DEEP JEWELS 11 Results: “ANGER” Tomimatsu subed Ishioka!


Place:Shinjuku FACE
Start 11:30 / End 13:40

8-1 OK

DEEP JEWELS 11 took place on 6th March 2016 at FULL HOUSE of Shinjuku FACE.

Shoot-Boxer RENA won by flying Arm-Bar on the 1st match in last RIZIN-NYE. Due to her beautiful winning, Women’s MMA becomes to have a high-attention in Japan and many media (number doubled?) gathered to the arena.

Woman writer Inamura-san from VICE Japan (Digital Media: has trained MMA for 7 months with KID Yamamoto-san,Megumi Fujii-san,Tomomi Takano-san, Abe-Ani-san and the other fighters. And she made her debut fight on the 1st match…Finally.

The following 5 videos are her story on YouTube.(The other tall and slim woman will challenge kickboxing or shootboxing soon.)
(Sorry Nihongo. Japanese language version only.)

Invicta fighter MIZUKI won with brutal and very heavy punches and elbows to the grounded opponent.
Very impressive fight.

With 1 and half year absence former leading fighter of JEWELS Ishioka came back and she provoked Tomimatsu and current JEWELS fighters and said she is waiting an offer from RIZIN to fight on next RIZIN-NYE in the video. Tomimatsu was frustrated after watching the video and got angry with it.

“ANGER” Tomimatsu threw many solid punches and finaly subed Ishioka with choke.

Good Match.


Main Event (5min x 3R,Elbow Attack allowed)
Emi Tomimatsu(PARAESTRA Matsudo) VS Saori Ishioka(Zendo-Kai)
Tomimatsu won by Choke Sleeper at 2R 4’49”.

7-1 OK

7-2 OK

7-3 OK

7-4 OK

7-5 OK

7-6 OK

7-7 OK

7-8 OK

7-9 OK

7-10 OK

7-11 OK

7-12 OK

7-13 OK

 7-14 OK

7-15 OK

7-16 OK

7-17 OK


6th Fight (5min x 3R,Elbow Attack allowed)
Mizuki(KARATE-Do Hakushin-Kai) VS Nori DATE(Team DATE)
Mizuki won by Arm-Bar at 1R 3’12”.
* Nori DATE started with 2 Yellow-Cards due to over-weighted (+950g).

6-1 OK

6-2 OK

6-3 OK

6-4 OK

6-5 OK

6-6 OK

6-7 OK

6-8 OK

6-9 OK

6-10 OK

6-11 OK

6-12 OK 


5th Fight (5min x 2R)
Mina Kurobe(Master Japan) VS Hana DATE(Team DATE)
Kurobe won by 3-0/Decision.

5-1 OK

 5-2 OK

5-3 OK

5-4 OK

5-5 OK

5-6 OK

5-7 OK

5-8 OK

5-9 OK



4th Fight (Kickboxing Rule:3min x 3R)
SARAMI(Club Barbarian) VS Mei Umeo(Team Barbosa Japan)
Umeo won by 2-1/Decision.

 4-1 OK

4-2 OK

4-3 OK

4-4 OK

4-5 OK

4-6 OK

4-7 OK

4-8 OK

4-9 OK



3rd Fight (5min x 2R)
KAI(Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA) VS Mari DATE(Team DATE)
KAI won by 3-0/Decision.

 3-1 OK

3-2 OK

3-3 OK

3-4 OK

3-5 OK

3-6 OK


2nd Fight (Grappling Rule:4min x 2R)
Natsumi Mukai(Master Japan) VS Tomo Maesawa(Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA)
Mukai won by Arm-Lock at 1R 3’30”.

2-1 OK

2-2 OK

2-3 OK

2-4 OK

2-5 OK

2-6 OK

2-7 OK 


1st Fight (Amateur Rule-No punch to the opponent on the ground:3min x 2R)
Kana Inamura(AACC/VICE JAPAN) VS Natsumi Sugie(Free)
Inamura won by Arm-Bar ar 2R 2’40”.

1-1 OK

1-2 OK

1-3 OK

1-4 OK

1-5 OK

1-6 OK

1-7 OK

1-8 OK

1-9 OK

1-10 OK

1-11 OK