Invicta 8 play by play: Michelle Waterson takes on Yasuko Tamada for Atomweight title

Invicta 8 Atomweight title Michelle Waterson vs Yasuko Tamada, courtesy Esther Lin
Invicta 8 Atomweight title Michelle Waterson vs Yasuko Tamada, courtesy Esther Lin for Invicta FC

Invicta FC 8 takes place on September 6, 2014 live on UFC’s FightPass. The Atomweight title will be defended by Michelle Waterson against Yasuko Tamada.

Waterson brings her belt into the fight undefeated since 2009, on the way winning the title over Jessica Penne by a huge arm bar finish. Training out of one of the best camps in the US, Jackson’s MMA, has developed her all-around game which includes her striking base, and 6 submissions

Tamada has won her last three in a row and has never been finished. The nine-year MMA vet trains at Japan wrestling powerhouse gym ADCC under Megumi Fujii with some of the best Japanese women fighters. This is her first fight overseas, and it’s a big one.

Invicta FC 8
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Atomweight Championship
Michelle Waterson vs Yasuko Tamada – play by play

Round 1.

Waterson diligently goes to work with punches and kicks. Against the cage, she lands a huge knee against Tamada. Tamada recovers, they separate. Tamada eats a front kick and goes down. Back up, Waterson attacks again. Against the cage and she throws more knees. Tamada briefly reverses, but Waterson elbows her way out. Waterson lands a left punch nd a right body kick, Tamada stays standing. Tamada has no guard defense for Waterson’s striking.

Round 2.

Waterson comes out landing just about everything on Tamada. Waterson puts together a combo with punches, kicks and knees against the cage. Tamada finally gets the clinch. Waterson breaks out. Tamada tries to come in, Waterson’s reach and quick jab keep her out. Waterson puts Tamada down twice with kick catches. Tamada’s right eye is almost completely swollen. Waterson works the ribs again with kicks to close the round.

Round 3.

Waterson lands a check kick that thuds loudly. Another combination ends with knees to Tamada against the cage. Tamada catches the knee and tries to clinch but Waterson tosses her away. Tmada still bouncy, and Waterson lands a spinning back kick to the face and Tamada still stands! Waterson lands another rib kick and Tamada crumples in but takes it and tries to clinch. Waterson finishes Tamada with a final knee and punch and the ref jumps in just before the bell.

Michelle Waterson defeats Yasuko Tamada by TKO, rd 3, 4:58