Mizuki Inoue and Alexa Grasso put on a barnburner at Invicta FC 11, Grasso earns the UD

Invicta FC 11 Mizuki Inoue vs Alexa Grasso
Invicta FC 11 Mizuki Inoue vs Alexa Grasso

Invicta FC 11 took place on February 28, 2015 in Las Vegas, USA. Mizuki Inoue and Alexa Grasso went the distance in a thrilling and active fight that saw Grasso earn the win by decision.


Grasso comes out with nice kicks and has no problem trading strikes with Inoue. Throughout the round, she was the heavier striker of the two, but Inoue kept walking forward, trying to maneuver her into the cage.

Grasso had a nice back kick. Both fighters were very composed and technical. In the final minute, Grasso bloodied Inoue’s nose. Inoue went for and got a single leg, but Grasso was able to pop back up. Inoue finally got Grasso against the cage and started with her judo throws.

Inoue tried her high kick to shoot fake again at the beginning of the second round, and Grasso came back with strong kicks. Inoue got her against the cage and kept working for the takedown, and Grasso threatened with an inverted triangle.

When in the center of the ring, Grasso’s combinations were beautiful and her kicks were tough. And when Inoue was able to get a mount position, Grasso craftily and with strength scrambled with the reversal out and up.

In the third round, Inoue knew she was behind on the scorecards and took the fight onto the ground quickly where she worked for positions and submissions. The stronger Grasso was able to hold herself out of danger and the fight went the distance.

It was definitely a remarkable performance from both women who at the young ages of 20 and 21 will have a long and storied career in the sport.

Alexa Grasso defeats Mizuki Inoue by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 29-28, 29-28). The wacky 26 to Inoue was given by judge Jackie Denkin.


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