UFC 184: KID Yamamoto and Roman Salazar ruled No Contest after 2nd round eye poke

UFC 184
UFC 184

KID Yamamoto and Roman Salazar faced off at UFC 184 on February 28, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.


After three years away, KID went back to the Octagon against Roman Salazar, a 0-1 UFC vet.

Kid kept his same wide stance and quick darting footwork he’s known for to stay on the outside, and dart in with head punches. Salazar used body kicks when Yamamoto came inside, but they didn’t do too much damage.

Midway through the first, Kid landed a nice uppercut and utilized his own kicks. At the final minute, Kid’s strategic striking was pushing him ahead but Salazar connected with an unintentional eye poke. After the clock resumed, Kid ended the round with a right and another sharp kick.

In the second round, Salazar opened up with a big shoot and double leg that put Kid on his back. Kid was quick to recover. He scrambled back out to standing. He looked even fresher, and continued with his darts, and Salazar began to counter. Next it was Kid’s turn to land an accidental low blow for the momentary stop.

When the fight resumed, Salazar came in and his face met with Ki’s high guard, and Kid’s fingers grazed his eye. The time was stopped.

The doctor came in to check Salazar’s eye, and after several minutes, Salazar couldn’t give a definitive answer on whether ptr not he could resume. After he said no, John McCarthy halted the bout. Kid rushed over, knelt and begged him to continue. It didn’t happen. The bout was ruled a No Contest.