津田沼道場)
Hiroyuki Kobayashi (5-4-2) 小林博幸(T-BLOOD)

Masato wants to box and Hiroyuki oblidges by taking the center and landing. Hiro shots and brings it down. Time stop for a cut Hiro opwned up above Masatos left eye. Restart in guard and Hiro immediately goes for the cut. Masato stands out and they start to bang again. Hiroyuki shoots. Misses. Back to banginging it out to the bell.

Now Masto takes the center of the slugfest and kicks come out. It is war with Hiro seeming to land with more damage and he kicks out Masatos legs. Hiro shoots Masato powers out. Masato lands body shots and eggs on Hiro. They literally let the leather fly for the final 30 seconds!!!!

Hiroyuki Kobayashi wins by UD

Hirotaka Miyakawa (6-11-2) 宮川博孝(ALLIANCE/TEAMゆでたまご)
Kwak JungHyeon (1-1) グァク・ジョンヒョン(TEAM FORCE /ROAD FC)

Daisuke Endo (10-5-2) 遠藤大翼(和術慧舟會駿河道場)
Kintaro Kintaro (6-4-1) 金太郎(パンクラス大阪稲垣組)

Endo lands a couple square on Kintaros jaw and he returns with a few. Clinch briefly and they separate while blasting. Briefly on the canvas and back up and they rock each other hard witb Endo initiating. Endo gets a trip and lands in half guard. Up briefly and Endo takes the back and drangs Kintaro down to sub h with a rnc.

Daisuke Endo by submission in rd 1

Opening fights

Kota Ishibashi (3-1) 石橋幸太(総合格闘技DOBUITA)
Yuma Horiuchi (1-0) 堀内佑馬(TANG TANG FIGHT CLUB)

Horiguchi with a kick to the face as Kota shoots. Kota takes the back and goes for a rnc that he gets a tap to.

Kota Ishibashi wins by submission in rd 1.

Yusaku Fujisawa (8-4-1) 藤澤優作(禅道会)
Takuya Oyama (0-1) 大山剱呑助(INFIGHT JAPAN)

Oyama taking the center of the cage and pressing the action. Fujisawa hesitant of his hands. Oyama knocks him down! Fujisawa scrambles for guard and is able to reverse. Oyama reverses it and wprks in guard, opening up a cut above Fujisawas eye. Doctor check. Lots of blood. Restart in guard and Fuji tries for triangle. Stood up and Oyama presses the action again but Fuji gets a trip and ends in mount. Oyama scrambles out of the positions to the bell.

Oyama takes center again and knocks Fuji down but he kinda fell for it ala Imanari style. Nice upkicks to Oyama in his guard. Standing and wrestling against the stage and Fuji with a nice double leg. Now Oyama tries for a triangle anf flips a leg over to get an armbar tap.

Takuya Oyama wins by submission in rd 2