DEEP JEWELS 12 Results: “Atom-Weight Championship…Rock’n Roll VS Heavy Metal”


Place:Shinjuku FACE
Start 11:45 / End 14:15

DEEP JEWELS 12 took place on 5th Jun 2016 at FULL HOUSE of Shinjuku FACE.

0-2 OK

0-3 OK


As V.V.Mei‘s returning her champion belt,(She fought on last ONE Championship.)
Sugi-Rock VS Emi Tomimatsu was held as title match. Sugi-Rock loves Rock’n Roll
and Emi(Emi-Metal!) loves Heavy Metal. So this fight was called “Rock’n Roll VS Heavy Metal” 🙂

Coming Back  Ishioka had fight with Hana DATE and won with Arm-Bar.
After winning Ishioka appealed to have a fight…”REMATCH” with the RIZIN’s star RENA.

Amiba returned to the fight/competition from her injury with 10kg cutting her weight
and had fight with Nori DATE. But Amiba lost with 3-0 decision. Nori DATE will fight at ROAD FC032 in China. Wow!


“DEEP JEWELS World” links INVICTA,RIZIN,ONE and ROAD FC the world Women’s MMA Scene.
Obviously! Very precious and important place.


Main Event (5min x 3R)
Sugi-Rock(Wajutsu-Keishukai AKAZA) VS Emi Tomimatsu(PARAESTRA Matsudo)
Sugi-Rock won by 3-0/Decision and won the belt.

8-1 OK

8-2 OK

8-3 OK

8-4 OK

8-5 OK

8-6 OK

8-7 OK

8-8 OK

8-9 OK

8-10 OK

8-11 OK

8-12 OK

Semi Final (5min x 3R :Elbow Attack allowed)
Saori Ishioka(Zendo-Kai) VS Hana DATE (Team DATE)
Ishioka won by arm-bar at 1R 4’39″.

7-1 OK

7-2 OK

7-3 OK

7-4 OK

7-5 OK

7-6 OK

7-7 OK

7-8 OK

7-9 OK

7-10 OK

7-11 OK

6th Fight (5min x 2R)
Amiba(AACC) VS Nori DATE(Team DATE)
Nori DATE won by 3-0/Decision.

6-1 OK

6-2 OK

6-3 OK

6-4 OK

6-5 OK

6-6 OK

6-7 OK

6-8 OK

6-9 OK

5th Fight (4min x 2R :GRappling Rule)
Mika Nagano(CORE Ouji-Toshima) VS Natsumi Mukai(Master Japan)
Mukai won by 2-1/Split Decision.

5-1 OK

5-3 OK

5-2 OK

5-4 OK

5-5 OK

4th Fight (5min x 2R)
Mina Kurobe(Master Japan) VS Renju DATE(Team DATE)
Kurobe won by TKO at 1R 1’29”.

4-1 OK

4-2 OK

4-3 OK

4-4 OK

4-5 OK

3rd Fight (5min x 2R)
Tomo Maesawa(Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA) VS Karei DATE(Team DATE)
Maesawa won by TKO at 1R 2’3″.

3-1 OK

3-2 OK

3-3 OK

3-4 OK

3-5 OK

3-6 OK

2nd Fight (5min x 2R)
Yuko Kiryu(BRAVE) VS Mari DATE(Team DATE)
Kiryu won by 3-0/Decision.

2-1 OK

2-2 OK

2-3 OK

2-4 OK

2-5 OK

1st Fight (3min x 2R)
Ayumi Misaka(BRAVE) VS Karen DATE(Team DATE)
Karen DATE won by TKO at 2R 2’56”.

1-1 OK

1-2 OK

1-3 OK

1-4 OK

1-5 OK

1-6 OK

1-7 OK

1-8 OK



DEEP will have the Straw-weight 4 fighters tournament on 25th June and
the first round fights was fixed with drawing by fighters before this event. The followings are 2 fights.

0-1 OK

Haruo Ochi(PARAESTRA Ehime) VS Kan Sato(Grappling ShootBoxers)
Hiroyuki Abe(Dragon Tail GYM) VS Sota Kojima(Yoshida Dojo)