Ikkiuchi 2 results and photos: an emotional win for Daisuke “Amazon” Sugie



Ikkiuchi 2 winner Daisuke Sugie
Ikkiuchi 2 winner Daisuke Sugie

Genki Sudo’s Ikkiuchi 2 invitational grappling tournament was held on May 17, at the Zenryuji Temple in Tokyo, Japan. Daisuke “Amazon” Sugie cleared the tournament with all finishes to take home the win.

Sugie submitted Hirotaka Yokoi with a collar choke in the opening round, then quickly finished Hiroshi Okamoto with a triangle. In the finals he met Charles Gaspar, and again his go-to collar choke earned him the victory in just under three minutes.

Sugie’s victory was an emotional one for the MMA and grappling community as a whole. His family underwent a crisis earlier in the year when his one of his daughters passed away from a heart condition at just four years old. The community had gotten together to fund overseas treatment for his daughter. After the family tragedy, Sugie donated the remaining funds to a charity to help other children with the same condition. He is also building his own gym with the title of “HOPE”. Sugie is truly a remarkable inspiration for hope and strength in the face of adversity.

Winner: Daisuke “Amazon” Sugie
Runner-up: Charles Gaspar
Third place: Hiroshi Okamoto, Daizo Ishige
fighting spirit award
Tournament MVP: Daisuke Sugie

#9 Tournament Finals
Daisuke Sugie def Charles Gaspar at 2:55 by collar choke

#8 Special game
Akira Hosokawa def Watanabe Kenshiro by Decision 3-0

#7 Second semi-final
Daisuke Sugie def Hiroshi Okamoto at 1:03 by triangle

#6 First semi-final
Charles Gaspar def Daizo Ishige by Decision 3-0

#5 Fourth Quarterfinal
Daisuke Sugie def Hirotaka Yokoi at 5:39 by collar choke

#4 Third Quarterfinal
Hiroshi Okamoto def Mine by Decision 3-0

#3 Second Quarterfinal
Charles Gaspar def Kikuchi Yoshiyuki at 7:59 by collar choke

#2 First Quarterfinal
Daizo Ishige def Choi-Wan Choi by Decision 3-0

#1 Special match
Miyaji Kazuhiro def Jun Sakamoto by Decision 3-0

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