DEEP Nagoya Impact – 7/22


【DEEP NAGOYA IMPACT 2012公武堂ファイト対戦カード】

■第9試合メインイベント DEEP初代フライ級王者決定トーナメン決勝戦 5分2R(3Rルール)
DEEP first flyweight champion decision Tournament Finals 5 minutes 2 R (3R rule)
準決勝戦の勝者? Winners of the Semifinals
木部亮(スプラッシュ) Akira Kibe versus Tomoki Motoya 元谷友貴(CBインパクト)
Motoya comes out and nails Kibe knocking him down hard, and after he follows him to the ground delivering many more punches to the head, ref steps in Fast KO!
Tomoki Motoya defeats Akira Kibe by TKO in 1st round

■第8試合セミファイナル DEEPルール ライト級 5分2R – 8 match semifinal DEEP rule 5 minutes lightweight 2R
松下直揮(MB3z) NAOKI MATSUSHITA versus YUSUKE TSUNODA 角田裕亮(パラエストラ岐阜)
4 and 1 Yusuke comes out swinging against 12 and 15 Naoki, a little too eagerly and he clips the nuts. Some bouncing around, then Yusuke throws a nice left hook to the body, which Naoki returns to the head. In a clash, Yusuke takes a thumb to the eye, coves his face, and TKO’s Naoki without realizing it.
Yusuke Tsunoda defeats Naoki Matsushida by TKO in 1st round

■第7試合DEEPルール フェザー級 5分2R – 5 minutes DEEP rule featherweight 2R
梶田高裕(GSB) Takahiro Kajita versus Seong Jae Kim キム・ソンジェ(CMA KOREA) Kim Artsonje
Both come out cautious, Kim testing the water with some kicks. Takahiro is able to catch one and turn it into a TD. Back to stand up, but very little action. A few connecting kicks by Takahiro, and Kim walks right into one of them. Takahiro stalks and kicks for the rest of the round, but Kim is able to stave off most of it. Second round is still more feeling each other out, until Kim shoots and Takahiro stuffs and tries do reverse it. Kim stays outside, moving all the time, Takahiro doesn’t seem eager to come in, both trade kicks and reach for combos, not really engaging. Takahiro’s kicks are starting to take their toll on Kim, slowing him down a lot. At thirty seconds, Takahiro kicks Kim’s legs out from under him and ends with some GnP.
Takahiro Kajita versus Seong Jae Kim by Decision

☆タイショウエキシビジョンマッチ – TAISHO(Team Barbosa Japan) versus X – Exhibition

■第6試合DEEPルール バンタム級 5分2R – DEEP rule 5 minutes bantamweight 2R
石田ガリット勝也(ネックス) Katsuya Ishida versus Harushige Shinokawa 篠川キャベツ(クラブバーバリアン)
Katsuya is attacking, clenching, and seeking a TD. Haru is able to get half guard which saves him from a submission, finally full guard, and he looks for a kimura. Ref stands them up. Katsuya barrels through Haru’s combos to clinch again. Round two starts the same, Haru throwing punches, Katsuya barreling through with a TD. It’s a replay, of half guard kimura attempts by Harushige with some knees thrown in. Katsuya tries for a kimura and they make it standing again. Katsuya wants it on the ground and that’s where he tries to take it repeatedly. Haru reverses a big throw, and they scramble back to standing. But the round ends with the same position – Katsuya in Harushige’s half guard.
Harushige Shinokawa defeats Katsuya Ishida by decision

Katsuya then proposes to his girlfriend in the ring!

■第5試合DEEPルール 68kg契約 5分2R – DEEP 68 kg rule 5 minutes contract 2R
松下剛士(MB3z) Takeshi Matsushita versus Yuya Osugi 大杉ジャカレ優也( (クラブバーバリアン)
Yuya quickly stuns Takeshi, knocking him down, but Takeshi survives the beating and comes back with one of his own. Both guys look extremely motivated to get something in their win column, and the headhunting is violent. More and more violence as Yuya corners Takeshi with a beatdown in his corner, Takeshi again survives and returns the favor by knocking down Yuya twice. The crowd is on their feet!
Takeshi Matsushita defeats Yuya Osugi by TKO in 2nd round

■第4試合DEEPルール ライト級 5分2R – DEEP rule 5 minutes lightweight 2R
田中慎一郎(GSB) Shinichiro Tanaka versus Yoshinobu Kawamura 河村嘉展(ネックス)
Round 1 starts off quickly into a clinch and Yoshi is throng knee after knee to Shinichiro’s thighs. More of the same for two minutes. Ref breaks them, low outside kick from Shinichiro, left hook from Yoshinobu. Shinichiro finally comes alive and tags Yoshi hard. Not able to capitalize on it and Yoshinobu is able to attack and bring it back to his clinch game. In the second round, Shinichiro finds a second wind and goes on a tear with sharp combos, plenty of uppercuts and nice knees. He is looking to finish!
Shinichiro Tanaka defeats Yoshinobu Kawamura by decision

■第3試合DEEPルール フライ級 5分2R – DEEP rule 5 minutes flyweight 2R
河合直紀(パラエストラ岐阜) Naoki Kawai versus Fumihito Shintaku 新宅郁人(CBインパクト)
Very quick match! Naoki gets a huge takedown, scrambles to what looks like a revers triangle.
Naoki Kawai defeats Fumihito Shintaku by Submission in 1st round

■第2試合DEEPルール フェザー級 3分2R – DEEP rule featherweight 2R
川崎誠治(チームMKY) Seiji Kawasaki versus Ryosuke Hattori 服部良介(ネックス大須)
A couple of rookies start off the main event – Seiji with one win, Ryo with 1 loss. Ryosuke comes out wildly swinging, Seiji quickly takes him down and goes for the back. After a long struggle, Ryosuke slips out the back. They’re up, and more wild punches until Seiji TKOs him.
Seiji Kawasaki defeats Ryosuke Hattori by TKO in 1st round

■第1試合DEEPキックルール -100k契約 2分2R(判定なし) – DEEP -100 kick rule (without judgment) 2 2 R contract
古澤利寛(GSB) Toshihiro Furusawa versus Koji Takano 高野耕次(ネックス)
The big boys come out to play. Toshihiro dominates Koji throughout the first found, knocking him down at least three times. In the second round, it’s a brawl. Toshi even tries a spinning backfist and a flying knee. Koji gains a second wind for a minute, then eats a hard right. Southpaw Toshihiro finishes the battle with jab jab jab. No judgement for this one.

■第2試合DEEPルール 60kg以下契約 5分2R – DEEP under 60 kg rule 5 minutes contract 2R
石田雄大(GSB) Yudai Ishida versus Kazuhiro Shiraki 白木一広(NOS)
Both guys come out like spiders on a hotplate. Kazuhiro dominates much of the round by peppering Yudai with quick combos and getting out. Yudai throws knees in the clinch, lands a right that rocks Kaz to the ground, and works for a sub until the end of the round. Second round, begins with clinching, Yudai throwing knees and trying to get Kaz on the ground. He finally muscles him down and tries for his back, but crafty Kaz wiggles back around and slams Yudai twice. Not phased, Yudai works hard for a triangle until the end of the round. Very exciting match; both guys looking hard to finish.
Yudai Ishida defeats Kazuhiro Shiraki by decision.

■第7試合DEEPルール フェザー級 3分2R – DEEP rule featherweight 3 min. 2R
西勇樹(GSB) Yuki Nishi versus Atsushi Sasage ATSUSHI (翼鍛錬所)
Round 1: Yuki’s shooting and Atushi stuffs them or Yuki jumps guard. Each time it goes to the ground, ref stands them up. Atuishi in guard at the end of the round, nice knees to the butt of Yuki. Second round is Yuki again looking for TDs and not finding them. Nice punches from Atsushi at the end of the round. Very different styles from both; neither showing dominance.

■第6試合DEEPグラップリングルール 84kg以下契約 3分2R – DEEP grapple under 84 kg rule 3 contract 2R
マスクドcoco壱(総合格闘技道場DOBUITA) versus 浅川卓也(ネックス)
A scramble on the ground, and Coco secures an ankle lock in no time at all. Tap.

■第5試合DEEP初代フライ級王者決定トーナメン準決勝 5分2R(3Rルール) – DEEP first flyweight champion decision tournament 5 minutes 2 R (3R rule) semi-finals – matches decided by lottery on day of event
木部亮(スプラッシュ) Akira Kibe versus Akhito Sakimura 崎村暁東(GSB名古屋)、
A flurry of punches start the round. Kibe gets the fight to the ground, secures a tight body triangle, and punches his way to a win.
Akira Kibe defeats Akhito Sakimura by TKO 1st round and advances to the finals.

■第4試合DEEP初代フライ級王者決定トーナメン準決勝 5分2R(3Rルール) – DEEP first flyweight champion decision tournament 5 minutes 2 R (3R rule) semi-finals
加藤直之(スプラッシュ) Naoyuki Kato versus Tomoki Motoya 元谷友貴(CBインパクト)が当日抽選で組み合わせが決定
Tomoki Motoya defeats Naoyuki Kato by Decision and advances to the finals

■第3試合DEEP初代フライ級王者決定トーナメンリザーブマッチ 5分2R(3Rルール) – DEEP first flyweight champion decision tournament reserve 5 minutes 2 R (3R rules) match
小島壮太(吉田道場) Kojima Sotaro versus Fuhito Hasegawa ハシャーン・フヒト(ネックス)
Kojima Sotaro defeats Fuhito Hasegawa by decision

■第2試合DEEPルール ライト級 3分2R – DEEP rule 3 lightweight 2R
パク(夜王) Park Park versus Daisuke Tatsumi 巽大祐(ネックス)
Daisuke Tatsumi defeats Park by TKO in 2nd round

■第1試合DEEPルール バンタム級 3分2R – DEEP rule 3 bantamweight 2R
馬場宗一(GSB) Soichi Baba versus Umemura Shinpei 梅村真平(ネックス)
Soichi Baba defeats Umemura Shinpei by TKO in 1st round


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