Invicta 8 play by play: Tara LaRosa versus Roxanne Modafferi trilogy comes to a close

Invicta 8 Tara LaRosa vs Roxanne Modafferi
Invicta 8 Tara LaRosa vs Roxanne Modafferi, courtesy Invicta FC

Invicta 8 took place on September 6, 2014 a the promotion’s first event to go live on UFC FightPass. Roxanne Modafferi and Tara LaRosa met each other in a rubber match spanning since 2006.


The TUF veterans first met at Mix Fight and LaRosa’s hand was raised. In their 2010 rematch in Moosin, it was Modafferi’s hand raised. Another four years have gone by and the trilogy now ends in the largest all-women’s MMA promotion.

After an amazing start in Brazilian jiu jitsu where she was once ranked number one in her division and 2002 NAGA Fighter of the Year, Modafferi spent much of her MMA career training and fighting in Japan. Her next major move was to the US where she was signed on to the first UFC TUF for women, even though she was on a 5-fight losing streak. Modafferi’s character on the show proved why she has been so well-respected in the sport; her positive determination gained her even more of an international fan base.

LaRosa’s epic MMA career also comes on the back of a huge run in grappling, which includes a NAGA championship. She also has competed in Japan, way back in SmackGirl and her last fight against Rin Nakai on Pancrase’s 20th anniversary event. That loss made LaRosa’s only-ever back to back losses. She was also selected for TUF but a huge upset by Sarah Moras stopped her in the elimination round.


Invicta FC 8
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Tara LaRosa vs Roxanne Modafferi – play by play

Round 1.

Modafferi opens up with jabs, and LaRosa comes back with a combo. Modafferi lands more jabs from angles, then mixes up with kicks. LaRosa lands a superman punch, Modafferi returns with a kick. LaRosa comes back with her own kicks. LaRosa seems to start looking for counters. Modafferi still lays on the kicks thick. Nice jab backs up LaRosa. Back and forth, Modafferi sees hands down, lands a big right! Modafferi’s striking takes the round.

Round 2.

LaRosa opens with an inside leg kick. Modafferi responds with a body kick. Modafferi takes the center of the cage. Modafferi working angles and coming in and out. LaRosa, dropping her hands, goes for front kick. Modafferi active and not allowing the counters. LaRosa tries superman punch and misses, head kick misses too. Modafferi goes in and forces LaRosa back to the cage and lands a flurry. Modafferi very smart with her boxing, very aggressive and controlling.

Round 3.

LaRosa looks tired, hands low. Modafferi lands one right down the chute and puts LaRosa on her butt! Modafferi wants it stood. LaRosa tries a spinning back kick, Modafferi goes in and punishes her for it! LaRosa throws a glancing overhand right. Modafferi spinning back kick. LaRosa going for the huge rights, not landing. Modafferi with a combo to body kick. Modafferi mixed things up with a front kick. And a huge right hand counter from Modafferi lands!

Roxanne Modafferi defeats Tara LaRosa by Unanimous Decision

Invicta 8 Roxanne Modafferi def Tara LaRosa
Invicta 8 Roxanne Modafferi def Tara LaRosa