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DEEP rolls out women’s series JEWELS again with a Middleweight Championship bout between Shizuka Sugiyama and Takayo Hashi. DEEP JEWELS 4 takes place on May 18, 2014 and will be live streamed from Tokyo, Japan.

May 18, 2014
Shinjuku FACE
Tokyo, Japan

Live streaming on UStream here

DEEP JEWELS Middleweight Championship (under 61.2kg)
Shizuka Sugiyama (11-3-1) 杉山しずか(禅道会)
Takayo Hashi (14-4-1) 端貴代(和術慧舟會AKZA)

Back and forth striking combinations from both contenders. Sugiyama pushes it to the ropes, Hashi tries for a hip throw. Sugiyama high kick. Hashi looks sharp when she catches a heel and rapidly latches on to the back. Sugiyama recovers composure and feeds some punches, then Hashi assaults, and into the clinch they go, both looking for undercooks and throwing knees. Back to striking and they are both landing hard shots, Sugiyama mixing it up more with kicks, but Hashi has swift counters. Hashi gets the trip and looks to pass, getting mount and bashing Sugiyama who turtles, then she reverses! Then Hashi slaps on a triangle at the bell!

Round 2 and they go toe to toe, Sugiyama adding in a few kicks, Hashi pouring it on with combos of body and head shots. This is why these ladies deserve to fight for the title! Hashi with another trip and in half guard she punches. Sugiyama stands out of it, nice walk up using the ropes. Hashi is a monster in the clinch and she’s putting tons of pressure on. Sugiyama responds with a knee. Sugiyama’s now leaving out the punches in favor of kicks, Hashi throws bombs down the middle, clinches and lands a huge knee.

Round 3. Hashi straight to her bread and butter clinch and body lock. Sugiyama is almost suffocated. Hashi with beautiful shots inside. They separate and Hashi throws bombs, but Sugiyama turns it on, and shoots! She takes the back and gets her own trip, but Hashi lands on top in side control! What a horrible mistake. Hashi moves to north south, back to side, and repeat, hunting for an arm, maintaining massive pressure. Sugiyama tries to bridge out but Hashi just smothers her. Hashi uses punches intermittently, and gets mount! Hashi with GnP until Sugiyama turtles and the ref stops it almost at the final bell!

Takayo Hashi defeats Shizuka Sugiyama by TKO, rd 3

#8 – Featherweight
Saori ‘Shooting Star’ Ishioka (12-7) 石岡沙織(禅道会) dropped to (48kg以下)
Satomi Takano (3-3) SARAMI(クラブバーバリアン)

Takano comes out swinging for the fences and grabs a sweet throw. Ishioka slaps on an arm bar defense, Takano picks her up over her head and slams her! Ishioka keeps the arm! Takano gets free, twists to get a heel hook! Ishioka stands and counters, punching to the face. Takano still tries to lock up that foot, spins. Ishioka keeps top and defends, finally Takano releases. Ishioka keeps an active 50/50. A surge from Takano flattens, then Ishioka reverses. Takao releases her half guard and Ishioka mounts, pounds, and grabs for a kimura, She keeps it from a bizarre mount and gets the tap!

Saori Ishioka defeats Satomi Takano by Submission, armbar, rd 1

#7 – Kick rules
Ham Seo-Hee ハム・ソヒ(CMA KOREA)
Yuuki Kira キラッ☆yuuki(魁塾

Kira keeps walking forward with 1-2-1-2 and Ham eats them, then returns fire with nice and accurate combos. Round 2 and Ham starts showing her experience and intelligence. Round three and Ham’s heavy hands do work.

Ham Seo-Hee defeats Yuuki Kira by UD

#6 – Mei Yamaguchi (11-7-1) V.V Mei(Riki Gym/武徳会
Yukiko Seki (12-23) 関友紀子(FIGHT CHIX)

VV throws a few punches, trips and is forced to back pedal. But she rushed back and gets Seki’s back standing. Momentarily down, up again. VV pushes it to the corner and picks her shots, throws knees. Seki briefly reverses. Seki looks to clinch, VV drops for the single. VV keeps the pressure, looking for a throw or trip, complete control from the back standing. She slaps on a choke and decides to jump up for hooks in. Seki drops, and taps out.

Mei Yamaguchi defeats Yukiko Seki by Submission, RNC, rd 1

#5 – 51kg
Tomo Maesawa (2-3) 前澤智(パラエストラ八戸)
Brittany Decker (0-0) ブリタニー・デッカー(和術慧舟會HEARTS)

Decker looks to strike, Maesawa’s repeated plan is to shoot. Decker sprawls but gets muscled into the corner. Ref breaks them. Maesawa with a beautiful hip throw. Decker recovers half guard and sits out, nice reversal to try for a single. Maesawa momentarily looks for a kimura. Decker pulls some kicks out of her bag, but Maesawa wants the clinch. Maesawa goes for a throw and Decker takes her back, looking for a choke at the bell.

Toe to toe they open the round. Decker eats the exchanges. Maesawa shoots and Decker ends up outside the ring on the skirt, restart. Decker jabs and swings wide, Maesawa simply walks in to the clinch and takedown. Decker grabs guard, Maesawa works the body and head with pounding. Decker climbs her guard up for a triangle but it’s restarted standing. Decker throws combos but they don’t land, tries kicks, Maesawa catches one. Decker defends. Maesawa pulls her down, Decker ends up on top, Maesawa turtles and Decker goes to town with punches to the head. 30 seconds to go and Maesaw reverses to land several punches to the face of her own.

Tomo Maesawa defeats Brittany Decker by UD

#4 – Lightweight
Ayaka Miura (0-0) 三浦彩佳(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)
Ella Wu (0-0) エラ・ウー(レジェンズ)

Wu looking big and mean with some heavy hands. Miura responds with a trip to side control nd she locks on an arm triangle. Wu is choked unconscious before the ref notes.

Ayaka Miura defeats Ella Wu by Submission, arm triangle, rd 1

#3 – Featherweight
Yuko Kawabata (0-5) 川端佑子(総合格闘技闇愚羅)
Naomi Taniyama (0-2) 谷山尚未(和術彗舟會HEARTS))

Taniyama is a baby blue maid, Kawabata is the Phantom of the opera. Let’s get right to it. Taniyama with nice strikes, Kawabata gets nailed, returns kicks. She shoots, Taniyama sprawls. Kawabata bashing with right low kicks and Taniyama’s not blocking. She continues to blister Kawabat’as face even as she covers. Kawabata lands some flailing windmills and goes for the trip. But she ends up on the bottom. Ref quickly stands them up. Kawabata rushes in, misses, and Taniyama throws a head kick. Taniyama clines against the rope, trade knees. At the end of the round she gets it down and lands in full mount.

Round 2. Kawabata rushes in for the clinch. She gets a guillotine. Taniyama pops out. Kawabata with some dirty boxing and lots of pressure against the ropes. Taniyama responds nicely with an outside leg trip and she works to pass half guard. Kawabata recovers guard. Ref stands. free for all in the last minute, Kawabata tries a spinning back kick and eats a jab. Taniyama keeps up her crisp striking, Kawabata shoots at the bell.

Naomi Taniyama defeats Yuko Kawabata by UD

#2 – Grappling Rules
Sayuri Yamaguchi 山口小百合(和術慧舟會HEARTS

Yamaguchi in a ruffly skirt thingie, Miyoko stole Rin Nakai’s shorts. In the grappling affair, we have a quick clinch, no hesitation. Miyoko tries for an outside leg trip but gets put on her back for it. Miyoko works for an arms and gets it tight for a quick tap.

Miyoko defeats Sayuri Yamaguchi by Submission, arm bar, rd 1

#1 – MMA rules – no GNP
Shiori Hori (0-1) 堀詩織(k-style)
Maya Dobashi (0-0) 土橋まや(総合格闘技闇愚羅)※ パウンド無し

Maya is in red Venum, Shiori in black. Nice straight right from May, then they clinch. In Thai clinch Hori grows knees. She gets a drag down but it allows Dobashi on top. No pounding to the head allowed. Dobashi works to side and pressures with her forearm. She traps an arm and looks for a kimura. Hori works it free. Dobashi briefly transitions to north-south then Hori gets guard. Ref stands. A few punches and Hori clinches again, gets the trip and lands on top. She gets an arm for the tap.

Shiori Hori defeats Maya Dobashi by Submission, armbar, rd 1, 4:43


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