HEAT 29 results and updates


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HEAT 29 took place on December 15, 2013 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo Japan. Prospects Mikihito Yamagami and Kenta Sakuma rack up wins, Sato and Kasugai also victorious.

Shooto Flyweight Champ Mikihito Yamagami, a top prospect who last defeated Caol Uno by decision at VTJ 2, face MMA dabbler Narongchai Dragontail, a Muay Thai coach and competitor of over 120 fights in Thailand, Rebels and WPMF sanctioned events. Yamagami also competes in kickboxing and was RISE tournament winner in 2007, so he has the goods to play the game standing. If Narongchai’s ground game has improved at all since his 2010 outing remains to be seen.

Post fight: Yamagami took the Thai down and hammered him until the ref jumped in halfway through the first.

Yoichiro Sato, on a four fight win streak, meets Fumitoshi Ishikawa, who went undefeated until his last fight, an unsuccessful run at Kiichi Kunimoto’s belt. Kunimoto has vacated due to contracting with the UFC, so this match looks to position the next contenders.

Post fight: Sato stays on top of the heap. He took Ishikawa down and beat on him through most of the fight to get the nod by all judges.


Shooto ranker Fumihiro Kitahara gets his first shot in a cage against a top prospect, Takeshi Kasugai, who is undefeated in 3 years.

Post fight: Kitahara stayed in the game but Kasugai continued his lucky streak in HEAT.

Makoto Kamaya, a DEEP golden boy who has fallen on hard times, moves over to HEAT to try his luck at snapping the streak against Shhoto’s up and comer Kenta Sakuma.

Post fight: Sakuma pressed the more experienced Kamaya, and while it wasn’t one-sided, Sakuma keeps climbing up the ladder by way of a split decision.

In a bit of a fluff match, comedian Oyaki tries his hand at MMA against BJJ master Rafael Teixeira.

Post fight: Surprisingly, it’s Oyaki with the win in an unflattering contest.


December 15, 2013
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Results are translated from Japanese – not official and there may be some inaccuracies until the official results are out.

#14 – Flyweight Semi finals セミファイナル HEAT総合ルール フライ級 ワンマッチ 5分3R
Mikihito Yamagami (9-2) 山上幹臣(総合格闘技道場STF) 56.6kg
Narongchai Dragontail (0 – 2) ナロンチャイ・ドラゴンテイルジム(ドラゴンテイルジム) 55.90kg

Mikihito Yamagami defeats Narongchai Dragontail by TKO, rd 1, 2:53

#13 – kick rules super heavyweight class HEATキックルール スーパーヘビー級 ワンマッチ 3分3R 延長1R
Prince Ali プリンス・アリ(志村道場) 103kg
クァ・ユンソプ(青湖ジム) 92kg

Prince Ali defeats Prince Ali by KO, rd 1, 1:08

#12 – Welterweight HEAT総合ルール ウェルター級 ワンマッチ 5分3R
Yoichiro Sato (12 – 5 – 2) 佐藤洋一郎(グレイシーバッハ東京) 77.2kg
Fumitoshi Ishikawa (8 – 1 – 0) 石川史俊(風吹BJJアカデミー) 76.85kg

Yoichiro Sato defeats Fumitoshi Ishikawa by Unanimous Decision

#11 – middleweight HEAT総合ルール ミドル級 ワンマッチ 5分3R
Yuki Niimura (5 – 2 – 0) 新村優貴(TEAM CLIMB) 84.0kg
Dae Song Kim (0 – 0 – 0) キム・デソン(韓国/CMA KOREA/TEAM GROWS GWANG-JU) 83.9kg

Yuki Niimura defeats Dae Song Kim by TKO, rd 1, 4:32

#10 – kick rule middleweight HEATキックルール ミドル級 ワンマッチ 3分3R 延長1R
OK オク・トンジュ(韓国/TEAM JU) 69.80kg
Hiromichi 博通(治政館) 70.10kg

OK オク・トンジュ defeats Hiromichi by KO, rd 3, 2:23

#9 – flyweight HEAT総合ルール フライ級 ワンマッチ 5分3R
Fumihiro Kitahara (12 – 4 – 1) 北原史寛(パラエストラ札幌) 56.95kg
Takeshi ‘Agar’ Kasugai (12 – 2 – 1) 春日井健士(志村道場) 57.10kg

Takeshi ‘Agar’ Kasugai defeats Fumihiro Kitahara by Unanimous Decision

#8 – bantamweight non-title match HEAT総合ルール バンタム級 ワンマッチ 5分3R
Makoto Kamaya (22 – 13 – 3) 釜谷真(Honey Trap) 61.2kg
Kenta Sakuma (7 – 2 – 2) 佐久間健太(パラエストラ柏) 61.5kg

Kenta Sakuma defeats Makoto Kamaya by Split Decision

#7 – HEAT NEW AGEファイト総合ルール スペシャルワンマッチ 4分2R
Oyaki おやき(和術慧舟會HEARTS) 82.90kg
Rafael Teixeira ラファエル・テイシェイラ(ブラジリアン・タイ My-Team) 83.75kg

Oyaki defeats Rafael Teixeira by Unanimous Decision

#6 – lightweight HEAT総合ルール ライト級 ワンマッチ 5分3R
Ukyo Abe (4 – 3 – 1) 阿部右京(総合格闘技道場STF) 70.3kg
Ren Onepan (0 – 0 – 0) ワンパンのレン(YBN JAPAN) 69.40kg

Ukyo Abe defeats Ren Onepan by Submission, rd 1, 1:58

#5 – kick rule lightweight first championship tournament semi final 3分3R  延長1R
Akira Yuki 晃希(Team S.R.K feat.悪 羅スタ埼玉)1回目61.35kg→2回目60.0kg

皇治 defeats Akira Yuki by TKO, rd 1, :55

#4 – kick rule lightweight first championship tournament semi final 3分3R  延長1R
Ryu Ken 拳竜(士魂村上塾) 59.95kg
悠矢(大和ジム) 59.80kg

Yu defeats Ryu Ken by TKO, rd 1, 2:11

#3 – kick rule lightweight first championship tournament semi final 3分3R  延長1R
KING(マッハ道場/板東支部) 60.0kg
MO刃KI(チャクリ キ二刃会) 59.45kg

KING defeats MO刃KI by Split Decision

#2 – flyweight HEAT総合ルール フライ級 ワンマッチ 5分3R
Yoshiyuki Takano (3 – 6 – 0) 高野祥之(八景ジム) 56.7kg
Asuka ‘Riku Shibuya’ Mikami (8 – 2 – 2) 渋谷莉孔(フリー) 56.60kg

Asuka ‘Riku Shibuya’ Mikami defeats Yoshiyuki Takano by TKO, rd 3, 4:48

#1 – HEAT総合ルール フライ級 ワンマッチ 5分3R
Yuya Kaneuchi (4 – 9 – 5) 金内“サイダー”雄哉(グレイシーバッハ東京) 54.4kg
vs Jun Nabeshima (3 – 5 – 1) 鍋 島潤(和術慧舟會 東京道場) 54.8kg

Jun Nabeshima defeats Yuya Kaneuchi by KO, rd 2, 2:22