Glory of Heroes 36 reveals the growing level of MMA grappling in China

Kenneth Evensen defeats Qiu Jianliang at Glory of Heroes 36
Kenneth Evensen defeats Qiu Jianliang at Glory of Heroes 36

Glory of Heroes 36 brought out some young Chinese grappling talent and six out of seven finishes by submission. Unfortunately, the two kickboxing stars who crossed over into MMA were not part of that group.

Muay Thai champion Qiu Jianliang got a fast taste of MMA action in his debut against Kenneth Evensen. Qiu got off a few flashy kicks and his punches were clean, however Evensen level changed in the clinch and got a big double leg takedown. Qiu did some decent defense off his back and kept guard, but Evensen threw him for a loop when he sat back for a heel hook that has Qiu tapping furiously.

Well-known Chinese grappler Cui Liucai was pushed very hard in the first round by Mukhiddin Kholov, who threatened with big punches and near submissions. As time wore on, Kholov began to visibly tire, and although he was walking in with punches and shoots, nothing was landing. After three rounds, judges all declared a Draw and asked for over time. Cui’s gas tank had more left, and he worked top control to the decision win.

At first, Rustem Yensebayev thought he was going to be able to out-grapple Wang Jizheng when it hit the canvas and Wang lost position. But once Wang found an opening to take a limb, he grabbed onto an ankle, launched into a roll, and had Yensebayev tapping before they came to rest.

Alexandr Danilov chokes Deng Zeqi at Glory of Heroes 36
Alexandr Danilov chokes Deng Zeqi at Glory of Heroes 36

Standout kickboxing and Muay Thai champion Deng Zeqi had nothing in the way of a ground game, unfortunately, so Alexandr Danilov made quick work of him with a rear naked choke.

Leandro Rodrigues waited through He Nannan’s wrestling and takedowns to be exactly where he wanted: on his back and hunting for a submission. In the second round, Rodrigues was able to lock on the triangle and get He to tap.

Bantamweight Sergey Molchanov from Belarus (this could be an incorrect translation) spent the first round battering Shi Xiaoyu with punches and kicks. In the second, Shi caught him on the ground, work in north south and scrambled through to an anaconda which made Molchanov tap in the second.

Yin Shuai opened the card with a very active display of his grappling prowess, refreshing in a Chinese MMA event. His opponent Ilia Cherkashin had very good defense and was able to recover guard many times until Yin finally got a triangle on him, and Cherkashin had to tap in the second

Glory of Heroes 36
20 October 2018
Sichuan, China

#7 Featherweight
Kenneth Evensen def Qiu Jianliang by Submission, heelhook, R1

#6 Bantamweight
Cui Liucai def Mukhiddin Kholov by Decision

#5 Featherweight
Wang Jizheng 王纪征 def Rustem Yensebayev by submission, heel hook, R1

#4 Bantamweight
Alexandr Danilov def Deng Zeqi 邓泽奇 by Submission, RNC, R1

#3 Lightweight
Leandro Rodrigues def He Nannan by Submission, triangle, R2

#2 Bantamweight
Shi Xiaoyu 时晓雨def Sergey Molchanov (?) by Submission, anaconda, R2

#1 Flyweight
Yin Shuai 尹帅def Ilia Cherkashin by Submission, triangle, R2


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