INVICTA 9 results: Mizuki Inoue thrills, Takayo Hashi chills in their respective decision losses

INVICTA 9 Mizuki Inoue, Takayo Hashi
INVICTA 9 Mizuki Inoue, Takayo Hashi

Invicta FC 9 took place on November 1, 2014, with two DEEP Jewels Champions, Takayo Hashi and Mizuki Inoue, sharing the spotlight.


In the main event, Hashi challenged Barb Honchak for her Flyweight title. Honchak kept Hashi pressured against the cage for almost the entire five rounds. She peppered Hashi with elbows and had sporadic groundwork, but the majority of the game was a tedious affair. Honchak retained her title in uneventful fashion with a Unanimous Decision.

Mizuki Inoue faced Karolina Kowalkiewicz in her second fight outside of Japan. While Inoue is widely touted as a boxing prodigy, Kowalkiewicz used an effected jab to neutralize her throughout round 1. Halfway into the second, Inoue turned on her game by flipping Kowalkiewicz to the ground and showing her skills there. An amazing final round saw both women go toe to toe in the striking department, with Kowalkiewicz landing a bit more while Inoue still looked fresh at the end of the match. The judges awarded the split decision to Kowalkiewicz.