Full Metal Dojo 8 Summary and Results


Full Metal Dojo 8 Results And Fight Summary

Full Metal Dojo (FMD), Thailand’s leading MMA promotion returned to Phuket’s Seduction Beach Club and Disco on Sunday, 10 January 2017 with the 8th event featuring a solid fight card which included ex-UFC fighter and the tallest featherweight in the world,  Will ‘The Kill’ Chope, as well as UFC prospect in the heavyweight category, Masoud Ranjabar.  Local fighting talents include Yodkaikaew ‘Y2K’ Fairtex, who is renowned for having one of the deadliest knees in the cage.

Fight 1 :  Strawweight – Haider Farman (Pakistan) vs Witsanu Pimpa (Thailand)

Pakistani fighter, Farman, represents Combat 360, Khao Lak and Fight Fortress MMA and has a 3-1 amateur record, making his pro MMA debut.  Thai fighter, Pimpa is a Muay Thai specialist with a 45-25 Muay Thai record representing Amazing Muay Thai Hua Hin, also making his pro MMA debut as well.

Pimpa, with his striking skills was predictably quick to deal some knees, low kicks and hooks against Farman but he was no match for Farman’s ground game as the latter got him in a takedown when he spotted the gap and submitted him via rear naked choke.

Winner: Haider Farman via Rear Naked Choke , round 1, at 4min 16sec.

Fight 2: Featherweight – George Farrow (Thailand) vs. Komon ‘Jom Tap’ Ninin (Thailand)

Farrow hails from Thailand and represents Maximum Gym with a 4-1 amateur record making his pro debut. His opponent was another Thai fighter, Komon Ninin from Jomwkan gym with a 0-1 record.

Farrow started the fight shooting for a takedown, but Ninin kept him pinned to the cage  for 1 minute before Farrow succeeded in getting the fight to the ground and rained elbows at him till the referee stopped the fight.

Winner: George Farrow via elbow strikes, round 1,  at 2min 43 sec.

Fight 3: Catchweight – Christian Tremayne (Canada) vs Amr Maher (Egypt)

Canadian fighter Christian Tremayne,  with a 5-4 amateur record representing Team Quest Thailand currently trains under BJJ legend, Bruno Carvalho.  His ground game was undoubtedly his biggest strength. He met his opponent, Egyptian fighter Amr Maher with a pro record of 4-1 who represents Fightzone Boxing Academy. Tremayne potentially had his hands full with Maher but under the watchful eye of Carvalho, the young fighter was a picture of calm and composure.

Maher started the fight with aggressive striking skills but Tremayne defended well. Tremayne dished out some solid elbows and straight punches in response to Maher’s kicks and jabs and timed his attacks while waiting for the opportunity to get through the holes in Mahers defence.

Tremayne soon spotted the openings in Maher’s brawling style, he wasted no time in taking him down and rained punches at him to win the bout.

Winner: Christian Tremayne, via TKO in round 1, at 1min 38 sec.

Fight 4: – Female Catchweight – Vy Srey Khouch vs Aiyada Verpoest (Thailand)

This female bout was an exciting Cambodian versus Thai bout that was set to thrill the audience.  Thai fighter, Aiyada Verpoest, representing Bangkok Fight Lab,  had a background in Muay Thai and had been training in MMA only in the recent 4 months, but she was ready to make her pro-debut this evening.  Cambodian fighter, Vy Srey Khouch,  was a Khun Khmer specialist representing Selapak gym, who was ready to demonstrate the strengths of her Khun Khmer skills against Verpoest’s  Muay Thai skills.  

This bout would be an interesting fight not only because of the Cambodian -Thai and Khun Khmer-Muay Thai match-up.  It would also be an opportunity to see how both fighters leverage their skills in the cage in an MMA fight.  

Khouch proved to be the more aggressive fighter who had a good mix of skills that quickly transitioned from a stand up fight to a ground fight.  She quickly took Verpoest to the ground after a series of quick punches which seemed to overwhelm Verpoest.  On the ground, Verpoest did put up a good defence right up to the end of round 1.  

In round 2, Verpoest made several failed attempts to take Khouch down and was overwhelmed by Khouch’s right hooks which caused her to  fall, thus ending the fight.

With this fight, it was clearly not a bout that pit Khun Khmer skills against Muay Thai skills.  What pleasantly stunned the crowd, was Khouch’s good display of ground skills.  

Winner: Vy Srey Khouch, via KO in round 2 , at 1min 13 sec.

Fight 5:  Featherweight – Atipong ‘Singh Noi’ Nuiaiad (Thailand) vs Supachai Birdy Tor Buawmas ‘ Sungpasert (Thailand)

This bout saw Thai fighters,

Atipong Nuiaiad with an 18-12 Muay Thai record and Supachai Sungpasert who had chocked up more than 100 Muay Thai fights, making their pro MMA debut.  Nuiaiad represents Lion Muay Thai Phuket and Sungpasert represents Amazing Muay Thai Gym Hua Hin.

It is often predictable when Muay Thai specialists make their pro-debut because their fight stance and initial strikes all hark back to their familiar roots. This fight was no different.  It started slow with a lot of posturing between the 2 fighters followed by typical roundhouse kicks and front kicks. Round 1 ended without much excitement.

Both fighters were clearly exceptional in Muay Thai but failed to make an attempt at demonstrating other skills essential to the sport of MMA. Both rounds just showcased their Muay Thai skills.  However in round 2, the crowd got to their feet when Nuiaiad turned the game around in a promising show of aggression by tripping Sungpasert with a low kick but it failed to transition to a ground game.

The final round saw more of the same posturing, exchanging roundhouse kicks and failed attempts at takedowns.   

Winner: Atipong Nuiaiad via unanimous decision.

Fight 6:  Welterweight – Youssef ‘The Silverback’ Wehbe vs Carlos Prates (Brazil)

Lebanese fighter Wehbe representing Phuket Top Team, has a 3-2-1 pro MMA record.  Brazilian fighter, Prates representing Phuket Fight Club has a pro-MMA record of 5-4.  While Prates has more pro MMA fights under his belt,   Wehbe is known to be an endurance fighter, having most of his fights end in decision.

Wehbe wasted no time in getting Prates in a takedown but the latter put up a strong defense, using the cage to keep the pressure on.  However when opportunity presented, Prates took the fight to the ground and started raining punches against Wehbe.  

 In round 2, Prates unsettled Wehbe with a straight one two before taking Wehbe to the ground.  A classic ground and pound ensued and Wehbe made the mistake of presenting his back to Prates which gave the latter an opportunity to finish the fight via rear naked choke.

Winner:  Carlos Prates, via rear naked Choke in round 2, at 2min 56 sec. 

Fight 7:  Heavyweight – Andrzej Kulik (Poland) vs Masoud Ranjabar (Iran)

This heavyweight bout was a highly anticipated bout because Iranian fighter  Ranjabar who represents AKA Thailand with a 1-0 record was a UFC heavyweight prospect.  He performed exceptionally well in his last fight at FMD 7 in Bangkok, and was set to impress the crowd again. Polish fighter Kulik has a 0-3 record.  He showed up to this event in good spirits in spite of the unfortunate circumstance of losing his luggage at the Bangkok airport.  Unfazed, he was hell-bent on defeating Ranjabar  and showed up to the cage sportingly to finish what he had come to do.

Kulik started the fight with a few feeble punches and a missed roundhouse kick and that was when Ranjabar saw the opportunity for a takedown, not once, but twice,   followed by some powerful punches and elbows against Kulik’s face till the referee stopped the fight.  Ranjabar was an impressive body of power in this fight and used his strength to full advantage. 

Winner: Masoud Ranjabar via TKO in round 1 at 2mim 5 sec

Fight 8: Bantamweight – Jayson Margallo (Philippines) vs Yoskaikaew ‘Y2K’ Fairtex (Thailand)

Filipino fighter Margallo, from GOAT locker gym made his pro MMA debut with a 2-1 amateur record.  This was Yodkaikaew ‘s 3rd MMA fight, representing Fairtex Gym. This bout was expected to pit classic boxing skills against Muay Thai skills.  However Margallo stunned Yodkaikaew with a takedown at the start of the fight.  He kept the pressure on and Yodkaikaew just couldn’t get into a strong position and finally made the mistake of presenting his back and hence providing Margallo with the opportunity to finish the fight via rear naked choke.

This fight was not a bout pitting boxing and Muay Thai skills after all.  It was a demonstration of exceptional grappling skills by the promising, young Filipino fighter.

Winner: Jayson Margallo, via rear naked choke  in round 1, at 1 min 52 sec.

Fight 9 Main event : Catchweight – Michal Vostry (Czech Republic) vs Will ‘The Kill’ Chope (USA)

The main event promised to be an exciting one between ex-UFC fighter, Will ‘The Kill’ Chope, representing Juggernaut Fight Club and Combat 360 and Czech fighter Michal Vostry representing Legacy Gym.  Their fight experience seemed very unbalanced with Chope chocking up  a 28-9 pro- MMA record while Vostry had a 6-7 pro-MMA record.  However, this fight saw both fighters playing to their respective advantages, one in reach and the other in size.  According to Chope before this bout, both fighters were supposed to meet in India for a fight  which did not happen so they had to take their battle to Phuket in this event. 

In round 1, both fighters started the bout with some powerful kicks before Vostry got Chope into a takedown.  However, Chope used his reach well and quickly took the fight to his feet and dealt a few knees against Vostry when the latter got him into a clinch.

While Chope used his reach well, Vostry used his size to his advantage and forced Chope into yet another takedown but could not keep the fight to the ground long enough.

In round 2,  Chope returned the favour and got Vostry into a takedown this time.  Vostry put up a good defense using his size to play to his advantage.  When Vostry presented his back, Chope kept the pressure on to attempt  a rear naked choke but was not successful.

In the final round,   Vostry kept the pressure on with a couple of attempts at a takedown again.  Chope was undeterred and promptly took the fight up in his feet again, even turning the fight around before the final bell went.

Winner:  Will Chope via split decision.