On August 24th, Legend FC held their tenth event at the AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong. The 1,200 venue was near capacity and as usual the production was slick.  There was no prelim streaming for this event, which meant the crowd benefitted from a shorter intermission before the main card.  Four big screens captured every bit of the action, although the spotlights connected next to them were a bit distracting because they kept panning right into the audiences’ eyes.  The ring lighting regressed backwards a few shows as it was mainly focused on the ring center, leaving any action against the ropes frustratingly dim.  The ramp towers for the fighters’ entrance looked diminutive in the cavernous Expo hall and could be much flashier going forward.

The lighting issues were the only minor glitches in a near flawless event.  Legend FC 10 was the most action-packed card held to date by the promotion, with absolutely stellar performances from every single athlete.  Commentator Vaughn ‘Blud’ Anderson took to the ring after every fight on the main event to speak with the winners, which was a great addition for the fans and fighters.  During the fights, our updates were being tweeted, so the following recap comes from that compilation.

Ev Ting versus Rolando Gabriel Dy

Before the event, Ev was calm but excited.  When asked what his game plan was, he simply replied, “Destroy.”  He knew little about his opponent except that he’s a striker, so he focused on making sure he had everything in order himself.  “Ideally,” Ev shared, “I will finish by a choke or KO before it gets to the second round.”

These guys have no love, staring across the ring at each other. Dy attempts a flying knee; Ev catches him and dumps him. Dy is hanging on while Ev tries to negotiate a position from the trip.  Ev takes the back half way through the round and sinks a choke; Dy is out but Ev gets mount. Dy scrambles up and gets a single leg. Dy tries for a heel hook, but Ev walks out of it, gets top position again and plants a knee on Dy’s noggin. Round 1 is done.

Round 2 opens cautiously. Ev gets Dy in the corner, but Dy somehow reverses to take Ev’s back. Dy plants a nice knee and shows a flurry of hands. Dy tries for the back, Ev reaches under for Dy’s legs and comes up with a text book knee bar! Then Dy reverses it! A couple more reversals end round 2.

Final round. Dy lands a flying knee! Ev comes back with a combo. Ev gets a td, but there’s not enough action on the ground for the ref so Gene Yu stands them up. Dy tries another jumping knee and Ev is wise to it – gets the td. Ev sinks another RNC but is reversed. Dy is gasping, hands low. But somehow he pulls out a knee, elbow and outside leg kick. Dy jumps guard for a guillotine and the round ends. Let’s see how the iJudgeFights.com bros see this one.

Ev Ting defeats Rolando Gabriel Dy by Unanimous Decision

Kai Kara-France versus Sam Chan

Kai Kara-France versus Sam Chan up next. It’s Sam’s debut in Legend FC. Kai lands a huge punch to Sam’s jaw! Sam scrambles back to get a tight triangle! Kai spends a minute inside of it. Kai steps over and lays Sam flat and breaks free to get some sort of weird crucifix with his legs. Kai sinks a tight guillotine and Sam taps at 3:21 of round 1. Great pushing the action by both guys who were looking to finish!

Kia Kara-France defeats Sam Chan by submission, 3:21 of Round 1

Choi Yeong Gwang versus Leonard Delarmino

Choi YeongGwang versus Leonard Delarmino kicking off. Choi won’t engage and baits a kick which he uses to td Leonard. From half guard, Choi looks to finish. Choi eats an upkick, but keeps pressing. Lands knees to Delarmino’s head. Takes the back, gets the RNC.

Choi Yeong Gwang defeats Leonard Delarmino by submission, 3:31 of rd 1.

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Jacques Marsters versus Yusuke Kasuya

Right hook by Marsters. This looks to be a boxing match. Big leg kick from Kasuya then Marsters goes to town. Kasuya is absolutely rocked but stays up! Huge rib kick from Kasauya doubles over Marsters!!! Kasuya attacks! He knees Marsters, gets him down, transitions from triangle to armbar, Marsters taps with just 6 seconds left in the round. Great fight!!!!

Yusuke Kasuya defeats Jacques Marsters by submission, 4:54 round 1, Submission of the Night

Alex Niu versus Luke Jumeau

Alex Niu vs Luke Jumeau up. Alex saunters in like a rockstar. Luke follows up with a rhinestone studded t-shirt. Alex eats one on the way in, no two. Luke is a good counter puncher. He opts for tds when he sees what Alex can take. It doesn’t work. These guys do not know what block is!!! Alex stuffs a td, gets Luke in the corner and feeds him knuckles! Luke is smashed but bangs back!

On to round 2! More of no blocking style boxing until it’s Alex with a nice side kick and gets it down to the mat. Luke is eating elbow after elbow!!! Luke’s under the ropes but its reset standing? Luke knocks Alex down! Alex up kicks and finally gets standing. Alex’s left eye is shut. They still trade blow after blow! Luke with more punches, Alex with more kicks. These guys are beating the living shit out of each other and its not even round 3!!! Luke’s leg is smashed and so is Alex’s face. Neither are going down. Nice body shot from Luke. And jumping knee. 30 secs!!! End of round 3… Or should I say end of WW 3??? Holy shit!!!!! Luke edges Alex to a UD. No 30s on those scorecards!!!! These two guys just made BANK!!!

Luke Jumeau defeats Alex Niu by decision, Fight of the Night

Ji Xian Versus Ruel Catalan

Ji Xian walks out to the Wong Fei Hung theme song and resounding applause. Though he didn’t make weight. Ruel Catalan comes out in a death mask to AC/DC. Ruel gets a nice a td as his intro to the Legend ring, then revereses with a beautiful hip throw! But this is MMA… Ji Xian takes the back and, well, you know. Ji Xian defeats Ruel Catalan by submission at 1 minute into round 1. Now Vaughn Anderson is in the ring speaking Mandarin. Ji Xian explains he didn’t make weight because he had a sleeping problem.

Ji Xian defeats Ruel Catalan by submission, 1:00 into round 1.

Rob Hill versus Koji Oishi

Koji Oishi, former King of Pancrase until April of this year, has no plans to stop fighting.  He cherishes each fight, and while he took the fight on short notice, he is very eager to continue in Legend.

Rob Hill gets a shot at King of Pancrase legend Koji Oishi. The crowd knows this guy – Rob is getting all kinds of love. Oishi gets… no applause. But he’s got sexy red and green trimmed shorts. Rob knows Oishi is danger and stays away. Oishi shoots. Crowd boos. Rob kicks, Oishi catches. Oishi gets a leg and puts Rob outside the ropes. Reset. Rob slips one in and tries to follow up. Oishi is too. Damn. Smart. Oishi tries for a single, Rob defends, so Oishi literally reaches down, picks up his other foot, and ends the round with another td.

Round 2 begins. Rob lands a nice combo but Oishi shoots. Nice leg tie up and knees from Oishi. They fall outside the ring again and it’s reset. Oishi stalks, Rob dances outside. Td outside the ring and reset again. Rob finally tags Oishi who returns a knee. A flurry from Oishi. Rob tries his own td and doesn’t work. Reset. Rob is bleeding more than a video game kill. Doctor steps in and stops the fight – Rob gets another hole in his face to bleed from!!! This may stop the fight. Oishi is on another level. Nope, on to round 2.

Rob is spewing blood from his nose too. Rob was literally exhaling blood pellets from his nostrils. Probably the doctor sees a breathing problem and he calls a stop.

Koji Oishi defeats Rob Hill by Doctor stoppage, 1:26 of round 2.

Cole Davids versus Brandon Ropati

Cole said, before the fight, “It’s late notice, and a different weight for me, but I will push the fight, and so will he.  I am enjoying being at Legend for the first time.”

Cole Davids takes on a late notice fight against Brandon Ropati. A face connect and Ropati throws Cole down. Cole has deep half guard. Ropati controls his left arm, transitions to side, mount, rear, back to mount. Ropati still keeps the arm and gets a tap. Ropati def Davids by sub, 3:09 rd 1. Vaughn is back in the ring with the winner.

Brandon Ropati defeats Cole Davids by submission, 3:09 of round 1

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Featherweight Championship
Rob Lisita versus Yusuke Kawanago

Rob Lisita is absolutely stoked about coming to Legend FC, and said that his recent injury keeping him away from TUF was the best thing that could have happened.  “If I spend the rest of my entire career in Legend,” he stated, “I will be very happy.  This is a great organization and a huge opportunity for me.”

Title fight! Rob Lisita wants to take it away from Yusuke Kawanago. Rob goes in low and gets the champ on his back. A tumble out of the ring. Rob with a big td. Yusuke tries for positions. Reset standing. Rob eats a knee. Both guys trying and missing landing huge right bombs. At the end of the round, Yusuke gets Rob to the mat and feeds him furious hammerfists until the bell. Rob doesnt look like they hurt much though.

Round 2. Rob spins a kick and Yusuke counter catches him on the outside. Yusuke throwing knees from the clinch. More stand up strategizing. Both guys are tagging each other but not following up. Kawanago with a nice 1-2. Rob feeds him a right hook. Rob’s right eye is bleeding. He eats a knee on the way to a td that Kawanago stuffs in slo mo!!! The crows is standing!

Both guys are seeing who can beat the other to the hook. Kawanago should press more, he has the belt. Lisita needs a ko to take it away. Rob with the td. Great work by both guys for a piece of the gold strap. Kawanago retains it by unanimous decision. 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

Yusuke Kawanago defeats Rob Lisita by Unanimous Decision

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Middleweight Championship
Liu WenBo versus Yang HaeJun

Before the fight – in fact at the weigh ins – Liu said, “I am bigger than him; I am stronger than him.  I will win.”

Main event time. Inaugural middleweight championship. Liu Wenbo vs Yang Haejun. Liu is huge. He came to the weigh ins in a wheelchair and is obviously recovered.  He clips Yang, then one on the button. Yang gets Liu down, both trade kicks. Liu’s up for a clash again. Yang starts finding his range. Yang with a head kick! Liu is pissed off! Nice rib kick by Yang, he’s on fire!  He’s tagging Liu repeatedly in the clinch.

On to round 2. Yang has Liu’s number, big td and kicks, but Liu gets up with his own upkick. Now we have a war!!! Crowd is going insane. Liu cuts Yang with many elbows!!! But he doesn’t go down, he’s cut above his left eye. But Yang still has combos and kicks up his sleeve!!! Liu is tagging and tagging but Yang hangs on. Ref halts for a doctor assess of Yang’s forehead cut. Yang is alloweed to continue. A few more tags by each guy and it goes into round 3. Epic fights guys, epic!!!

Round 3. Both guys still have their hands high. Liu lands two right down the chute. These guys still have gas in the tank!!! Hungry’s bleeding again, throwing some nice kicks but Liu has fixed his site on that cut. Damn ref, check that cut, its pouring in Yangs eye. Ten seconds out… and we go to the judges. 29-28, 29-28, 29-27 for the new champ Liu Wenbo!

Liu WenBo defeats Yang HaeJun by Unanimous Decision

Check out our photo album of the event from the fighter interviews, weigh ins, and the event on our Facebook page here.


  1. Hey, they stopped it because of the blood. A short punch clipped my forhead and left a cut, it’s been sown up. There was just a lot of blood and the doctors called it, refs were ready to let me finish, sorry guys, that’s what happened.


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