Legend FC 11
April 27, 2013
Chin Woo Stadiium
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#12 – Lightweight Championship

Jadamba Narantungalag (8-2) vs Koji Ando (7-3-20

Jadamba controls early round with leg kicks. A few exchanges as he stalks ando. They clinch in corner following ando td attempt. Back to circling. Rd ends. Ando’s takedowns rule rd2 as he changes levels under punches. Jadamba looks frustrated in guard and side control. Jadamba’s ankle looks broken after rd 3 ando td.

Koji Ando defeats Jadamba Narantungalag by Tko injury, 47 secs rd 3

11 – Welterweight Championship
Jingliang Li vs Luke Jumea

Round 1 even. On the ground Li dominates, luke tries triangle which li slams out of. Then luke’s turn on top. R2. Td from li ends up with luke on li’s back after rolling. Ref stands them up and li goes bck to td. In luke’s guard. Luke tries armbar in last 20 seconds.

Round 3. Big slam by li frm luke guillotin attempt. Luke tries another triangle which li slams out of. Li takes it down again and then stuffs a shot frm luke during a scramble into a guillotine of his own. Luke taps!

Li JingLiang defeats Luke Jumeau by submission, at 3.38 of r3.

#10 – bantammntamweight Championshiom
Xian Ji (10-2) vs Augustin Delarmino (6-2)
Fight 10 is ferocious! JI landing big shots and rocking augustin. On the ground, big gnp. Up and down over and over again. l Ji takes back, loses it, over ans over again. Augustin hangs in there, but it’s all L Ji. On the last trip to the canvas L. Ji gets mount. Big gnp, then locks on an armbar. Li

Ji Xian defeats Augustin Delarmino, by submission, armbar rd 1, 4.31

#9 – Light Heavyweight
Haejun Yang (8-4) vs Sam Brown (12-5

ROUND 1 Yang hyperactive with air jabs. Sam stalking n landing counters. Yangs single leg stuffed. Groin shot to Sam. Yang with a dbl leg. Standing on sam’s back in the corner. Ref separates them.

ROUND 2. Sam lands on his feet. Yang finally gets his takedown till Sam escapes back up. Sam landing shots on feet. Yang doing better on ground. Sam controls round 3 with single punches n kicks from range till yang gets a takedown. Rides out the round in half delivering gnp, some big shots, nothing lethal.

Yang Haejun defeats Sam Brown by unanimous decision, 30 – 27 times 3

#8 – Lightweight
Yusuke Kasuya (7-1-1) vs Damien Brown

Round 1, Back n forth on the feet. Kasuya with kicks, Damien with hands. Td by Kasuya half guard, mount, escape. Damien akes side. Kasuya recovers guard. Scrambles up. Damien down wth counter right. Kasuya in half guard, mount, back to side cont. Then half guard.

Damien with a big slam, Kasuya pops up with Damien on his back. Slam attack. Kasuya stuffs it , Damien on his back, escapes up. Damien slips on headkick, Kasuya pounces, half guard to mount. Damien recovers half, then butterfly. Tries sweeps, Kasuya finishes the round on top.

R3. Damien punches n kicks, but Kasuya takes him down to guard. Ref standup. Damien takes side after scramble with failed judo thro. Reverse, Damien tries a triangle. Kasuya gets side control, mounts then has an armbar.

Yusuke Kasuya defeats Damien Brown via armbar. 4.47, rd 3

#7 – Middleweight
Hideto Tatsumi (4-2) vs Gareth Ealey (7-3

Quiet, quiet round one. A few exchanges, a few clinches. Lots of circling. An MMA church disco.

Round two also quiet. Tatsumi gets a td after 3 mins. Nothing from guard. Round ends with another td , after scramble to the feet.

ROUND 3 Tatsumi catches a kick for single. Back to guard, finally some nasty hammerfists bloody Gareth, his face is wiped, Tatsumi asks to be wiped too. Pass to half, then side. Gareth recovers guard.

Hideto Tataumi defeats Gareth Ealy by unanimous decision, 29-28 x 2, 29-27

#6 – Featherweight
Young Gwang Choi (6-6) vs Ev Ting (5-1)

Fight 6. Choi shoots, and the round is spent w ith cChoi passing to hand landing shots. Ev recovers guard, tries subs. Scramble to feet. Roung ends.

R2. Choi wobbled, shoots. Ring out standup. Back down, c Choi takes back after mount n gnp. Ev reverses, rd ends in choi’s guard.

R3 back 2 grnd, in ev’s guard. V little done, light, gnp, ev threatens with armbar, choi guts it out. Ends up in side control. Rnd ends with odd elbows. Easy dec 4 choi i think. See if judges also agree!

Choi YeongGwandmm defeats Ev Ting by Split dec. 30 – 26 choi, 29-28 ting, 29-27, choi

#5 – Bantamweight
Sam Chan (4-2) vs Gugun Gusman (0-0)

Round one is even on the feet until Sam gets dropped with what looked like an uppercut. Guard work. Sam threatens with arm bar attempts for a while, until it’s stood back up. They clinch, and it’s back down with Sam looking for an armbar again in the last 10 seconds.

Round two Sam Chan shoots, takes the back, and finishes, getting the ceremonial tapout on the canvas.

Sam Chan defeats Gugun Gusman by submission, RNC, rd 2, 1:20

#4 – Bantamweight
Kaiwhare Kara-France (2-2) vs Danaa Batgerel (2-0)

Round one starts off with it pretty even between the two standing. Going to the ground, Batgerel stays tied up in Kai’s guard. Back up and it’s mostly clinching. Round two sees the Mongolian getting Kai’s timing down, and countering with some big shots. But Kai takes control again with a huge slam, and it’s back to guard. Danaa’s working some short elbows and eventually they are both back to their feet. Kai’s bloodied now, and starting to look for some big shots, but Danaa is patient.

Round three. Both fighters ain’t pretty no more. Kai’s working hi Muay Thai and landing superman punches. He drops Danaa with a big shot, but Danaa pops back up and the fight ends with both guys winging big punches.

Danaa Batgerel defeats Kaiwhare Kara-France by unanimous decision, 29-28, 28-27, 29-28

#3 – Bantamweight
Nam Jin Jo (6-6) vs Ruel Catalan (1-3)

Both fighters start off tentatively, testing each other out. Jo shoots for a takedown and keeps it on the canvas, staying on top. Jo takes Catalan’s back and secures a body triangle, then looks to finish with a rear naked choke. He gets the tap.

Nam Jin Jo defeats Ruel Catalan by submission, RNC, rd 1, 3:05

#2 – Bantamweight
LiGe Teng (1-0) vs Baasankhuu Damnlanpurev (0-0)

This affair is mostly on the ground. Teng is showing dominance in top position. They trade leg lock attacks. Teng has position, takes Damnlanpurev’s back and goes for the choke.

LiGe Teng defeats Baasankhuu Damnlanpurev by submission, RNC, rd 1, 3:35

#1 – Bantamweight
Rocky Lee (1-0) vs Muhammad Hanif bin Zainal (6-2-1)

First fight of the night starts off on time just after 6pm. Rocky has Hanif in an armbar, and he looks as if he’s gotten out, but the ref calls it.

Rocky Lee defeats Muhammad Hanif bin Zainal by submission, armbar, rd 1 3:50