DEEP Tribe Tokyo Fight: live updates and results


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October 20, 2013
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan


#9 – DEEPウェルター級タイトルマッチ(77.1kg以下) 5分3R Welterweight Championship
Dan Hornbuckle ダン・ホーンバックル (24-6)(王者/ATT) CHAMPION
Ryo Chonan 長南亮 (21-13)(挑戦者/TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A.) CHALLENGER

The two anthems play. Shinya Aoki is in Chonan’s corner. The DEEP Welterweight Belt is in Dan’s corner. Very tentative start from both fighters. Chonan’s wary of Dan’s reach and Dan’s not closing the gap. Dan with a few rangy jabs and kicks. Chonan with a few kicks. Chonan ducks and goes for a takedown, huge! Big knee as Dan comes up. Now Chonan’s bouncy and seems awake. But Dan’s jab is still dangerous. Round 2. Dan opens with several good kicks, Ryo returns an overhand right that lands. He shoots for a big takedown and lands in Dan’s guard. Both guys throwing punches. Dan creeps his long legs up and he’s got one of Ryo’s hands trapped but Ryo keeps his head trapped in the corner and lands knees. Dan slips his other leg up and over his shoulder for a triangle. It’s not on but the position is there. Chonan still punching as his defense. Now it’s tight. Chonan turns sideways and gets out! Stomps and soccer kicks as the round ends!

Round 3. Oh shit Ryo drops for a scissor takedown and a heel hook!!! They jockey, and eventually Dan gets loose and to side control but he’s just laying. Then he works to back and wraps on a body triangle. Chonan opens it. Dan sinks a choke! Ryo fights it off!

Ryo Chonan defeats Dan Hornbuckle by Unanimous Decision

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#8 – ユニファイドルール フライ級 5分3R ※ヒジ打ちあり Flyweight, elbows allowed
Yoshiro Maeda 前田吉郎 (30-13-4)(パンクラス稲垣組/第3代DEEPバンタム級王者、初代フェザー級キング・オブ・パンクラス王者)
Mamoru Yamaguchi マモル (26-8-3)(シューティングジム横浜/初代修斗世界フェザー&バンタム級王者、初代KOTC世界ジュニアフライ級王者)

Takedown by Maeda. The fro is in a guillotine! He pops out, and Maeda tries a back take and chases him across the ring. Maeda looking for a drag down, settles to get a body lock on the standing Mamoru. Mamoru looks like he’s thinking about where he left his keys. Elbows from the back from Maeda as the round ends. Round 2. They bang! Then Maeda smartly goes for the td. Maeda almost mounts but Mamoru scrambles up. Maeda wants that back. Mamoru thinks about defending by grabbing a foot, no way, but he does spin to face him. Mamoru again crafty and standing. Maeda keeps up the pressure. Nope, Maeda still wants the back. Mamoru reverses and lands punches to Maeda’s ear!

Round 3. Maeda rushes Mamoru! Mamoru defends but Maeda is like glue. A little space he makes though and lands a few strikes that may or may not have dazed Maeda, who still doggedly hands on, finally dragging Mamoru down. Mamoru lands on top and goes for an Americana! He traps the other arm and lands short elbows. Maeda’s just covering up and trying to rise, but Mamoru is putting the pressure on. The crowd is nuts! Mamoru paying back Maeda for his hugging in the final minute.

Mamoru Yamaguchi versus Yoshiro Maeda judged a Majority DRAW, Mamoru with one judge in his favor


#7 – TTFルール(肘有り) フライ級(56.7kg以下) 5分3R Flyweight, elbows allowed
Yasuhiro Urushitani 漆谷康宏 (20-6-6)(TRIBE TOKYO MMA/第3代修斗世界バンタム級王者)
Yoo JaeNam ユ・ゼナム (2-2)(CMA KOREA/TEAM FORCE)

ROAD FC versus the DEEP as Yoo takes the fight on 1 day notice against UFC vet and ONE FC contender Urushitani. Yoo is landing some strikes, but Urusitani is very adept and getting in and out. Yoo with a superman punch attempt. Lots of fake kicks by Urushitani. Yoo ducking and running in with combos, Urushitani letting him and then countering nicely. Yoo is showing a nice repertoire but Urushitani is way too fast. Round 2. Yoo is cut above his eye when he rushes to shoot. Yasuhiro takes him down for it, and ends inside guard. Yoo is keeping his guard tight and holding a head in good defense, Yasuhiro forced to work the body. Yoo is up and out, giving Urushitani in a good run for his money! Now Yoo has him in the corner. Yoo knocks down Urushitani with a right! But might have been a slip as he was scooting out. Yoo engaging and landing shots! Clinches and he delivers a nice knee to end the round.

Round 3. Yoo starts in with the striking combos again and forces Urushitani on the offence. Yoo pressures him in the corner. Urushitani strike s his way out. Yoo with another punch that lands! Urushitani tries a throw and can’t! Yoo has figures out his feints. Urushitani finally goes for the shoot, Yoo sprawls, but Urushitani makes it work. He’s got Yoo crunched in a corner. He flattens him out and punches, then a few elbows. Yoo has no space. Urushitani has an arm and tries for a Darce, can’t get it, Yoo kicks free and gets up! Urushitani tries for a triangle at the end.

After the win, Urushitani grabs Yoo’s hand, and nods at him, pointing at him as if to say “This kid is GOOD.”

Yasuhiro Urushitani defeats Yoo JaeNam by Unanimous Decision


#6 – TTFルール(肘有り) ウェルター級(77.1kg以下) 5分3R
Takenori Sato 佐藤豪則 (16-8-7)(TRIBE TOKYO MMA/第6代ウェルター級キング・オブ・パンクラス王者)
Islam Galayev イスラム・ガライエフ(TEAM No Mercy)

Takenori’s original opponent was in an accident and a Melvin Manhoef guy steps up last minute to face the champ. Galayev throwing nnice kicks, Takenori waiting for a shoot. He gets it but it’s stuffed. Grabs a kick and gets a single leg. Galayev uses his long legs to kick out and get back up. Sato kicks and Galayev returns. Galayev trips on a kick at the end of the round and Sato jumps on him. Round 2. Galayev opens with kicks, Sato grabs one quick as lightning for a td. Throwing short elbows bown as Galayev tightens up to defend, and tries to get his knees inside to press him off. Sato moves to north/south. Galayev has his head, but Sato spins out and sits on his head to rip off a kimura. Galayev says “I had a ten hour flight, dropped 6 kilos, hurt my knee, for this fight. And I want a rematch. I will train hard for a rematch. And I will beat him.”

Takenori Sato defeats Islam Galayev by Submission, Kimura, rd 2


#5 – ユニファイドルール ウェルター級 5分3R ※ヒジ打ちなし Welterweight, no elbows
Yuya Shirai 白井祐矢 (23-13-1)(TRIBE TOKYO MMA/第4代DEEPウェルター級王者)
Akihiro Murayama 村山暁洋 (14-5-8)(GUTSMAN/第4代修斗環太平洋ミドル級王者)

Yuya is stalking his prey. Murayama throws kicks but seems very jumpy and afraid of engaging close. In the cling, Murayama tries two trips, nothing happens. Yuya’s hands are up and he’s looking fresh and sharp. Not much action out of the first, but a baited feel to Yuya’s stalking. Round 2. Yuya has a cut over his left eye, missed how it happened. Yuya’s really bouncing now, Murayama comes out with the kicks. Yuya chooses to go in and clinch. That’s his game for the round, grab underhooks and throw knees. The cut looks pretty big now. Round 3. Murayama with a throw! He has the back and transitions to the side to throw a knee at Yuya’s face. Yuya, standing, tries a shoulder throw and is able to spin out. Back to standing. Murayama’s looking sharp in the final round! He’s picking shots that snap Yuya’s head back and using low kicks that are sweeping the legs and he even goes for a flying knee!

Yuya Shirai versus Akihiro Murayama judged a Majority Draw


#4 – DEEPルール フェザー級 Featherweight DEEP rules
Kenji Osawa 大沢ケンジ (19-10-2)(和術慧舟會HEARTS)
Akao Sage 赤尾セイジ (17-7-2)(NEX)

Two tough guys on this one. Shoot and try for a takedown from both trying for a single at the same time, but Sage is in a corner and eventually decides to get guard rather than let Kenji tie up a leg in half guard. Sage creeps his legs up, but they stand it up again. Kenji wins on a throw again, making sure he has a leg tied up this time and pressures until Sage is flat. Kenji stands and Sage upkicks at the end of the round. Round 2. Sage comes out and shoots, Kenji counters with a hip throw. Sage apparently still thinks he can take down Kenji and he eventually does, but Kenji pops back up – twice. Kenji now hooks a leg in the clinch and stretches it out until he’s able to spin Sage down. Round 3. Sage opens it with a nice front to front suplex! Fancy, but doesn’t get anything with it. Sage finally gets a drawdown! He goes gnp! Kenji reverses to mount! And just lays there? Not a very good way to capitalize on position. Frustrating that it’s not being stood up. Sage gets guard at the end of the round.

Kenji Osawa defeats Akao Sage by split decision


#3 – ユニファイドルール ミドル級 5分3R ※ヒジ打ちありMiddleweight, elbows allowed
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi 中西良行 (12-3)(TRIBE TOKYO MMA/初代DEEPライトヘビー級王者)
Young Choi RYO (16-9-2)(ランズエンド・ZERO-ONE MAX)

Looking forward to this fight! Ryo starts it off with a few sharp kicks. Nakanishi’s southpaw jab starts finding a home, he uses a combo set up to shoot. Nakanishi kicks and slips, Ryo attacks and lands a sweeet right hook. Nakanishi trying really hard for a single leg and Ryo pounding on him. Nakanishi gets it down in the corner. Nakanishi stands and delivers a soccer kick! Ryo stands and shrugs it off! Round 2. Nakanishi looking to get it down again, he takes Ryo’s back standing. Nakanishi releases to punch and Ryo spins around. The separate and Ryo lands some nice punches and a head kick. Nakanishi returns the pain and again seeks a single. Neither guy is afraid to take shots to the face. Round 3. Nakanishi really, really wants that leg! Ryo’s not content to give it to him and a clinch ensues. Then Ryo forgets what’s going on and Nakanishi easily takes him down. Ryo with open palm strikes to the ear as Nakanishi looks to flatten his back away from the corner. Ryo kicks and slips, Nakanishi tries a slo-mo run at him, and the bell rings.

Yoshiyuki Nakanishi defeats Young Choi RYO by Split Decision


#2 – ミドル級
Sakashita Yusuke 坂下裕介 (9-4)(フリー)
Luke Mori ルーク森 (3-1)(フリー)

Luke in Aussie trunks, Yusuke in the black vale tudos, he is 38! Yusuke throws some slow kicks and Luke looks to take him down from them. Can’t do it. Yusuke picks up his game and also shoots, Luke sprawls. A clash and Luke’s brow is split open, time stop. Not sure if it was a head but or Yusuke’s right fist or an elbow. Must have been the headbut as it’s called a No Contest.


#1 – TTFルール(肘有り) (77.1kg以下) 5分2R
Yoichiro Sato 佐藤洋一郎 (11-5-2)(グレイシーバッハ東京)
Hiroshi Takahashi 髙橋弘 (5-4-1)(蒼天塾)

Takahashi in white, Sato with Rising Sun shorts. Takahashi with a quick clinch and nice strikes inside. They trade knees. Sato gets the trip and lands in Takahashi’s guard. Sato really working inside Takahashi’s guard while keeping him pressured down. Sato passes and goes for a guillotine. As Takahashi stands, Sato jumps guard, which takes it back down, and Takahashi taps.

Yoichiro Sato defeats Hiroshi Takahashi by Sumission, Guillotine, rd 1


Opening fights:

#2 – TTFルール(肘なし) ウェルター級(77.1kg以下) 5分2R
Shotaro Yabe 谷部翔太郎 (1-1-1)(NATURAL9)
Takashi Sato 佐藤天 (0-0)(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

Sato in blond hair, Yabe is bald. Sato goes for the quick KO and knocks Yabe down. He scoots and covers under the ensuing gnp but eventually finds his way to his feet. Yabe goes for the clinch game, but Sato eventually drags him down and starts the assault again. Sato gets side control, mount, then finishes the round attempting a choke. Rd 2 starts much more tentative. Sato clinches. More flicking jabs. Yabe clinches. At 2 minutes left, the separate and Yabe throws some combos, it’s enough to space out Sato for him to work around to the back and attempt a suplex. On the ground, Yabe gets a body lock then works for RNC until the bell. Even with Yabe’s dominant finish, the judges saw the first round as much more overwhelming by Sato and give it to him.

Takashi Sato defeats Takashi Sato by Unanimous Decision


#1 – TTFルール(肘なし) フライ級(56.7kg以下) 5分2R
Go Takahashi 高橋剛 (0-0)(TEAM☆ST)
Satoshi Usui 臼井知史 (0-2)(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

Go in black and silver, Usui going with the bald look. Usui gets flowers, and then gets knocked out. Go with his hand raised, then quickly exits. Usui in the ring longer than the bout took.

Go Takahashi defeats Satoshi Usui by TKO, rd 1