Ken Hasegawa dominant with a Unanimous Decision in his Titan FC debut

Titan FC 31Ken Hasegawa defeats Matt Thompson
Titan FC 31Ken Hasegawa defeats Matt Thompson

Titan FC 31 took place on October 31, 2014 Texas, USA. Ken Hasegawa made his debut a dominant showing of his judo, striking aggression, and unfaltering pressure.


In the first round, Ken closed the distance and tripped Matt to the canvas where he followed him down and negated his ground game by collapsing Matt’s long legs and putting his weight on him. Ken maintained the top and pounded on Matt until Matt was able to roll out and get to standing.

Ken tried a throw and ended up on the bottom as Matt kept his balance. Matt took Ken’s back but not for long. Ken was able to roll back into guard and pass to side control. From there, Ken smartly pressured Matt until the final seconds, when Matt was able to recover guard. Ken stood out of it.


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In the second round, Ken landed two straight down the pipe, and Matt tried to counter but Ken just barreled inside nicely. Ken kept up the offense and Matt landed one of his own. Ken tried for a shoot but ate a knee to the chest. Matt attempted a head kick as Ken’s guard started to lower with tiredness.

Ken kept up his offense until the final minute as Matt slowly started to find his distance, but then Ken started nice work backing out of the distance and landing counters.


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Round three saw Ken come out with a lowered guard, but he shot and got Matt back to the canvas. Ken stood out of guard and landed some kicks before diving back in. Matt up kicked by Ken just grabbed side control again. Matt was able to sneak one of his long lanky legs up and get a triangle with a tight arm bar. Ken was really intelligent and countered perfectly and took side control again. Matt tried a front roll and wasn’t successful, leaving Ken in side control again.

Then, in a bizarre and controversial turn of events, the ref stood Ken up, right out of side control and Ken was forced out of his dominant position in a horrible decision that would leave anyone never wanting this ref in their fight. Matt used the position to throw a barrage of punches but Ken avoided most of the damage. Ken used his takedown again to put his opponent on his back, Matt sprawled but Ken took him anyway, and the final stanza saw Matt trying to counter with a single leg reversal, but Ken ended the fight leaving no guess to the winner.

Ken Hasegawa defeats Matt Thompson by Unanimous Decision


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