DEEP Jewels 5 live updates and results

DEEP Jewels 5
DEEP Jewels 5

DEEP Jewels 5 takes place on August 8, 2014 and will be live streamed from Tokyo. Emi Tomimatsu rematches Mizuki Inoue for the LW title, Ayaka Hamasaki drops to face Naho Sugiyama.


DEEP Jewels 5
August 9, 2014
Shinjuku Face
Tokyo, Japan

Start time 18:00 JST
Live stream PPV ¥756 at

#8 – Lightweight interim champion challenge 5分3R
Emi Tomimatsu (7-7) 富松恵美(パラエストラ松戸)
Mizuki Inoue (7-2) 魅津希(空手道白心会)

Emi throwing out jabs in flurries with her guard low. Inoue waits and lands combos right over the top. This is her game plan for the entire round. Everything she throws, lands, but Emi is much more active, even though everything is telegraphed. Inoue’s head movement is fantastic.

Round 2. Inoue starts up the fire, very bouncy and jabs are landing. She turns it on in the corner with knees and elbows! Emi clinches. Ref separates. Emi turns up her frequency, Inoue slows a bit in her defense. Plumb clinches and throws knees. One minute left and Emi shoots, Inoue stuffs it.

Round 3. Inoue stuffs a takedown, then returns with an undertook toss. Emi recovers half guard. Inoue works to keep her pressured, goes for an arm bar, and gets it!  Inoue dons the belt, and apologizes for missing weight the first time, and promises to be stronger in the future.

Mizuki Inoue defeats Emi Tomimatsu by Submission, Armbar, rd 3

DEEP Jewels 5: Mizuki Inoue defeats Emi Tomimatsu by Submission
DEEP Jewels 5: Mizuki Inoue defeats Emi Tomimatsu by Submission


#7 – Featherweight 5分2R
Ayaka Hamasaki (9-1) 浜崎朱加(AACC)
Naho Sugiyama (10-3) スギロック(和術慧舟會AKZA)

Wonderful first round of striking, and Hamasaki can claim a knockdown. She capitalizes on a trip and lands in side control, where she completely wallops Sugirock until the ref calls it.

Ayaka Hamasaki defeats Naho Sugiyama by TKO rd 1



#6 – Grappling Match at Featherweight 4分2R:
Saori Ishioka 石岡沙織(禅道会)
Yukiko Seki 関友紀子(FIGHT CHIX)

Seki stays low and Ishioka grabs her in a guillotine for it, jumps guard, then drags her down. Seki pops out. Seki, in guard, looking to control arms, Ishioka throwing legs up for a sub, gets a nice sweep reversal. Ishioka has the head again. Seki pops out, stands. Ishioka goes for what looks like an inside leg sacrifice sweet, sees her land on the bottom.

Seki tries for an underhook drag down, Ishioka lets the momentum carry her to the top. She has the head agains, looking to get to mount. Seki reverses but still has her head in. Pops out. Ishioka with a high guard, transitioning in and out of sit up sweep attempts. Nice reversal to back mount by Ishioka, making use of her long legs. But she gives it up as Seki turtles too tight, returns to the bottom, throws up a triangle. Spins Seki over, and Seki gets out to attempt a foot lock at the bell.

Saori Ishioka defeats Yukiko Seki by UD



#5 – Lightweight 5分2R
Yuko Oya (7-3) “Amiba” アミバ(AACC)
Sachiko Fujimori (3-0) 藤森祥子(Brightness)

Amiba gets the double leg right away, Sachiko gets up and goes for a standing guillotine. Amiba fights for the huge double leg, gets it, and lets Sachiko stand. Amiba refuses to let go and Sachiko stacks her. Sachiko scrambles to the back and starts punching! Amiba reverses! Sachiko gets a double ankle pick from seated to reverse again! Amiba won’t let her complete the sit up sweep, gets back into guard! Amiba starts throwing punches and Sachiko works to defend! Amiba slaps on an arm bar, Sachiko rolls, gets out and has top posisiotn, starts her own ground and pound! Amiba gives up her back at the bell!

Amiba shoots, tedious takedown to side control and almost mount, starts her ground and pound again! Sachiko reverses! She drags down Amiba into her RNC. Amiba reverses and gets to her feet, starts throng punches down! Ambia has side control and is throwing rights while Sachiko still fights to stand!

Yuko Oya defeats Sachiko Fujimori by UD



#4 – Featherweight 5分2R
Masako Yoshida (18-19-5) 吉田正子(FIGHT CHIX)
Kurobe Mina (2-0) 黒部三奈(マスタージャパン)

Masako opens with kicks. Kurobe tries a clinch game to work for trips by Masako evades them all. Kurobe rocks Masako with a 1-2 combination. Kurobe finally takes a leg but Masako ends on top, Kurobe sweeps her. Masako’s work off her back is very crafty, she recovers and won’t let Kurobe pass, even standing.

Round 2 and Masako wants the striking trading, Kurobe shoots. She can’t land a takedown but she gets Masako’s back standing and delivers some knees. Masako is able to turn back, ref separates.
Kurobe back to clinch, but in the final minute she starts mixing it up with some nice inside striking.

Kurobe Mina defeats Masako Yoshida by UD



#3 – Featherweight 5分2R
Miyoko Kusaka (4-8-1)(GRABAKA)
Tamaki Usui (1-0) 臼井環(リバーサルジム川口リディプス)

Usui goes in for the clinch and starts throwing knees. Usui is pushing Miyoko all around the ring. Ref breaks. They trasde kicks and go straight back to clinch and look for uchimatas. Ref breaks, but straight back to clinch. Miyoko gets the inside leg trip and hops quickly to mount, starts throwing punches. Usui gives up her back, but recovers. Miyoko goes for the back and puts on a RNC to the bell.

Round 2. Usui decides to go with a striking game now, and Miyoko obliges. Sporadic clinching with Usui pushing Miyoko against the corners. Miyoko shoots for the takedown and smartly transitions to an arm bar, going face down to get the tap.

Miyoko Kusaka defeats Tamaki Usui by Submission, Armbar, rd 2



#2 – Grappling Match at Lightweight 4分2R:
Miura Akaya 三浦彩佳(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

Both clinch to look for undercooks, Sarami jumps guard. Akaya follows her down, controls her legs looking to pass to side. Sarami gets up, takes an undertook, Akaya has whizzer. Akaya finally releases, looks for undercooks, and topples Sarami down briefly. Sarami recovers standing then guard pull again. Akaya won’t let her close, works to side control with very strong leg control.

Straight for the clinch again, Akaya works back her underhooks and Sarami jumps guard. Akaya slams her! Doesn’t prevent Sarami from getting a triangle that she keeps for a long time, and looks for an arm bar transition as well. Akaya transitions to north south and is able to pop out, to recover side control. Ref stands. Akaya with the hip throw.

Sarami defeats Miura Akaya by split decision



#1 – Grappling Match at Featherweight 4分2R:
Kimata Yoshiko 木股善子(GRABAKA)
Yamaguchi Sayuri 山口小百合(和術慧舟會HEARTS)

Kimata drops to her back and Yamaguchi follows her down right inside her guard. Kimata climbs her legs up looking for a triangle on her slim opponent. Yamaguchi defends, eventually Kimata opens guard and Yamaguchi stands. Yamaguchi with the double leg takedown for 2 points, she ends inside guard again. Kimata keeps a tight closed guard. Ref stands. Kimata jumps guard again, end of round 1.

Kimata opens round 2 with pulling guard again, she immediately starts looking for one of Yamaguchi’s forearms. Yamaguchi breaks the guard but can’t pass, Kimata looks too strong. Kimata finally gets a triangle, rolls briefly onto the top, then back. Yamaguchi fights the choke well. Yamaguchi is albe to twist and get a knee on Kimata’s face, but Kimata rolls her out of it and the bell rings.

Kimata Yoshiko defeats Yamaguchi Sayuri by points

Kimata Yoshiko defeats Yamaguchi Sayuri