Mark Munoz put to sleep in Roan Carneiro’s triumphant Octagon return at UFC 184


Carneiro vs Munoz

Top UFC middleweight Mark Munoz faced Roan Carneiro at UFC 184 in Los Angeles, California on February 28, 2015.


Carneiro was returning after 6 years away from the Octagon, and Munoz was mounting a comeback after injuries.

The fight wasn’t to last more than a few moments. Bot fighters mixed it up with some opening strikes, and then Munoz elected to shoot. Carneiro got one undertook as he was trying to stuff the shoot, and then took ahold of Munoz’s neck with the other arm.

Munoz dropped and attempted to scramble sideways to get back to standing, but in the process he gave his back to Carneiro. The Brazilian was quick to reposition. Carneiro hopped onto Munoz and secured a rear naked choke. It was so tight that Munoz had no chance to defend or tap.

Munoz literally went to sleep before the referee stopped the choke. The fight ended at just 1:40 of the first round.