Flyweight King of Pancrase Senzo Ikeda defends his crown


Pancrase 293 took place on 4 February 2018 at Studio Coast, the first event for Pancrase to use this venue.

Studio Coast is famous for live music and MMA. It’s the first time to have an event here. So us, the audience can listen to fighter’s entrance music and the theme of Pancrase etc with very good quality sound system.

And also audience can buy many kind of foods and drinks and bring them inside the arena. At the VIP room (with 20,000 yen ticket. Only 40 tickets) there are tables and chairs and drinking and smoking are allowed inside.

To enter the arena 500yen will be needed for one drink except the ticket fee.

To go to Studio Coast take Yurakucho-Line, JR Keiyo Line or JR Rinkai Line, get off at “Shin-Kiba Station” and walk 5 min toward the bridge. Very close to “Tokyo Disneyland” with only six min train on the JR Keiyo line.

At the main event the audience could BET which to win via Twitter and the winners of this betting could get “SKB”coin with dividing 10 Million by winners. At last 2000 audience bet for this betting and you know Champ SENZO won so 796 betters won.

And it’s also need to say for SENZO Pancrase paid 2.5 Million “SKB” (approx. 2,500,000yen) and 0.5 Million “SKB”(approx. 500,000yen) for Yuya Wakamatsu as a championship fight bonus.

I’m thinking Pancrase thinks betting is one of KSF (Key Success Factor) for MMA industry and Pancrase is trying (has been trying) for this issue for future growth. This time was with SKB, the virtual currency.

In the main event of the evening, Flyweight King of Pancrase Senzo Ikeda pulled off a spectacular title defense after four and a half brutal rounds against top-ranked contender Yuya Wakamatsu.

From the opening bell Wakamatsu sought to apply heavy pressure and at times looked to be getting the better of the defending champ. But it was Ikeda who overcame big shots and takedowns to secure a knockout midway through the fifth and final round to improve his record to 12-6.

The co-main event saw Akira Okada overcome Brazilian mixed martial arts veteran Ricardo Tirloni with a unanimous decision win, while Ayaka Miura edged out a split decision over Ye Dam Seo.

Pancrase will return to Studio Coast on Sunday 11 March for Pancrase 294.

Pancrase 293
11th Fight (Fly Weight King of PANCRASE Title Match: 5min x 5R)
Senzo Ikeda (FREEDOM@OZ) VS Yuya Wakamatsu (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)
Senzo won by TKO(Knee Kick) at 5R 1’28”.

10th Fight (Light Weight: 5min x 3R)
Akira Okada (Free) VS Recardo Tirloni (ASTRA FIGHT TEAM)
Akira won by 3-0/Decision.
*Akira got ¥100,000- as WIN-BONUS with International-Fight!

9th Fight (Straw Weight: 5min x 3R)
Ayaka Miura (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A) VS Yedam Seo (Paraestra Cheongju/TFC)
Miura won by 2-1/Decision.
*Miura got ¥100,000- as WIN-BONUS with International-Fight!

8th Fight (Fly Weight: 5min x 3R)
Toru Ogawa (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A) VS Shohei Masumizu (Masumizu-Gumi)
Shohei won by 3-0/Decision.

7th Fight (Welter Weight: 5min x 3R)
Hiroyuki Tezuka (Hybrid Wrestling Yamada-Dojo) VS Glaico Franca (ASTRA FIGHT TEAM)
Glaicio won by 2-1/Decision.

6th Fight (Fly Weight: 5min x 3R)
Takayo Hashi (Wajyutsu Keishu-Kai AKZA) VS Barbara Acioly (ADOIS FIGHT)
Hashi won by Choke Sleeper at 2R 3’20”.
*Hashi got ¥150,000- as WIN-BONUS with International-Fight!

5th Fight (Welter Weight: 3min x 3R)
Akihiro Gono (GRABAKA) VS Kyohei Wakimoto (T-Rex Jiu-Jitsu Academy)
Gono won by 2-1/Decision.

4th Fight (Light Weight: 3min x 3R)
Yutaka Kobayashi (U-FILE CAMP) VS Masayuki Kikuiri (NEVER QUIT)
Kikuiri won by 3-0/Decision.

3rd Fight (Straw Weight: 3min x 3R)
Takafumi Ato (GUTSMAN) VS Toshiya Takashima (U-FILE CAMP)
Takashima won by 3-0/Decision.

2nd Fight (Bantam Weight: 3min x 3R)
Daiki Gojima (GUTSMAN) VS Yasuhiro Kawamura (Wajyutsu Keishu-Kai AKZA)
Kawamura won by Triangle Choke at 2R 2’25”.

1st Fight (Bantam Weight:3min x 3R)
Taiyo Hayashi (CAVE) VS Shunichi Kanda (T-BLOOD)
Hayashi won by 3-0/Decision.