GRACHAN 15 recap and results: Shigeki Osawa claims the Featherweight Championship


By Kei Kumaki, Correspondent in Japan

GRACH 15 Lightweight Champ Shigeki Osawa, courtesy Hideki Mitomi
GRACH 15 Featherweight Champ Shigeki Osawa, courtesy Hideki Mitomi

GRACHAN is an MMA promotion that was started by CEO Hiroyuki Iwasaki in June of 2012. The concept is to present a fusion of fight and music. The audience watches the fights in the arena while listing to loud rock.


They use unified rules, but matches are only 2 rounds of 5 minutes each, with the main event being 3 rounds. The cage is smaller than the UFC’s Octagon.

The difference of GRACHAN is not only in concept but also in the fighters. GRACHAN has good young fighters. They provide opportunities for young fighters to be able to have experiences in the cage with GRACHAN Challenge.

The difference between GRACHAN Challenge and other events is any fighter can fight in it. For example, a fighter who does not belong to a Shooto affiliate gym cannot fight in amateur Shooto. This is part of the reason GRACHAN is showing success, as it makes a good relationship with young fighters.

GRACHAN is not a big name in Japan like DEEP now, but it has big potential.


Main card play by play

Osawa VS Sakuta

Round 1. Osawa is a lefty. Osawa attempts double and takes down, but he is caught with a triangle and eats some punches. Osawa escapes and crawls up. Osawa pushes Sakuta to the cage and punishes him, then takes down with double. Sakuta cage walks. They exchange some jabs. Sakuta body kicks. But Osawa takes him down by catching his leg. Osawa pounds. Sakuta attempts to sweep and arm lock. They both stall, ref stands them up.

Round 2. Sakuta hits Osawa with a right cross, but Osawa takes him down with a double. Sakuta attempts an arm lock. Osawa escapes and pounds on him. Sakuta scrambles up but is taken back down soon and attempts another arm lock.

Round 3. They exchange jabs. Osawa with the take down again. Sakuta elbows to his head and attempts an arm lock.
Sakuta stands up. Osawa takes down again. Sakuta is bleeding. Doctor check. Restart from standing. Osawa takes down again after throwing a one two and gets half guard. Osawa pounds and Sakuta is knocked out.

Ueyama VS Nakamura

Round 1. Ueyama is much taller than Nakamura. Ueyama throws double jabs and a jab hook combination. Nakamura steps back and leg kicks. Nakamura with a left hook after Ueyama throws a right cross. Ueyama is down and shows his back. Nakamura follows him and pounds. But Ueyama stands up. Ueyama looks to have no damage. Nakamura attempts to grab but Ueyama keeps a long distance and throws effective jabs. Nakamura attempts to hit him with an upper cut but it misses.

Round 2. Ueyama throws jabs and joint kicks. Nakamura steps in throwing huge hooks but Ueyama keeps his distance. Ueyama with a front kick and throws a right cross. It lands and Nakamura is hurt so he holds Ueyama and pushes him to the cage but Ueyama gets away. Nakamura is given the Majority Decision.

Aniki VS Harai

Round 1. Aniki is the oldest MMA fighter on the card; he is 47 years old. Aniki is lefty. Harai throws some jabs and a front kick. Harai attempts a single but Aniki defends. Harai pushes him to the cage. Aniki catches his neck with a guillotine and takes him down. Aniki gets half guard position and throws punches. Harai scrambles up and attempts double but Aniki defends.

Round 2. Both circling. Harai attempts a double and lifts Aniki. Aniki gets half guard but Harai soon passes and gets mount position. Aniki shows his back and Harai catches his neck with a RNC. Aniki goes to sleep.

Sakamoto VS Kawanaka

Round 1. Kawanaka is lefty. Kawanaka throws a few jabs and uses tackle feints. Sakamoto throws one two punches.
They keep a long distance. Sakamoto steps in and throws a one two. It lands and Kawanaka is down.

Ueyama VS Dari

Round 1. Ueyama is a lefty. Daryl keeps pressure and makes Ueyama back step. Ueyama circles and shows a few jabs and right hooks. Each keeps their distance and uses feints. Daryl steps in and lands a right hook but Ueyama does not have damage. Daryl keeps the pressure and Ueyama attempts a single but Daryl defends. Ueyama keeps away and circles.

Round 2. Daryl keeps up pressure and throws a right hook. Ueyama kicks his leg. But Daryl continues to keep pressure. Daryl attempts a head kick but slips. They continue to feint. Daryl keeps his pressure on and throws double right hooks that land and puts Ueyama down.


November 30, 2014
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Featherweight Championship
Shigeki Osawa defeats Keiji Sakuta by KO
Kensaku Nakamura defeats Tomoaki Ueyama by Decision
Toru Harai defeats Juntaro Ami by Submission, Rear Naked Choke
Yohei Sakamoto defeats Takahiro Kawanaka by KO
Daryl Lokoku defeats Ryuki Ueyama by KO
Hayato Suzuki defeats Kirihito Kodama by KO
Katsuyoshi Sasaki defeats Tsunayoshi Shomura by KO
Hideto Kondo defeats Jordan Hartman by Decision
Atsushi Yamada defeats Ryuichi Sekine by KO
Shuji Morikawa defeats Toshio Bartholomew by KO
Oliver defeats Junpei Hamada by KO
Toshikatsu Harada defeats Takugo Kobayashi by Submission, Rear Naked Choke
Takuya Yamamoto defeats Tadasuke Nozoe by KO
Kota Yokoyama defeats Yosuke Notsu by KO
Shuya Kamikubo defeats Fuminao Odawara by KO
Daisuke Kiguchi defeats Duke Horiuchi by Submission, Rear Naked Choke
Arata Ueki defeats Atsushi Makigaya by Split Decision
Keichi Iio defeats Yuya Kaneuchi by Unanimous Decision
Koichiro Takekawa defeats Osami Machida by KO
Kiyomitsu Takayama defeats Makoto Negishi by Submission, Rear Naked Choke
Takao defeats Tatsuya Abe by KO – Amateur
RS Yutaka defeats Shota Kuwashima by KO – Amateur