Full Metal Dojo 4 recap: Muay Thai legend Jomhod Kiatadisak has successful MMA debut

FMD 4 (courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com)
FMD 4 Jomhod Kiatadisak and Vorn Viva (courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com)

Full Metal Dojo 4 played out to a full house of MMA enthusiasts in Bangkok, Thailand on 21 February, 2015. In the headliner, Jomhod Kiatadisak and Vorn Viva went the distance, with the legendary Jomhod earning a Unanimous Decision.

At Livehouse Studios in Jatujak Green, the audience got a spectacular cageside experience cheering on their favorite fighters. The second FMD event held in Bangkok was in front of a sell-out crowd. Eight bouts were fought, with one of them being a last minute entrant as a replacement because of an injury.


FMD 4 (courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com)

The undercard kicked off with a Swede versus Cambodian featherweight bout between Fabian Petersson and Thai Rithy. Rithy was obviously the more aggressive of the pair, starting the bout with a series of kicks and punches. Fabian decided to take the game to the ground but Rithy soon got on top and dominated Fabian, eventually submitting him via rear naked choke.


Jason Archilla wasted no time in getting Andres da Forno taken down. Andres managed to quickly stand. A time stop occurred when Jason was against the cage door and it came unlocked. When the fight resumed, punches and kicks were exchanged before Andres attempted a takedown. He then clinched and kneed Jason before taking the fight to the ground, followed by raining a series of punches at him. The ground and pound action by Andres got the referee stoppage.


FMD 4 (courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com)

The third bout of the evening between Ratcharat Yimprai and Teera Ratprasertporn was cancelled due to the former sustaining an injury. A last minute bout between two Thai fighters, Siripong Jumpekem and Yut, entered the cage as a replacement.


It seemed to start out as a mainly Muay Thai bout until Siripong displayed enthusiasm in trying a takedown, in fact, making several attempts at it. Yut was the more aggressive striker. When Siripong managed to finally hold Yut down on his back, Yut got a surprising reversal and ended up submitting Siripong with a guillotine choke, taking the crowd by surprise and proving that Muay Thai fighters can transition into grappling.


FMD 4 (courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com)

Michael Dubois dropped to lightweight against Dmitrijs Homjakovs, and the French fighter displayed a lot of agility and speed in the cage. HE was in attack mode from the get go. Dmitrijs on the other hand was timing his opportunity with his opponent whilst playing a defensive game.

Michael attempted takedowns and he succeeded on the third. He then stood out and threw soccer kicks. Dmitrijs managed to turn the fight around by sweeping Michael to the ground where rained a series of punches and knees against him, followed by a couple of soccer kicks to his head.


Full Metal Dojo CEO Jon Nutt dubbed the fight between Viktor Larson and Mamoru Kashiwakura a fight between a Samurai and a Viking. Mamoru walked out on stage in his gi and brown belt, reminding everyone what his competitive advantage in the cage would be. The Japanese sensation got the crowd going the minute he entered.

When the fight started, it was obvious that in being a stronger striker, Viktor was doing everything he could to avoid a takedown, skirting around Mamoru and putting on an initial display of his striking skills. Mamoru on the other hand wasted no time in attempting a take down. However Viktor surprised the crowd by evading the ground game and standing up while Mamoru was down, and he dealt a series of soccer kicks that got the referee stoppage.


FMD 4 (courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com)

As expected from the respective Muay Thai and Kun Khmer experts Detchadin Srosirisuphathin and Chan Heng, both fighters spent the first round putting on a deft display of striking skills. When Phetsingkorn lost his balance and slipped, Chan Heng made an attempt to sweep Phetsingkorn.

In round two, the kicks got more aggressive between them, but Phetsingkorn managed to take Chan Heng down and dominated him with some ground and pound action. Chan Heng swept to mount about 20 seconds before the end of the round. The third round was played out with kicks, and Chan Heng got the win by unanimous decision.


FMD 4 (courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com)

Yoann “Bonafide” Gouaida and Masoud Ranjbar made up the first heavyweight fight for Full Metal Dojo. Masoud took Yoann down within seconds and dealt a series of elbows and punches at him. Masoud leveraged his weight to dominate Yoann on the ground. Even with Yoann’s reach advantage, he was no match for Masoud and was forced to stay on the ground with the Iranian pinned on top of him throughout round one.

In the second, Yoann decided to be more aggressive with punches but Masoud got him on the ground yet again and from side control he kneed Yoann in the head then transitioned to mount, dealing elbows and punches. The crowd booed, then the referee called for a brief time-out after Masoud landed a blow that cut Yoann’s brow.

It went into the third, and Masoud taunted, although Yoann landed some jabs and left upper cuts. That got the crowd going as they saw that Yoann was not about to give up. But again Masoud got Yoann to the canvass and pinned him down to the booing of the crowd. The fight stopped and stood back up, with more striking action from both. Masoud then got a final take down at the bell, and earned the win on the judges’ scorecards.


FMD 4 (courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com)

In the main event, Jomhod Kiatadisak and Vorn Viva had no previous experience fighting MMA but are decorated fighters respectively in Muay Thai and Kun Khmer. Jomhod’s walkout brought the house down with the crowd’s cheers. Obviously he was a hot favourite amongst the Thais and this bout got the crowd divided by nationalistic pride.

It kicked off expectedly with an exchange of kicks. Jomhod got the crowd roaring when he landed a back kick followed by a flying front kick, but lost his balance and slipped. Jomhod attempted a back kick again but Viva deflected. Jomhod attempted a third back kick and ended round one with the more superb striking between the two.

Viva opened the second round when he landed a left kick and Jomhod countered with a right hook. Another spinning back kick from Jomhod, then he managed to get Viva down but decided to take the game standing again. Both fighters exchanged more punches, kicks and knees. Jomhod landed another takedown and mounted Viva, who put up a fierce fight from below, defending blows to the bell.

In the final round, Jomhod showed off his spinning back kick and flying front kick, although they seemed to lack power as he was clearly exhausted. He then landed a powerful roundhouse kick to Viva’s body and followed up with punches and another spinning back kick. When Viva slipped and fell to the ground, Jomhod waited for his opponent to get up, obviously more comfortable controlling the game standing, however, he pushed Viva to the ground again and dealt a kick at Viva’s chest. Again, Jomhod refused to allow the game to stay on the ground and stood up promptly, forcing Viva to stand as well. A low blow that followed from Jomhod was stopped temporarily by the referee, and more kicks between both fighters ensued till the end of round three.

Jomhod Kiatadisak was declared the winner via unanimous decision, ending the fourth installment of Full Metal Dojo with a flourish.


Full Metal Dojo 4
February 21, 2015
Livehouse Studios
Bangkok, Thailand

#8 – Welterweigh
Jomhod Kiatadisak def Vorn Viva by UD

#7 – Heavyweight
Masoud Ranjbar def Yoann Gouaida by UD

#6 – Bantamweight
Chan Heng def Detchadin Srosirisuphathin by UD

#5 – Lightweight
Viktor Larson def Mamoru Kashiwakura by TKO, rd 1, 1:47

#4 – Lightweight
Dmitrijs Homjakovs def Michael Dubois by TKO, soccer kicks, rd 1, 4:07

#3 – Lightweight
Yut def Siripong Jumpekem by Submission, guillotine choke, rd 1, 3:32

#2 – Featherweight
Andres da Forno def Jason Archilla by TKO, rd 1, 3:35

#1 – Featherweight
Thai Rithy def Fabian Petersson by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 1:31


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