December 31, 2012
Tokyo, Japan

#1 – Satoru Kitaoka versus Will Brooks

Will Brooks is a wrestler and a BJJ champion.  He wastes no time in taking Kitaoka down, leaving Kitaoka scrambling for a leg.  Will gets a huge suplex!  With some knees and punches, Will stole that round.  Kitaoka’s windmill punches don’t land.

Round two and Will opens it with another takedown.  Again Kitaoka hunt for a leg, gets an ankle, but doesn’t have the strength or position on Will to lock it down.  He upkicks Kitaoka and that’s the beginning of the end!  Will gets out, gets Kitaoka’s back, and lands punch after punch until the ref stops it.

Will Brooks defeats Satoru Kitaoka, TKO, Rd 2, 1:02

#2 – Marloes Koenen versus Fiona Muxlow

Marloes gets a clinch and works the knees.  Eventually one of those gets it to the ground where she snaps on an arm bar and Fiona is forced to tap.

Marloes Koenen defeats Fiona Muxlow, submission, rd 1

#3 – Hayato Sakurai vs Phil Baroni

For the first two minutes they wrestle, and throw knees. Ref breaks it, both guys come back punching and it goes to the ground with Phil on top. Sakurai’s doing a good job tying his hands up and up kicking but Phil gets a few in to his face. Sakurai’s under the ropes and its stood up for a 30 second brawl with Phil against the ropes.

Sakurai drags Phil down and mounts. At two minutes left Phil returns the favor. Hayato is light on his feet and owning the first half of the round standing and on the ground! Phil reverses but its stood up and he’s got nothing left . Sakurai lands combo after combo!

Hayato Sakurai defeats Phil Baroni by decision

#4 – Melvin Manhoef vs Denis Kang

Melvin comes out like a beast. One knee to the head ends Kang at just 51 seconds of the first round.

Melvin Manhoef defeats Denis Kang by TKO, rd 1, :51

#5 – Bibiano Fernandes vs Yoshiro Maeda

Bibiano gets it to the ground, works his way to the back, gets a hook in. Maeda scrambles, but it gives Bibiano a better position, and he gets a triangle which puts Maeda to sleep!

Bibiano Fernandes defeats Yoshiro Maeda by choke out!, rd 1, 1:44

#6 – Shinya Aoki vs Antonio McKee

Aoki and Antonio trade takedown attempts, with Aoki setting his up with combinations. McKee with a couple of nice throws that he can’t capitalize on as Shinya gets up or works for subs.

Rd 2. Aoki comes with a huge looping overhand right that spins McKee against the ropes! As Shinya’s looking to climb his back, McKee taps the ropes, holding his eye.

Shinya Aoki defeats Antonio McKee by tapout due to strikes, rd 2

Hiroyuki Takaya vs Georgi Karakhanyan

The first and second rounds see a great set of back and forth action, with both guys trying everything in their arsenal.

Round 3 sees Geogi get a single leg and mount. Hiroyuki regains guard, but Georgi gets out and to side, working knees and holding him tight. Hiroyuki is really forced to fight off his back. He works into the corner and makes it to standing in the final 20 seconds and Georgi ties him up in the clinch so he’s ineffective standing.

Georgi Karakhanyan defeats Hiroyuki Takaya by decision

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Michihiro Omigawa

Kawajiri comes out with some fakes then shoots to get Omigawa on his back. Omigawa’s struggling to tie him up while Kawajiri keeps up with punches. Omigawa gets an arm but Kawajiri gets it loose and continues with hammerfists. He stands and rains down more punches.

Rd two and omigawa looks like he’s letting Kawajiri punch himself out. He waits too long and Kawajiri’s in with a double leg again. This time he’s looking for a sub. Kawajiri works out if half guard to mount, hunts for a arm, then gets an arm in triangle but Omigawa is saved by the bell!

Kawajiri shoots, Omigawa gets a guillotine, but Kawajiri gets an outside trip and Omigawa’s on his back again! Kawajiri’s again works his way to the arm triangle! Can’t get it so he mounts but Omigawa recovers half, then full guard.

Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Michihiro Omigawa by decision


Mutsuki Ebata 52.8 vs Sang Jae Kim 52.5
Yuichiro Nagashima 69.9 vs Robin van Roosmalen 69.9
Toshio Matsumoto 84.9 vs Jason Wilnis 84
Jerome Le Banner 112.2 vs Koichi 100


Semmy Schilt 130.2 vs Brice Guidon 102
Sergey Kharitanov vs Rico Verhoeven 115.8
Gohkan Saki 103.4 vs Raomaru 104.2
Anderson Silva 110.2 vs Igor Jurkovic 99.8
Remy Bojansky 104 vs Filip Verlinden 93.1
Errol Zimmerman 114.8 vs Jamal Ben Saddik 128.8
Peter Aerts vs Mourad Bouzidi 97.5
Daniel Ghita 108 vs Jhonata Diniz 104.8