Kan’na Asakura advanced to RIZIN Grand Prix!



Place:Shinjuku FACE
Start 18:00 / End 20:20
URL: http://www.deep2001.com/event/results/deep_jewels17.php


DEEP JEWELS 17 took place on 26th August 2017 at FULL HOUSE of Shinjuku FACE.

Japanese largest MMA promotion RIZIN will have the Atom-weight women MMA Grand Prix with 8 fighters this year and only 1 slot was vacant. Last night Kan’na Asakura and Saori Ishioka fought for “the last ticket” to take part in this tournament.

Recently RIZIN tends to promote young fighters like Tenshin Nasukawa, Erson Yamamoto, KING Reina so 20 years old Kan’na Asakura who is recognized as a fighter from YOUNG generation wanted to be in the same category. But 29 years old Saori Ishioka who is recognized as a fighter from OLD generation wanted to have a fight versus the current women MMA star RENA as a revenge. So Ishioka also want to take part in this tournament. They had their reason to fight.

During the fight wrestler Asakura aimed to tackle and take down and striker Ishioka aimed to hit her striking but Asakura dominated the fight and finally Asakura won. She said that she wants to fight for Ishioka and wants be a winner for coming the tournament. She will fight versus Sylvia Jusukevicz at next RIZIN on 15th October.



In 2015 at DEEP JEWELS 10 Emi Tomimatsu had a win against SARAMI. But during 2 years SARAMI changed her environment to train MMA… moved to Tokyo, changed the base gym to PANCRASEism Yokohama and recently she got 3 wins in a row and fought at ROAD FC in Korea. Surely she became stronger than before. After the last fight she appealed that she want to challenge the belt. The champion belt.

The fight was so close one. The result was 2-1 the split decision and the same as the last fight. Old generation fighter Tomimatsu won. She showed her strength with this fight.


Shizuka Sugiyama… UFC Fighter Keitaro Nakamura’s wife and has 1 year-old-baby had a fight against the Karate-fighter Karate Komachi who is a winner of Kyokushin Karate tournament and has 8-1 kickboxing career.

Karate Komachi wanted to fight with striking but grappler Sugiyama got take downs and tried arm bar persistently. Karate Komachi escaped Sugiyama’s arm bar some times but finally she was captured by Sugiyama’s arm bar. After the win Sugiyama appealed to fight at RIZIN and to fight versus another women MMA star Nozawa Shinjyu Auclair.



Main Event (Deciding Match for taking part in RIZIN Tournament:5min x 3R)
Saori Ishioka(Zendo-kai) VS Kan’na Asakura(PARAESTRA Matsudo)
Asakura won by 3-0/Decision.
*Asakura got the right to take part in the RIZIN Atom-Weight women Grand Prix Tournament.


5th Fight (Atom Weight:5min x 3R /Elbow-Attack allowed)
Emi Tomimatsu(PARAESTRA Matsudo) VS SARAMI (PANCRASEism Yokohama)
Tomimatsu won by 2-1/Decision.



Yukari Nabe, Emi Fujino, Kanako Murata and KING REINA appealed for the next DEEP CAGE event.
Nabe will fight against Murata.


4th Fight (Under 58kg:5min x 2R)
Shizuka Sugiyama(Zendo-kai/Reversal Gym Shinjuku Me,We) VS Karate Komachi(Bushin-kai)
Sugiyama won by Arm Bar at 1R 4’53”.


3rd Fight (Atom Weight:5min x 2R)
Mizuki Furuse(Y&K MMA ACADEMY) VS Yuko Saito(Akatsuki Dojo)
Saito won by TKO at 1R 3’38”.


2nd Fight (Amateur Under 47.6kg:3min x 2R)
Momoko Yamazaki(Crazy Armament) VS LION(TRI FORCE)
Yamazaki won by TKO at 1R 1’30”.


1st Fight (Amateur Under 47.6kg:3min x 2R)
MOMO(Karate-do Hakushin-kai) VS Tomomi Muneta(HIDE’s KICK)
MOMO won by 3-0/Decision.