Mongolia’s MGL-1 crowns lightweight champ Tsogookhuu on first live stream

MGL Amarsanaa Tsogookhuu
MGL-1 lightweight champion Amarsanaa Tsogookhuu

MGL-1, Mongolia’s only MMA promotion, held the 12th event on 27 October and for the first time an event was live streamed on Facebook.

The main event match was for the lightweight title, which had been vacated by Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu when he signed on for the ROAD FC $1 million tournament. Baatarkhuu Enkh-Orgil and Amarsanaa Tsogookhuu stepped up to challenge for the title.

They both played it safe for five rounds. Amarsanaa controlled the cage and clinched, and Enkh-Orgil let his kicks fly in the fifth, but ultimately the judges were left to pick a winner. With a late knock down and more combinations, Amarsanaa was awarded the title of MGL-1 lightweight champion.

There was also the opening round of a four man 52 kg tournament. In the first match, Ayush spent most of the time sitting on Sheenerjun and punching his face. He landed big throws and suplexes to get there. Sheenerjun surged in the second but it wasn’t enough to avoid getting TKOed.

In the second, Batmunkh owned Batnaanasen quickly out of the bell. Batnaanasen was able to get a reversal on the ground, but Batmunkh quickly got his back and got the rear naked choke.

At featherweight, late fill in Narajan handled a first round onslaught by Baterdeen Odbayar, then spent two rounds

In the two non-title lightweight bouts, Adanja dominated Tsatsal at first, but Tsatsal came back with an opportunity on top and got the TKO by pounding out Adanja unconscious. Shijirbold was able to handle Khurelbaatar and work on him with punches, eventually getting to the back and choking him out.

Nineteen-year old Tsendsuren became a new prospect to watch when he showed off a nice pair of hands in a three round decision win over Khishibayar.

MGL-1 12
27 October 2018
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

#8 Lightweight Championship
Baatarkhuu Enkh-Orgil (Team Tungaa) vs Tsogookhuu Amarsanaa (Shiren Beelii

#7 52 kg 4-man Tournament
Ayungerdeen Ayush vs Sheenerjun
Ayush def Sheenerjun by TKO, R2

#6 52 kg 4-man Tournament
T Batnaanasen vs Batmunkh
Batmunkh def Batnaanasen by Submission, RNC, R1

#5 Featherweight
B Odbayar vs B Narajan
Narajan def Odbayar by Unanimous Decision

#4 Lightweight
E Adanja vs N Tsatsal
Tsatsal def Adanja by TKO, R1

#3 Lightweight
S Khurelbaatar vs O Shijirbold
Shijirbold def Khurelbaatar by Submission, rnc, R1

#2 Bantamweight
Baterdeen Munkhdelger (Team Tungaa) vs G Enkhjargal (Khukh Wolf Club)
Baterdeen Munkhdelger def Enkhjargal by Submission, rnc, R2

#1 Flyweight
B Tsendsuren (Shiren Beelii) vs N Khishibayar (Team Tungaa)
Tsendsuren def Khishibayar by Unanimous Decision


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