GrandSlam 1 live stream info, results for Tokoro vs Henry, Shimizu vs Tobizaru 2, Nam Phan vs Ito

GrandSlam 1
GrandSlam 1

Shuichiro Katsumura’s first GrandSlam event is held on July 13, 2014 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo in a cage with unified rules.

At the top of the bill is Hideo Tokoro who was selectively absent for a year after his shoulder slam loss at REAM New Years Eve 2011. Tokoro focusing on his gym and coaching endeavors and waited for the right opportunity to return to competition which came in the form of the new VTJ.

While his opponent is a mere 6-1, Victor Henry’s coach Josh Barnett thinks he has a combination of explosiveness and unpredictability which can confound and defeat Tokoro.

The next two of three top-billed fights for the card have recent UFC-cut fighters appearing. Shunichi Shimizu’s solo appearance at bantamweight gave him a bitter lesson that he needed to drop to fly, and this will be his first undertaking at the new weight division.

The stand out grappler faces the always exciting and unpredictable up and comer Tobizaru Number 2. Saruta was Shooto Rookie of 2013 and shot his war into title contention, only to be felled by the more experienced Ryuichi Miki.

Additionally, Nam Phan makes his way back to Japan after being silently released from the UFC also. He faces Zst stalwart Kenichi Ito. If the slugger in Nam comes back out, expect a fast-paced and fun fight.

GrandSlam 1
July 13, 2014
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Live 800yen PPV on Ustream at
Event start 2:15JST, PPV start 4:30JST

Main Card

8th match bantam-weight class(~61.2kg) [5min*3R]
Hideo Tokoro (32-26-2) 所英男(リバーサルジム武蔵小杉トコロプラス)
Victor Henry (6-1) ビクター・ヘンリー(CSW/ハイブリッドファイター)

Henry kicks and Tokoro plants one on his nose. Henry catches a kick and counters back. Both clash and counter with kicks and punches. Henry opens up with more back and side kicks. A clash to clinch and both land heel kicks. Tokoro with the take down at the end of the round.

Rd 2. Henry starts closing in with low kicks and Tokoro responds with flurries of punches. Henry gets the KO! And then pole dances.

Victor Henry defeats Hideo Tokoro by KO, rd 2, 1:52





7th match the fly-weight class(~56.7kg) [5min*3R]
Shunichi Shimizu (28-9-10) 清水俊一(宇留野道場/ハイブリッドファイター)
Yosuke Saruta (8-4-2) 飛猿 No.2 (リバーサルジム川口リディプス)

Shimizu eats a hight hook on the way out of a clash and another left jab. Saruta slips a takedown and works to get the back and pulls Shimizu down but he scrmbles up. Low kick by Shimizu. Saruta darting in with single shots and lands a combo at the cage. Feinting and dodging. Saruta grabs for a single. Conservative round.

Rd 2. Shimizu takes the center but Saruta attacks. Shimizu slips on a kick and Saruta takes advantage but Shimizu gets up and sneaks in an elbow. Saruta with a nice right hook. Shimizu too conservative and Saruta is looking for a KO. Shimizu finds his distance but Saruta still more active in throwing and landing more. Shimizu almost lands a head kick. Saruta keeps landing head punches.

Rd 3. Shimizu picks up the pace but Saruta out punching him. Warning to both for inactivity. Shimizu gets a double. Saruta picks up his combos. Shimizu still just dodging with an occasional kick. Spinning back elbow and a flying knee from Shimizu neither of which lands clean.

Yosuke Saruta defeats Shunichi Shimizu by Unanimous Decision




6th match 64kg-weight [5min*3R]
Nam Phan (18-13) ナム・ファン(パラエストラ八王子)
Kenichi Ito (12-11-8) 伊藤健一(カルペディエム)

Nam comes in looking to trade and Ito oblidges. Nam lands a right that puts Ito on tha canvas and out.

Nam Phan defeats Kenichi Ito by KO, rd 1, 4:27



5th the feather -weight class(~65.8kg) [5min*3R]
Koji Mori (10-3-1)

Takami in yellow. Mori in blue.

Takami tries a flying something or other. Mori punches him down. Takami gets an armbar but Mori gets out. Ikuya gets an eye poke. Restart. Ikuya goes in but sits and grabs guard. Ikuya with spinning backfist! Mori goes down and Ikuya takes the back for a quick RNC.

4th match the middle-weight class(~83.9kg) [5min*3R]
Bob Armstrong (1-0)

Yousuke in red. Bob in blue.

Bob Armstrong defeats Yousuke by TKO, rd 1, :31

3rd match the light-weight class(~70.3kg) [5min*3R]
Daisuke Hoshino (8-8-1) 岡澤弘太(リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム)
Kota Okazawa (11-9-5) 星野大介(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

Daisuke in leopard. Kota in white. Kota shoots for a single and Daisuke takes his head but lets go and tries to pass. Kota tries for deep half then a sweep but Daisuke keeps him down. Daisuke tries to spin over but Kota reverses and they stand. Kota shoots again. Drags him down by one leg at the end of the round.

Rd 2. Kota with a creative takedown to scizzor to guard. Daisuke controls his legs and punches back. Daisuke with nice short elbows. Kota tries to throw up a triangle. Kota eats one and slips to the back! Daisuke stands out of it! Daisuke gets back into guard and punches! Kota gets an omoplata at the bell!

Rd 3. Kota goes in with punches to shoot. Daisuke defends but Kota keeps the leg and takes the back standing. Kota with the suplez but Daisuke reverses into it for top position. More short elbows feom Daisuke. Kota tries to shrimp out so Daisuke unloads punches on his face. Kota rolls under for a leglock but Daisuke defends to the bell.

Daisuke Hoshino defeats Kota Okazawa by Unanimous Decision




2nd match the bantam-weight class(~61.2kg) [5min*3R]
Taku Kajikawa (8-2-1) 井口摂(BADASS13)
(2-4-1) 梶川卓(スカーフィスト

Taku in red and black. Setsu in grey. Taku getting all jiggy. Turns and walks away from touch gloves. They trade kicks and Taku with a combo inside. Setsu grabs a kick for the takedown. Taku reverses to north south and eventually lets Setsu up. Setsu with knees in the clinch. Setsu lands a jab. Taku is telegraphing and Setsu feints. Taku lands kicks. Groin shot to Taku. He recovers and starts landing his punches and a nice inside leg kick.

Rd 2. Taku pressures against the cage. Ref separates them. Taku lans a punch and Setsu goes dpwn and grabs half then tries for a leg lock! He scrambles to the back but Taku reverses to get top position. Taku stands amd tries to be a badass by jumping over guard but he lands in a triangle. He gets out. Back to standing. Dirty boxing in the clinch from Setsu. Setsu with a head kick. Another kick and Taku takes him down.

Rd 3. Taku starts showboating and landing punces and kicks. Setsu seems to have slowed but he starts slipping punches more and puts Taku against the cage. Knees from both. Setsu with short punches. Taku reverses and tries for a trip. Taku has inside leg kicks that are destroying Setsu. Taku with the throw! Taku pounds to the bell.

Taku Kajikawa defeats Setsu Iguchi by Unanimous Decision



1st match the bantam-weight class(~61.2kg) [5min*3R]
Takeshi Kashiwazaki (7-0-2) 柏崎剛(K-PLACE)
Takahiro Furumagi (1-0) 古間木崇宏(パラエストラ八王子)

Takahiro in black. Takeshi in red. Takahiro scores with a takedown but they pop back up in the clinch each looking for another takedown. Takahiro gets the trip but ends on the bottom. Scramble to standing. Takahiro with inside leg trip and Takeshi reversea him. Takeshi works inside guard with pressure and a few punches. Takahiro reverses! They stand and Takeshi lands a huge knee. Takahiro with another trip which Takeshi reverses into guard again. Round ends with 2 hard shots by Takeshi.

Rd 2. Takahiro goes fkr the trip but now Takeshi has it figured out. In guard He lets Takahiro worm out then he takes the back. With hooks in Takeshi punches then goes for the choke. He gets the tap.

Takeshi Kashiwazaki defeats Takahiro Furumagi by Submission, RNC, rd 2, 2:21



Preliminary Fights

#8 – fly class 5-2 R
Tokuaki Ninomiya (4-6-5) クロスワンジム湘南・二之宮徳昭
Yuichi Miyagi (5-3) フィット&キックDROP・宮城友一

Yuichi Miyagi defeats Tokuaki Ninomiya by Submission, RNC, rd 2, 4:03

#7 – 73 kg contract 5-2 R
Masaki Sakurazawa (1-1)

Morishiman defeats Masaki Sakurazawa by KO, rd 1, 1:57

#6 – featherweight 5-2 R
Daiki Kaneko (0-0) リバーサルジム川口リディプス・金子大輝
Hiroki Mihara (0-0) リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム・三原宏樹

Daiki Kaneko defeats Hiroki Mihara by KO, rd 1, 4:29

#5 – Bantam class 5-2 R
Kohei Maruyama (0-0) ALIVE・丸山耕平
Takuya Hirano (0-0) フリー・平野拓也

Takuya Hirano defeats Kohei Maruyama by TKO, rd 1, :45

#4 – Bantam class 5-2 R
Shinya Sugimura (0-0) リバーサルジム新宿ME,WE・杉山晋哉
Satoshi Fujiwara (1-1-1) GRAACA MMA・藤原悟史

Satoshi Fujiwara defeats Shinya Sugimura by TKO, rd 1, 3:53

#3 – flyweight 5-2 R
Keisuke Tamaru (12-14-5) 宇留野道場/ハイブリッドファイター・田丸慶輔
Kenta ‘Hachioji of the Dead’ Nagatsuka (4-3) パラエストラ八王子・八王子オブザデッド

Kenta ‘Nagatsuka defeats Keisuke Tamaru by Submission, omoplata, rd 1, 4:32

#2 – Match 2 welterweight 5-2 R
Yosuke Yaguchi (0-0) BRAVE・布川雄士
Masahiro Mizushima (0-0) リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム・水島雅浩

#1 – Grand Slam survivor game 1 is 54.4 kg contract 5-2 R
Takayuki Komazawa (0-0) 駒沢孝行 AACC・
Tetsuo Nakanishi (0-0) 石綱テツオ ISHITSUNA MMA・

Tetsuo Nakanishi defeats Takayuki Komazawa by TKO, Slam, rd 1, 1:35

#0 – Grand Slam survivor No. 0 game is 65.8 kg contract 5-2 R

大村朗改めオームラン73あきら ケルベロス柔術・
川頭広卓 カルペディエム・

川頭広卓 winner by RNC, rd 1, 4:08

Opening fights

#5 – amateur MMA lightweight 3-2 R
Yuki Shiro Kobuchizawa 小淵佑志郎 グランドスラムKREW・
Hatano Shinya 幡野進也 リバーサルジム立川アルファ・

Kobuchizawa defeats Hatano by KO, rd 1, :14

#4 – amateur MMA featherweight 3-2 R
Yusuke Yamauchi 山内雄輔 ライジングサン・
Kansai 関大安 リバーサルジム立川アルファ・


#3 – amateur MMA featherweight 3-2 R
Akiyama Masatoshi 秋山昌利 ライジングサン・
Fujita Takashi 藤田貴士 リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム・


#2 – BJJ match Brown belt Pena class 8-1
Mitsui Kazumasa 三井一正 ヒロブラジリアン柔術アカデミー・
Takeda 武田雪馬 リバーサルジム新宿Me,We

Mitsui Kazumasa defeats Takeda by 1 advantage, 0:0

#1 – BJJ match purple belt light weight 7×1.
Kazuyuki Terunuma 照沼和行 グランドスラムKREW・
Hideaki Iwasaki 岩崎英明 リバーサルジム新宿Me,We

Hideaki Iwasaki defeats Kazuyuki Terunuma on points, 8:0


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